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Hotel Manager Salary

How Much Does a Hotel Manager Make in the United States?

According to the latest government data available in 2024, the average base salary for a Hotel Manager in the United States is a month or $61,910.00 per year.

Average Hotel Manager Base Salary:

What can I earn as a Hotel Manager?Your salary is 0 the US national average

The average wage for a Hotel Manager is per hour.

Annual Mean Wage of Hotel Managers by State

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Hotel Manager Salary in Major US Cities


Annual median wage


# of employees


Projected growth


New York City

Annual median wage


# of employees


Projected growth



Annual median wage


# of employees


Projected growth


Los Angeles

Annual median wage


# of employees


Projected growth


Highest-Paying Cities for Hotel Managers

CityAvg SalaryAvg Hourly Wage
Chicago, IL66,99032.21
Los Angeles, CA80,09038.5
Miami, FL86,35041.51
NYC, NY94,75045.55

Average Hotel Manager Salary by State

Explore the average Hotel Manager salary by state.

StateAvg. Salary
Alabama$ 64,330
Alaska$ 62,370
Arizona$ 77,030
Arkansas$ 46,330
California$ 80,090
Colorado$ 91,410
Connecticut$ 93,770
Delaware$ 64,640
Florida$ 86,350
Georgia$ 64,570
Hawaii$ 118,380
Idaho$ 58,570
Illinois$ 66,990
Indiana$ 56,730
Iowa$ 56,160
Kentucky$ 64,260
Louisiana$ 60,530
Maine$ 70,850
Maryland$ 71,640
Massachusetts$ 85,180
Michigan$ 68,230
Minnesota$ 75,380
Mississippi$ 49,160
Missouri$ 64,050
Montana$ 59,810
Nebraska$ 57,830
Nevada$ 66,620
New Hampshire$ 71,480
New Jersey$ 84,690
New Mexico$ 65,150
New York$ 94,750
North Carolina$ 55,850
North Dakota$ 65,050
Ohio$ 60,490
Oklahoma$ 57,810
Oregon$ 56,130
Pennsylvania$ 66,780
Rhode Island$ 79,790
South Carolina$ 68,480
South Dakota$ 57,980
Tennessee$ 52,200
Texas$ 76,040
Utah$ 72,880
Vermont$ 54,010
Virginia$ 67,370
Washington$ 77,270
West Virginia$ 60,910
Wisconsin$ 64,790
Wyoming$ 67,120
District of Columbia$ 101,480

How Much Do Similar Careers to a Hotel Manager Get Paid?

Hotel Managers earn more than Assistant Restaurant Managers and Kitchen Managers but less than Restaurant Managers.

Labor Laws and Taxes for Hotel Managers

As a Hotel Manager, it’s important to know the minimum wage, overtime pay and leave policies in your state.

Check out the guides below or view more labor laws:

To easily calculate federal, state and local taxes in your state, use our free Paycheck Calculator.

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