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Event Coordinator Job Description: Examples & Free Template

Everyone wants their event to go according to plan and without any hiccups. Unfortunately, that’s rarely, if ever, the case. One person who can help out and ensure the event runs smoothly is the all-important Event Coordinator.

If you’re looking to hire someone to fill this position, here is our Event Coordinator job description.

Event Coordinator Job Description Template

You can use our template below as a guideline when writing your job description. Obviously, you can replace all of the relevant information, such as salary or required experience, according to your needs.

Event Coordinator Job Overview

We are looking for an experienced Event Coordinator to join our team at [Restaurant/Hotel Name].

As the Event Coordinator, you will make sure that all of the planning that went into the event is executed correctly. This will include scheduling and directing staff on the day of the event itself.

Think of yourself as the orchestrator of the event. Nothing should happen without you knowing about it.

Salary: $[Salary range]/year

Schedule: Full-time ([Number] hours per week)

Required Experience: Minimum of [Number] years working as an Event Coordinator or an Event Manager overseeing events

Degree: Bachelor’s degree

Benefits: Health, dental and vision insurance, 401(k), paid time off, employee discount


Your main responsibility as an Event Coordinator will be to organize and oversee all the details concerning an event. You will have to plan and make decisions during the event itself.

Some of your main tasks will include speaking to caterers, decorators and musicians, and helping them out. You are basically in charge of making sure that everyone has what they need and that they know their role as well as the timetable of events.

A major aspect of your responsibilities will be to do final checks on the day of the event to make sure everything is up to standard. You’ll oversee event happenings and make quick decisions to resolve any issues as they arise.

Last but not least, you’ll have to evaluate the event’s success and submit reports to your superiors.

Skills & Qualifications:

Time management and organization are the keys to success in this role. Without both, you’ll struggle to keep up with the events as they unfold.

You have to be proficient in Microsoft Suite (Microsoft 365), especially Office and Excel. You’ll need to keep track of various aspects concerning the events, and we need everything well documented for future reference.

You must also be an outstanding communicator. This is something we place a strong emphasis on since you’ll be dealing with a lot of different people from different industries and backgrounds.

In addition, you have to be confident and outgoing. You’ll be negotiating with different vendors and suppliers on a regular basis, so those two traits are a must.


We’re looking for someone with a Bachelor’s degree in public relations, hospitality, marketing, communications or business.

You need to have at least two years prior experience working in a role of similar capacity in hospitality. We want someone with a proven track record of organizing successful events and who can deliver.

What To Write Under Event Coordinator Responsibilities

Typically, the Event Coordinator is in charge of the event on the day itself. The Event Planner is the one that usually takes care of managing and planning everything leading up to the event.

Main Event Coordinator Responsibilities

The Event Coordinator is responsible for ensuring the everything runs smoothly and without any major issues. On the day of the event, they have to inspect everything and fix irregularities (if any are present), delegate tasks to other members and stay on top of schedule.

Core Event Coordinator responsibilities include:

  • Coordinating event logistics
  • Overseeing event budgets
  • Managing event inventory
  • Creating detailed event timelines
  • Ensuring positive guest experiences
  • Resolving any unexpected challenges that may arise during events

If anything goes wrong during the event itself, the Event Coordinator should be the one to rectify the issue as quickly as possible. If your event ran without a hitch and nothing went wrong, tap the Event Coordinator on the back for a job well done.

How To Determine What to Include Under Event Coordinator Skills and Experience

Having at least one to two years of experience working in a similar role is typically the minimum requirement. If it’s an entry-level position and you plan on guiding or training the new employee, then having no previous experience is also acceptable.

Most companies tend to hire applicants who have previous experience in a similar role within the industry. If the applicant is already familiar with your industry, they won’t need to spend much time learning the ropes.

Things To Consider for Event Coordinator Education and Certifications

Most companies want someone with a bachelor’s degree in public relations, hospitality, marketing or business to fill the Event Coordinator position.

Since this role involves tasks such as managing inventory and overseeing event budgets, not many companies would hire someone with only a high school diploma.

Is this your first time hiring an Event Coordinator?

Event Coordinator Salary Expectations

Nearly 50% of applicants say that monetary compensation is their most important consideration when applying for a job. With costs of living rising year on year, no one’s surprised by that.

When writing your Event Coordinator job description, we recommend indicating a salary range instead of a specific number. By doing this, you’ll attract both less and more experienced candidates, expanding your pool of applicants to choose from.

Statistics about what applicants look for in a job

If your establishment offers specific perks or benefits, list them to entice potential applicants. Most restaurant and hotel jobs include benefits like paid time off, 401(k) plans, healthcare coverage and employee discounts.

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Event Coordinator Job Description FAQs

No. You don’t want to hire someone who hasn’t worked in hospitality to run and coordinate your event. Our recommendation is to find an applicant who has at least two years of previous experience working in a role of a similar capacity.

However, if it’s an entry-level position and you offer initial training, then an applicant with no prior experience might still work out for you.

There is no specific age limit required for hiring Event Coordinators. With that being said, most establishments list 18 as their minimum age.

Since this position doesn’t prepare or oversee the preparation of food directly, Event Coordinators typically don’t need to have a food handlers card.

However, if an Event Coordinator has a Manager’s training and certification, that certification supersedes the food handlers card and they technically have a valid food handlers card.

Always check your local regulations on food handler requirements before hiring Event Coordinators and other employees.