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Top 15 Concierge Interview Questions & How To Answer Them

There are more than 40,000 Concierges in the United States working across different industries.

Even though the number of Concierges has decreased in the last few years, the number of Concierge positions is returning to its pre-2020 levels, as pictured in the graph below.

[Source: BLS]
This chart is interactive. Hover your mouse over different parts of the chart to see detailed data. 

With the growing demand for Concierges in the United States, it is imperative that you prepare for your Concierge job interview.

That is why we created the below Concierge interview questions, categorized into:

  • Skills and experience
  • Customer service
  • Situational/Behavioral questions

1. Concierge Interview Questions About Skills and Experience

Use this set of questions to understand a candidate’s skills and experience relevant to the Concierge role. This will help you determine if the applicant can perform the duties required of a Concierge.

As an applicant, use this set of questions to prepare for your Concierge interview, complete with example answers.

An image showing Concierge Skills

How do you prioritize guest requests and manage multiple tasks efficiently in a fast-paced environment?

For employers: Evaluate the candidate’s time management and prioritization skills. Look for an individual who demonstrates strong organizational skills and the ability to keep their composure under pressure.

For applicants: Use this question to demonstrate your ability to efficiently manage the workload of a Concierge. Highlight your ability to work well under pressure and describe how you prioritize tasks.

Example answer: I prioritize tasks based on urgency and importance. By keeping a digital list of requests with their level of urgency, I can ensure that all guests’ requests and concerns are addressed swiftly and efficiently.

This ensures high customer satisfaction for all guests.

Can you describe your experience in providing personalized recommendations and anticipating guests’ needs?

For employers: Assess the applicant’s knowledge and ability to provide personalized recommendations. Look for an individual who demonstrates attention to detail and genuine interest in providing the guests with experience according to their preferences.

For applicants: Provide an example on how you did/would make a recommendation to address the guest’s request and offer them a great experience.

Example answer: I learned that the best way to provide personal recommendations is to simply listen to the guests. One time, I guest told me that they were interested in art, so I suggested they go to a gallery.

I arranged a private tour for the guest and their partner, going beyond what the guest expected and ensuring an excellent experience for them.

How do you ensure guest satisfaction in difficult situations?

For employers: Assess the candidate’s ability to rise to the task and act professionally regardless of how challenging the situation may be. Look for a patient individual who demonstrates an ability to deescalate situations and ensure highest level of customer service.

For applicants: Describe your ability to remain patient in difficult situations. Emphasize your ability to actively listen to guests’ concerns and take proactive measures to resolve their issues. Highlight a particular situation that demonstrates your ability to deliver exceptional customer service.

Example answer: Once, a guest asked me to procure tickets to a sold-out show. They failed to get tickets on time due to a busy schedule and only found the time to try and get the tickets once it was too late.

I immediately contacted various ticket vendors and, through a local partner, managed to secure the tickets for the guest. The guest managed to attend the show and left satisfied.

Are Concierge salaries keeping up with living costs in your area?

Can you provide an example when you went above the guest’s expectations?

For employers: Assess the applicant’s ability to go above the expectations to ensure guest satisfaction.

For applicants: Describe a situation in which you surprised the guest and went beyond what they asked to ensure the highest standard of customer service.

Example answer: Once a guest approached me complaining that their favorite bakery was closed and inquired where they can get a specific pastry.

I researched nearby bakeries and found one that had the specific treat that the guest was looking for. I visited the bakery personally and picked up the item of their choosing.

Once I returned to the hotel, I delivered the pastry to the guest, to their delight and surprise.

How do you handle confidential guest information and ensure privacy and discretion in your interactions?

Safeguarding guest information is pivotal in the hospitality industry, considering that a single data breach can cost more than $3.36 million according to IBM.

the cost of a hospitality data breach

For employers: Evaluate the applicant’s integrity in handling sensitive information. Look for an individual who demonstrates privacy and discretion in communication.

For applicants: This question assesses your commitment to maintaining the privacy of your guests. Emphasize your knowledge of protocols and how you build trust with guests.

Example answer: Recently, a high-profile guest entrusted me with arranging a surprise anniversary celebration for their spouse. Understanding the importance of confidentiality, I ensured that all details of the event, including guest lists and special requests, were kept strictly confidential.

Additionally, I implemented additional security measures to protect the guest’s privacy, such as using secure communication channels and limiting access to sensitive information.

This not only honored the guest’s trust but also upheld the reputation of the hotel as a trusted and discreet destination for discerning guests.

2. Concierge Interview Questions About Customer Service

Use this set of questions to evaluate the applicant’s ability to provide exceptional customer service.

Look for an individual who goes above and beyond to address customer needs or concerns.

