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Talent Acquisition Specialist Job Description

A female talent acquisition specialist holding a sheet of paper while talking with a human resource professional

A Talent Acquisition Specialist is tasked with identifying, vetting and evaluating potential candidates to ensure an organization finds an ideal candidate for an open position.

They often work closely with hiring managers to understand specific job requirements and desired competencies, ensuring an optimized hiring process.

A female talent acquisition specialist holding a sheet of paper while talking with a human resource professional

Their expertise extends to developing and implementing innovative recruitment strategies and maintaining a strong candidate pipeline for future hiring needs.

Talent Acquisition Specialists should have great empathy and an eye for potential, gauging considering how seamlessly candidates can integrate into the team and contribute effectively.

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Talent Acquisition Specialist Job Overview

Join us at [Company Name] as a Talent Acquisition Specialist and be part of our team in charge of sourcing, evaluating and recruiting top-tier talent.

You will collaborate with different departments, understand their unique hiring needs, develop customized recruitment strategies and build a talent pipeline.

You will also play a role in innovating our recruitment process, engaging with diverse candidates and making impactful decisions that align with our company’s vision and values.

Apply today and play a crucial role in driving our organizational success through exceptional talent acquisition.
Salary: $60,000–$65,000

Schedule: Full-time, office-based

Talent Acquisition Specialist Duties & Responsibilities

  • Develop and execute targeted recruitment strategies
  • Actively seek out, identify and engage with prospective candidates through various channels, including professional networking sites, job boards and recruitment events
  • Extensively review applications and resumes to filter and shortlist candidates meeting the job specifications
  • Organize and lead interviews, assessing candidates’ skills, qualifications and compatibility with the company culture
  • Partner with department heads to clearly understand their hiring needs and provide expert advice on candidate selection
  • Assess candidates’ potential for the role
  • Manage employment negotiations, including salaries and benefits
  • Extend offers to selected candidates
  • Proactively establish and maintain a pool of potential candidates for future recruitment needs
  • Represent and promote the company as an attractive employer in various forums and networks
  • Adhere to legal and organizational recruitment policies
  • Monitor and analyze labor market trends and recruitment best practices
  • Collect feedback from candidates and hiring teams

Talent Acquisition Specialist Experience Requirements & Skills

  • Experience in recruitment or talent acquisition for at least [Number] years
  • Familiarity with various recruitment tools and platforms, including applicant tracking systems (ATS) and social media
  • Proven ability to source and attract passive candidates through various channels

Talent Acquisition Specialist Education & Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, Business Administration, Psychology or a related field;
  • Certifications in human resources, psychology, administration or a related field are a plus

Talent Acquisition Specialist Job Description Template — Free Download

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