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Top 9 Porter Interview Questions & Example Answers

How important is preparing for the job interview for both employers and applicants when it comes to the hiring process? Well, 32% of job seekers think recruiters ask them irrelevant questions in a job interview. 32% of job seekers think recruiters ask them irrelevant questions in a job interview

[Source: Robert Walters Group]

At the same time, an astonishing 99% of candidates do their research on the company and the role before they engage in an interview.

In conclusion, preparation is very important for both sides of the hiring process.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of questions employers should ask when interviewing a Porter candidate. As for candidates, we’ve provided example answers to guide you through the hiring process.

We’ve divided the Porter interview questions into two categories that’ll cover:

  1. Overall skills and experience
  2. Customer service

Porter Interview Questions About Skills and Experience

Here’s what to ask a Porter candidate to learn about their skills and experience:

Do you have any experience working as a Porter?

Example answer: “I have a little over two years of working as a Porter in a very busy hotel. My day-to-day duties included greeting guests at the entrance, helping them with their luggage and performing minor maintenance fixes, such as changing a lightbulb or patching small holes on the walls.

I was also responsible for keeping all common areas clean and litter-free”

Would you know how to change a filter on HVAC air condition units?

Example answer: In my previous job I was in charge of changing the HVAC filters every two to three months. I start by turning the unit off, then I place the back and the front filters making sure there are no gaps around the filter frame. I finish by dusting off any residual dirt and putting the unit back together.”

Do you find the physical aspect of Porter’s role to be demanding?

Example answer: “Not at all. I was always struggling with staying in one place for longer periods of time. So, physical activity associated with Porter’s job is what drew me to this profession in the first place.”

How do you prioritize tasks when you have multiple guest requests at the same time?

Example answer: “I usually attend to the person who asked first, unless the other person is having some kind of emergency like a medical issue or safety concern that requires my immediate attention.”

Porter Interview Questions About Customer Service

Porter’s job includes interaction with guests on a daily basis which makes their customer service skills essential for creating a welcoming atmosphere for the guests in your establishment. Here are the questions to ask to evaluate an applicant’s interpersonal and communication skills:

Describe a time when you had to deal with a difficult customer. How did you handle that situation?

Example answer: “I once had a guest complain about the wait time for their luggage delivery. It happened during peak hours and all our capacities were stretched to the limits. They approached me visibly frustrated but I remained calm while listening attentively to their problem.

I apologized for the inconvenience and immediately reached out to the housekeeping team, asking them to step in and see that the guest gets their luggage as soon as possible.

I then offered the guest a complimentary drink while waiting for their luggage to arrive, which took about 10 minutes. In the end, they seemed very pleased with the service.”

Can you describe a situation when you went above and beyond for a guest?

Example answer: “I remember one time when we had an unexpected power outage in the hotel. One of our guests approached me concerned about missing an important Zoom meeting. His laptop battery was completely empty, so I offered to set up a temporary office in one part of the hotel that had a generator running.

The guest was very grateful for my swift response but also relieved as they managed to conduct the meeting successfully.”

What is your approach to accommodating guests with physical disabilities?

Example answer: “In my previous job, we had many guests who are differently disabled or had special needs. I make sure I treat them in a similar way I treat other people so I don’t make them uncomfortable. Also, I immediately ask them what they need from us so that our team would better know how to make the guest’s stay more enjoyable.

When needed, I would arrange for a wheelchair, ensure they get the room closets to the elevators and remove any obstacles that would get in their way and interfere with their mobility.”

What would you do if you found a valuable item a guest accidentally left behind?

Example answer: “I would immediately carry it to a safe location while also reporting the incident to my supervisor. In case I know who the item belongs to and if that person is still on the hotel’s premises, I would make sure to deliver the item to them straight away.”

What would you do if you found an unattended bag in common areas such as a hallway or a lobby?

Example answer: “I consider the safety of our guests to be the number one priority at all times. So, if I had found an unattended beg, my first instinct would be to alert the hotel’s security. I would also make sure nobody touches or moves the bag until it gets the security clearance.”

How To Prepare for Your Upcoming Porter Job Interview

Show up to that job interview confidently, by following these three simple steps.

1. Do your research

Start by researching the establishment of your potential employment by checking:

  • The company’s official website
  • Their social media accounts
  • Employer and company review sites

Checking these will help you not only understand the company’s values but also make a good impression on your interviewer. After all, you would be demonstrating initiative and a keen interest in the company and the Porter role.

Browse the chart below to gain insights into the most common sources job seekers use to prepare for the interview.

[Source: Robert Walters Group]

This graph is interactive. Hover your mouse over different parts of the graph to see detailed data.

2. Practice your answers

Practice how you would respond to the most common Porter interview questions. Doing these would help prevent you from showing nervousness or hesitation in your answers – leaving an impression of a confident and capable candidate.

3. Have a set of your own questions ready

Typically, at the end of the interview, you will be given a chance to ask your own questions. When that happens, here’s what to ask:

  1. Can you describe what my day-to-day responsibilities as a Porter would be?
  2. Can you tell me what would be my typical working hours?
  3. What do you consider to be the biggest challenges for a Porter in your establishment?
  4. What would be the next step in the hiring process?

How To Hire the Best Porter for Your Establishment

To ensure the best Porter comes through your hiring funnel, try doing the following:

  • Create a job description with clearly outlined responsibilities and requirements for a Porter in your establishment.
  • Post your job ad on multiple recruitment channels, including online job boards and social media platforms, to attract more candidates.
  • Check the references of the Porter candidates who make it to the final round of the hiring process.
  • Assess their practical skills that may be applicable to a Porter role. Consider giving them test assignments on changing the HVAC filter or maneuvering heavy luggage.
  • Offer a competitive Porter salary and attractive benefits package.
  • Show Porter candidates that they’ll have opportunities for advancement and career growth within your company.