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Talent Sourcer Job Description 

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Acting as a bridge between potential candidates and the hiring process, Talent Sourcers are responsible for identifying and engaging individuals with highly specialized skills.

Key responsibilities of Talent Sourcers include proactively reaching out to potential candidates through various channels, collaborating with hiring managers to define job requirements, crafting compelling recruiting messages and scheduling interviews with HR staff.

hands typing on the laptop with CV visuals

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Talent Sourcer Job Overview

Join [Company Name] as a Talent Sourcer and take on a vital role in fostering effective communication between exceptional candidates and our recruitment team.

As a Talent Sourcer, your responsibilities will involve proactively identifying and engaging potential candidates with specialized skills. You’ll collaborate closely with hiring managers, crafting compelling recruiting messages and scheduling interviews with HR staff to ensure a seamless recruitment process.

Your attention to detail and strategic approach will be essential as you build and manage talent pipelines, matching the unique skills of job seekers with specific positions. By maintaining a comprehensive database of potential candidates, you will play a key role in meeting current staffing needs and preparing for future recruitment requirements.

If you have a passion for connecting top-tier talent with exciting opportunities, excellent communication skills and a deep understanding of the recruitment process, we invite you to apply for the Talent Sourcer position at [Company Name].

Salary: $70,000–$90,000 a year

Schedule: Full-time (40 hours per week), Monday–Friday, with the possibility of overtime beyond 40 hours per week

Talent Sourcer Duties & Responsibilities

  • Actively seek out and connect with candidates possessing specialized skills
  • Use social media platforms and professional networks to connect with talent
  • Craft compelling recruiting messages to attract qualified candidates
  • Collaborate with hiring managers to define job requirements and expectations
  • Schedule interviews and coordinate the recruitment process with HR staff
  • Establish and maintain talent pipelines to meet current and future staffing requirements
  • Manage a comprehensive database of potential candidates
  • Match the skills of job seekers with specific job positions
  • Ensure a positive experience for candidates throughout the entire recruitment process
  • Prepare and present regular reports on recruitment metrics and outcomes
  • Foster effective communication between candidates and the recruitment team
  • Participate in  job fairs, recruitment events and other talent acquisition activities
  • Collaborate with team members to continuously improve recruitment processes
  • Stay informed about industry trends and recruitment best practices

Talent Sourcer Experience Requirements & Skills

  • Proven experience as a Talent Sourcer or in a similar recruitment role
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Excellent knowledge of recruitment and sourcing methods
  • Ability to collaborate effectively with hiring managers and HR staff
  • Attention to detail and strong organizational skills
  • Familiarity with applicant tracking systems (ATS) and other relevant tools
  • A proactive and results-oriented approach to talent acquisition
  • Ability to understand and match candidate skills with job requirements
  • Knowledge of industry trends and best practices in talent acquisition
  • Strong time management and multitasking abilities
  • Commitment to providing a positive candidate experience
  • Continuous learning and adaptability to evolving recruitment landscapes

Talent Sourcer Education & Qualification Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, Business Administration or a related field
  • Additional certifications in recruitment or sourcing are advantageous

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