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Top 10 Hotel Manager Jobs – July 2024 Job Listings

In preparation for the launch of OysterLink Jobs platform, we're sharing the best Hotel Manager jobs in the United States (U.S.).
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Top 10 Hotel Manager Jobs in the US

Whether you’re an experienced Hotel Manager or a hospitality professional seeking a higher-level role, there are plenty of cities and tourist destinations that provide opportunities to hone your hotel management skills.

Below are the 10 high-paying Hotel Manager jobs in the U.S. that are currently hiring. We’ve also included the salaries, job requirements and benefits to give you a full overview.

1. Aloft Cleveland Airport | $21.63–$28.85 per hour

marriott logo

[Source: Marriott International]

  • Position: Assistant Hotel Manager
  • Location: North Olmsted, OH
  • About: Aloft Cleveland Airport is a three-star hotel located near Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. It is part of the Aloft Hotels chain, which is under the ownership of Marriott International.
  • Requirements: Proficiency in hotel management software; strong communication and customer service skills; knowledge of human resources (HR) and financial management processes; multilingual skills preferred
  • Salary: $45,000–$60,000 per year
  • Job type: Full-time
  • Benefits: Employee discounts, 401(k)/retirement plan, healthcare and life insurance, paid time off
  • Where to apply: Visit Marriott International’s career page

2. Four Seasons Hotel Seattle | $32.21–$33.17 per hour

four seasons' company logo

[Source: Four Seasons]

  • Position: Hotel Assistant Manager
  • Location: Seattle, WA
  • About: Four Seasons Hotel Seattle is a five-star hotel and residential tower overlooking Puget Sound. It boasts over 145 rooms, including 13 suites.
  • Requirements: Knowledge of local activities, restaurants and tourist sites; outstanding grammar and writing skills; previous luxury hotel experience in a Concierge role (or similar) preferred
  • Salary: $67,000–$69,000 per year
  • Job-type: Full-time
  • Benefits: Employee discounts, complimentary meals and overnight accommodations, career advancement opportunities
  • Where to apply: Visit Four Seasons’ career page

3. Sonesta ES Suites Huntington Beach Fountain Valley | $43.75–$52.88 per hour

Sonesta ES Suites logo

[Source: Sonesta ES Suites]

  • Position: Dual Hotel Manager
  • Location: Fountain Valley, CA
  • About: Sonesta ES Suites Huntington Beach Fountain Valley features over 100 rooms ideal for long-term stays. It is also just a 30-minute drive from the famous Disneyland Park.
  • Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in hospitality, business management or similar; valid driver’s license; three years of supervisory experience preferred
  • Salary: $91,000–$110,000 per year
  • Job-type: Full-time
  • Benefits: Medical, dental and vision insurance, 401(k)/retirement plan, educational assistance, employee discounts, paid time off
  • Where to apply: Visit Sonesta’s career page

Are Hotel Manager salaries keeping up with living costs in your area?

4. Montage International | $30.38–$37.98 per hour

Montage International logo

[Source: Montage International]

  • Position: Night Manager
  • Location: Maui, HI
  • About: Montage International is a hospitality management company established in 2022. It currently operates 14 hotels and resorts across the U.S. and Mexico.
  • Requirements: Minimum of two years of hospitality management experience in a luxury establishment; able to lift objects weighing up to 25 pounds; housekeeping or front office management experience preferred
  • Salary: $63,200–$79,000 per year
  • Job-type: Full-time
  • Benefits: Paid time off, employee discounts, flexible spending account, free meals, educational assistance, healthcare, disability and accident insurance
  • Where to apply: Visit Montage International’s career page

5. Inn at the Pier Pismo Beach | $40.87–$43.27 per hour

Inn at the Pier Pismo Beach logo

[Source: Inn at the Pier Pismo Beach]

  • Position: Hotel Manager – Franchise
  • Location: Pismo Beach, CA
  • About: Inn at the Pier Pismo Beach is a four-star, oceanfront hotel in Southern California. It is owned and operated by Hilton.
  • Requirements: Minimum of three years of experience in hospitality or food and beverage (F&B) operations; previous experience in a supervisory role; bachelor’s degree preferred
  • Salary: $85,000–$90,000 per year
  • Job-type: Full-time
  • Benefits: 401(k)/retirement plan, tuition reimbursement, employee discounts, medical, dental and vision insurance
  • Where to apply: Visit Hilton’s career page

6. The Little Nell | $26 per hour

The Little Nell Aspen logo

[Source: The Little Nell]

  • Position: Manager on Duty – Front Desk
  • Location: Aspen, CO
  • About: The Little Nell is a five-star, ski-in ski-out resort located on the base of Aspen Mountain.
  • Requirements: Previous experience working in a hotel or front office; basic computer skills; supervisory experience preferred
  • Salary: Starts at $54,080 per year
  • Job type: Full-time
  • Benefits: Ski passes, medical, dental and vision insurance, paid time off, flexible spending account, 401(k)/retirement plan
  • Where to apply: Visit The Little Nell’s career page

7. citizenM | $34.23 per hour

citizenM logo

[Source: citizenM]

  • Position: Overnight Assistant Hotel Manager
  • Location: Austin, TX
  • About: citizenM is a chain of boutique hotels with nearly 35 locations in North America, Europe and Asia.
  • Requirements: Minimum of two years of managerial experience; availability to work graveyard shifts (including weekends); valid work permit
  • Salary: Starts at $71,200 per year
  • Job-type: Full-time
  • Benefits: Training and advancement opportunities, company-issued uniform
  • Where to apply: Visit citizenM’s career page

8. Argonaut Hotel | $36.06 per hour

Argonaut Hotel SF logo

[Source: Argonaut Hotel]

