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Event Planner Job Description Template 2024

An Event Planner organizes events based on their employers’ or clients’ requirements. They also work with vendors to ensure events run smoothly.

Use our Event Planner job description template for your job listing, and outline the relevant responsibilities, skills and qualifications.

[Company Name] is hiring an Event Planner for its team in [Location]. Your main responsibility will be to organize corporate events with varying requirements throughout the year.

Salary: $60,000-$65,000

Requirements: At least two years of event planning experience; a bachelor’s degree in business, project management or a related discipline; prior supervisory experience preferred


  • 401(k) with 5% company match
  • Paid time off and sick days
  • Career growth opportunities
  • Flexible spending account
  • Health savings account
  • Quarterly performance-based bonus
  • Employee discounts
  • Commuter benefits


  • Schedule meetings with clients and vendors
  • Build a network and negotiate contracts with vendors and suppliers
  • Meet event preparation milestones
  • Oversee actual event activities and staff
  • Provide excellent customer service and address client concerns as needed

Skills & requirements:

  • Excellent organizational, communication and time management skills
  • Creativity and problem-solving skills
  • Knowledge of event industry trends, venues and suppliers
  • Professional and positive demeanor
  • Attention to detail
  • Knowledge of relevant event management software and tools

Read on for more examples of each section and tips on how to write your job description.

Event Planner Responsibilities

A standard Event Planner job description lists the responsibilities below. Feel free to revise or add duties specific to your organization. You can even specify the types of events your Event Planner should expect upon getting hired.

  • Plan, coordinate and execute successful events, including specifying the location, time, cost, theme, etc.
  • Hold pre-event meetings with the client, vendors and other stakeholders to outline and confirm details
  • Conduct market, vendor and venue research to prepare recommendations
  • Solicit bids from service providers and other vendors
  • Monitor event activities and ensure timelines and other goals are met
  • Review budget, approve payments and organize relevant records for easy review
  • Produce marketing materials and manage public relations
  • Utilize event technology and other tools
  • Organize and maintain a master calendar of events

While you’re at it, you can also check our job descriptions for Event Managers and Event Coordinators.

Event Planner Skills and Qualifications

Remember to list the required skills and qualifications your organization values the most for the Event Planner role.

Here are some examples:

  • Proven experience in event planning and management
  • Strong communication and organizational skills
  • Ability to work under pressure and manage multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Proficiency in event management and word processing software
  • Knowledge of Canva or Photoshop for presentations is an advantage.

Event Planner Experience Requirements

In your requirement section, make sure to indicate whether this is an entry-level job or a role that requires some experience.

If you do not require job experience, you can write the following items.

  • No work experience is required, but the candidate should pass training.
  • No minimum qualifications

On the other hand, if you do require some experience, or if it’s a higher-level Event Planner role, it’s best to clarify the kind of experience needed and how many years of experience is necessary.

  • Minimum of three years of event planning experience, with one year in wedding planning
  • Minimum of two years of experience in event planning, project management or a related field
  • Minimum of five years of experience working in event planning for academic institutions

Event Planner Education and Certifications

As per CareerOneStop, 52% of current Event Planners got their job with a bachelor’s degree. Keep this in mind when writing your job description.

[Source: BLS]
This chart is interactive. Hover your mouse over different parts of the chart to see detailed data.

If you want to focus on expertise more than education, you can also mention certifications in your job description.

  • Bachelor’s degree in a discipline related to event management and planning
  • Event management certifications (such as Certified Meeting Professional) preferred

You can also indicate exceptional cases where candidates may be qualified for the role given their experience.

  • High school diploma with three years of event planning experience

Event Planner Salary Expectations

The average salary of Event Planners in the U.S. is $62,280 per year. With this, they can expect to earn $5,190 per month.

As the employer or hiring manager, you should offer a salary range that represents your organization’s good faith and reasonable compensation estimate.

You can also mention that the salary will depend on factors such as experience, qualifications, certifications and more.

Learn more about Event Planner wages with our Event Planner salary overview.

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Event Planner Job Description FAQ

Event Planners are responsible for the design of the event, while Event Coordinators focus on the actual event execution.

Keep in mind that the average Event Planner salary is around $62,280 per year. This can also differ depending on the state or city where your organization is located.

First, indicate the compensation package, including the salary. Reasonable pay and extensive job benefits are sure to catch the eye of many applicants.

Second, be specific with your requirements and make your job description short and simple.

Lastly, indicate a clear way for them to apply directly and easily — either by clicking the “Apply Now” button at the end of your job post or by emailing your team.