How do you greet and welcome guests to create a warm and inviting atmosphere upon their arrival?

For employers: Assess the candidate’s ability to make a positive first impression. Look for an individual who demonstrates warmth and professionalism.

For applicants: Highlight your ability to create a hospitable environment. Describe your process for greeting and welcoming guests.

Example answer: When approaching guests, I always smile and maintain eye contact. I inquire about their preferences and offer personalized recommendations.

I learn their name, inquire about their trip and offer assistance with their luggage.

I try to make a positive first impression that will set the tone for the rest of their stay.

How do you anticipate guests’ needs and proactively offer assistance or recommendations to enhance their experience?

For employers: Evaluate the candidate’s proactiveness in addressing the guests’ needs or concerns. Look for an individual who demonstrates initiative.

For applicants: This question assesses your ability to be proactive and assist guests in having an excellent experience. Highlight how you pay attention to guests’ preferences and how you come up with personalized recommendations.

Example answer: As a Concierge, I try to pay close attention when the guests are speaking. I am mindful of their likes and dislikes, and I always scan for opportunities that would allow me to meet their preferences and go above their expectations.

By paying attention to what the guests are saying and doing, I can make truly personalized recommendations that improve their stay and ensure a memorable experience.

How do you handle guest feedback or complaints?

For employers: Assess the applicant’s ability to receive complaints and feedback with professionalism. Look for someone who maintains composure in all situations.

For applicants: This question evaluates your ability to receive and incorporate guest feedback and critique. Describe how you remain professional, listen to guests and offer constructive solutions to feedback or complaints.

Example answer: It is inevitable that some guests will complain or provide feedback.

I try to always ensure guest satisfaction, so I carefully listen to what the guest says was the issue and I try to resolve it quickly and efficiently.

To reconcile and try to turn a bad experience into a positive one, I offer a heartfelt apology and arrange a special amenity. This way, I make the guest feel valued and heard.

How do you foster positive relationships with guests to cultivate loyalty and encourage repeat business?

For employers: Assess the candidate’s ability to build lasting and positive relations with the customers. Look for an individual who demonstrates genuine interest in guest satisfaction.

For applicants: This question evaluates your ability to connect with guests on a personal level. Describe how you build rapport with guests, emphasizing listening and attentiveness and genuine interest in their likes and experience.

Example answer: Once in my previous role, we had a guest who was visiting our hotel for the first time and was a bit overwhelmed with the unfamiliar surroundings.

I engaged in a conversation with them to ensure they felt welcome and comfortable and took this opportunity to learn about them.

I discovered that the guest is a fan of local cuisine and sports activities.

To tailor the guest’s experience to their preferences, I made a list of restaurants with authentic cuisine and several excursion options with sports activities.

The guest went on to try multiple restaurants and booked two different excursions.

Later, I reached out to the guest to make sure that they had a good time and to further increase our rapport and foster guest loyalty.

How do accommodate the diverse needs and preferences of guests from different backgrounds or cultures?

For employers: Assess the candidate’s ability to provide inclusive recommendations. Look for someone who demonstrates cultural sensitivity and an interest in learning about other cultures.

For applicants: Describe cultural sensitivity and how you would accommodate guests from different backgrounds.

Example answer: To offer a truly personalized experience, I learn as much as I can from the first interaction with the guests. I inquire about their background (if I sense they are willing to share) and try to learn about their norms to make personalized and respectful recommendations.

This includes greeting guests in their language and adapting my communication style to reflect their cultural preferences.

For example, you shouldn’t speak loudly with guests from Japan, and you should place great emphasis on punctuality with guests from Switzerland.

Should establishments provide bonuses or shared profits with employees?

3. Situational/Behavioral Concierge Interview Questions

Assess the candidate’s ability in real life situations.

Look for individuals that demonstrate adaptability and excellent problem-solving skills.

Did you ever have to assist a guest with an unusual or unique request?

For employers: Evaluate the candidate’s ability to address unconventional requests and ensure guest satisfaction. Look for an individual who demonstrates resourcefulness and adaptability.

For applicants: Describe a specific situation in which you successfully handled an unusual request.

Example answer: Once, a guest requested assistance in organizing a surprise marriage proposal during their stay at the hotel.

While this request was outside of my usual responsibilities, I recognized the opportunity to create a memorable experience for the couple.

I worked closely with the guest to understand their vision and coordinated with various departments to arrange special touches, such as decorating the suite with flowers and candles and arranging for a private dinner by the pool.

Have you ever encountered an emergency or a crisis? How did you ensure the safety and well-being of the guests?

For employers: Assess the applicant’s ability to remain calm under pressure. Look for an individual who demonstrates strong leadership skills and a commitment to safety.