  • Position: Luxury Boutique Hotel Full-time Front Office Manager
  • Location: San Francisco, CA
  • About: The Argonaut Hotel offers upscale accommodations within a well-preserved historic building, along with views of the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island.
  • Requirements: At least three years of overall experience in a hotel front office; minimum of two years of experience in a supervisory or managerial role; hospitality degree or equivalent highly preferred
  • Salary: $75,000 per year
  • Job-type: Full-time
  • Benefits: Bonus plan, commuter benefits, employee discounts, healthcare and pet insurance, referral program
  • Where to apply: Visit Argonaut Hotel’s career page

9. Saucon Valley Country Club | $33.65–$38.46 per hour

Saucon Valley Country Club logo

[Source: Saucon Valley Country Club]

  • Position: Guest House/Hotel Manager
  • Location: Bethlehem, PA
  • About: Saucon Valley Country Club features three 18-hole championship gold courses, eight dining outlets and a 13-bedroom guest house for overnight stays.
  • Requirements: Previous experience working in a hotel or members’ club, including at least five years of managerial experience; knowledge of hospitality software and reservation systems and financial management; college degree in hospitality management or related preferred
  • Salary: $70,000–$80,000 per year
  • Job-type: Full-time
  • Where to apply: Visit Saucon Valley Country Club’s career page

10. TPG Hotels & Resorts | $36.06–$38.46 per hour

TPG Hotels & Resorts logo

[Source: TPG Hotels & Resorts]

  • Position: Hotel Manager (Rooms Operations Manager)
  • Location: Tiburon, CA
  • About: TPG Hotels & Resorts is an American company that operates hospitality assets for renowned chains like Hilton, Marriott, Wyndham and Hyatt.
  • Requirements: At least two years of hospitality management experience, preferably in a luxury or boutique hotel; prior experience in guest services, front office and housekeeping teams; bachelor’s degree in hotel management, business administration or related field preferred
  • Salary: $75,000–$80,000 per year
  • Job-type: Full-time
  • Benefits: Healthcare, disability and supplemental life insurance, identity theft protection, flexible spending account, employee discounts, employee assistance programs
  • Where to apply: Visit TPG Hotels & Resorts’ career page

Hotel Manager Job Growth

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that there are 41,980 Hotel Managers employed in the United States in 2023 — which is 13.31% higher than it was in 2018.

[Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics]

This graph is interactive. Hover your mouse over different parts of the graph to see detailed data. 

The chart above shows the changes in Hotel Manager employment numbers over the past six years.

Average Salary for Hotel Managers in the US

The most recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the average annual salary for Hotel Managers in the U.S. is $76,790. This translates to a monthly salary of $6,399.17 and a weekly salary of $1,476.80.

Legal Requirements for Hotel Management Jobs

Every Hotel Manager should know and adhere to federal laws on employment, labor and hospitality operations. Below are the some of the most important rules and regulations applicable to Hotel Manager jobs in the U.S.

Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) exemptions

Hotel Managers whose salary is at least $684 per week may be considered “executive employees” under the FLSA. If this is the case, a Hotel Manager is exempt from overtime pay and minimum wage regulations.

Additionally, Hotel Managers are not allowed to partake in tip pools or take a share of other employees’ tips as they hold a managerial role. They may only receive tips that they have directly received from guests.

Minimum age for hiring

Since Hotel Managers are typically in charge of the hiring process, they must follow the minimum age of employment in their state. In most states, 14 is the minimum age for employment for non-hazardous jobs.

Should Hotel Managers be paid for overtime if they are requested to work on their off hours?

For a more comprehensive look at the rules and regulations per state, check out our Labor Law Guides.

Hotel Manager Jobs FAQ

Most Hotel Manager jobs require a few years of supervisory or managerial experience, given that it’s not an entry-level position.

In many establishments, Hotel Manager applicants must have at least two years of managerial or supervisory experience within the hospitality industry.

Here are some things you can do to prepare for a Hotel Manager job interview:

  • Research about the hotel or resort in which you’re applying: This includes understanding their brand values, mission statement and target clientele and familiarizing yourself with the establishment’s facilities and services.
  • Review the job description: Go through the list of responsibilities and required skills so you have a better idea of what the employer is looking for in a candidate.
  • Prepare talking points for answering possible questions: When interviewing for a Hotel Manager job position, your answers should highlight your leadership or supervisory experience and demonstrate your customer service skills. That said, it’s best to list down your top skills and how you have successfully used these in your previous roles.

Here are some of the most common interview questions for Hotel Manager jobs:

  • Can you tell us about your work experience within the hospitality industry?
  • What steps do you take to improve guest satisfaction ratings?
  • What hotel operations-related software and systems are you familiar with?

For more example questions and recommended answers, visit our Hotel Manager Interview Questions page.

Yes — most of the time, Hotel Manager job roles in five-star hotels or resorts offer more competitive salaries than smaller and/or independent establishments. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Hotel Manager jobs in less upscale establishments give lower salaries.

Additionally, there may be situations when a Hotel Manager receives a mid-range base salary but higher overall earnings due to other parts of their compensation package — such as bonuses or profit sharing.

How We Picked Our Top 10 Hotel Manager Jobs in the US

To give you a better understanding of how we selected these top 10 Hotel Manager jobs, here are the criteria we used:

  • Salaries: Our list features Hotel Manager jobs with competitive salaries that keep up with costs of living in their respective locations. Moreover, some of these jobs offer salaries as high as $90,000 a year.
  • Employee benefits and perks: Besides a competitive base salary, we’ve also factored in the benefits and perks that each company or establishment provides — such as employee discounts, healthcare insurance and even educational assistance.
  • Reputable companies: Many of these Hotel Manager job listings are for companies or establishments that are highly renowned within the hospitality industry. After all, working for such employers is likely to help one advance their career.

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