For applicants: This question evaluates your ability to rise to unexpected challenges. Describe a situation in which you successfully handled an emergency.

Example answer: We once experienced a sudden heavy rainstorm. The hotel basement started flooding and the water level rose, posing a potential issue to the lower rooms.

I contacted the maintenance team to try and prevent the water level from rising further but, to make that no guest’s stay was compromised, I coordinated with the front desk to relocate the guests in the potentially affected rooms.

After this, I joined the other members of the hotel staff as we placed sandbags to mitigate the water risk and try and safeguard the hotel as much as possible.

We managed to address the issue without too much disruption to the guests’ stay.

Have you ever had to resolve a conflict between guests or team members?

For employers: Assess the candidate’s diplomacy skills and their ability to navigate conflicts. Look for an individual who is dedicated to finding mutually beneficial solutions.

For applicants: Describe a specific instance when you successfully resolved a conflict and how you managed to do so.

Example answer: Once, I encountered a situation where two guests had a disagreement over the use of a shared facility, resulting in escalating tensions between them. Recognizing the importance of addressing the issue promptly, I invited both guests to discuss their concerns in a private setting.

I fostered an environment in which both guests felt comfortable sharing their issues and openly discussing them. Through this dialogue, they managed to reach a mutually acceptable solution, deescalating the situation and ensuring a positive rest of stay for both guests.

Describe a time when you had to successfully adapt to the changing circumstances while on duty. How did you adapt?

For employers: Assess the candidate’s adaptability and ability to maintain a high standard of customer service at all times.

For applicants: Describe a specific instance when you encountered a sudden change or challenge while on duty and how you adapted.

Example answer: We once experienced a shortage of employees due to an unexpected absence. I faced increased workload and difficulty in maintaining the same standard of service.

Despite the challenge, I remained composed and decided to reorganize the tasks in a way that would prevent compromising the guest experience.

Through effective task delegation, communication and each team member providing support where it was needed, we managed to perform and ensure optimal guest experience even in a challenging situation.

Describe a situation where you had to handle a guest complaint or dissatisfaction with a service you recommended.

For employers: Evaluate how the candidate behaves with a dissatisfied guest or when they make a mistake. Look for an individual who assumes responsibility and is dedicated to guest satisfaction.

For applicants: Share a specific instance when you encountered a dissatisfied guest and how you turned their negative experience into a positive one. Demonstrate accountability, diplomacy and explain how you diffused the situation.

Example answer: I was once approached by a guest who was dissatisfied with the restaurant recommendation I gave them. They felt it didn’t align with their expectations.

I apologized and again took note of their preferences. This let me come up with alternative options and something which better aligned with the guest’s likes. Additionally, I offered to assist with reservations or transportation arrangements to ensure their evening proceeded smoothly.

How to Prepare for a Concierge Interview

Prepare for your Concierge interview as an employer and an applicant by focusing on the aspects below.

As a candidate:

  • Research the establishment for which you are applying. Familiarize yourself with guest demographics, local restaurants and attractions and transportation.
  • Review your job history and identify the experience most relevant to the role you are applying for.
  • Prepare and practice common interview questions and example answers that demonstrate your skills in a Concierge role.

As an interviewer:

  • Create questions that evaluate the candidate’s work experience and history with a focus on relevant Concierge experience.
  • Incorporate scenario-based questions that will allow you to assess the candidate’s adaptability in this highly dynamic role.
  • Assess the candidate’s attention to detail and organizations skills which are the necessary elements of every successful Concierge’s job description.

Concierge Industry Trends in 2024

According to Projections Central, the Concierge industry is on the rise, with an estimated 20% increase in the number of positions by 2030. Additionally, there are 6,000 Concierge positions opened annually.

The change is spurred by the various industries that employ Concierges. See the top industries for Concierges in the United States below:

[Source: BLS]
This chart is interactive. Hover your mouse over different parts of the chart to see detailed data. 

States that employ the most Concierges include New York, California and Florida.

[Source: BLS]
This chart is interactive. Hover your mouse over different parts of the chart to see detailed data. 

Are Concierges Paid Well?

The average pay for a Concierge in the United States is slightly over $40,000, according to BLS.

Additionally, Concierges often amend their salary through tips and perks they receive on the job. To that end, Concierges employed by high-end hotels and resorts can often enjoy discounted services and access to events and activities.

Concierge salary also differs from state to state. Concierges working in New York City or Miami, make more than Concierges employed in other parts of the U.S.

See how much Concierges are paid in different states:

[Source: BLS]
This chart is interactive. Hover your mouse over different parts of the chart to see detailed data. 

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