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Diversity and Inclusion Manager Job Description

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The Diversity and Inclusion Manager plays a key role in creating strong company policies that support workplace diversity, address harassment and protect minority groups. They offer extensive training to hiring managers and HR staff, equipping them with skills for selecting, managing, evaluating and retaining a diverse workforce.

Additionally, the manager undertakes the task of revising and updating job descriptions to guarantee the use of non-discriminatory language, ensuring an inclusive approach to talent attraction.

two business people in the office

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Diversity and Inclusion Manager Job Overview

We are actively seeking an experienced Diversity and Inclusion Manager to join our team at [Company Name].

As a Diversity and Inclusion Manager, your responsibilities will include designing and implementing comprehensive company policies that champion workplace diversity, address harassment issues and ensure the protection of minority groups.

You will provide training for hiring managers and HR staff on selecting, managing, evaluating and retaining diverse employees. If you excel in crafting inclusive workplace cultures, possess strong training capabilities and are eager to contribute to fostering diversity and inclusion, [Company Name] offers an exciting opportunity for professional advancement in a dynamic work environment.

Salary: $100,000-$102,000/year
Schedule: Full-time commitment

Diversity and Inclusion Manager Duties & Responsibilities

  • Design and implement company policies promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace
  • Address and combat all forms of harassment, fostering a safe environment for minority groups and women
  • Train hiring managers and HR staff on selecting, managing, evaluating and retaining diverse employees
  • Revise and update all communication channels to use non-discriminatory language
  • Review selection criteria to ensure objectivity and strict job-relatedness
  • Recommend inclusive benefits packages that cater to the diverse needs of employees
  • Measure and forecast diversity metrics to track progress and identify areas for improvement
  • Act as a consultant to underrepresented groups, ensuring their voices are heard and considered
  • Organize training sessions to enhance employees’ communication abilities and foster team spirit
  • Represent the company at various career events, including job fairs, to attract diverse talent
  • Ensure compliance with state or country regulations on diversity and equity
  • Foster an inclusive workplace culture that values and respects individual differences
  • Collaborate with leadership to integrate diversity and inclusion into strategic planning
  • Conduct regular diversity audits to assess the effectiveness of current initiatives
  • Implement mentorship programs to support the professional development of underrepresented employees
  • Create and maintain employee resource groups to provide support and networking opportunities
  • Develop initiatives to celebrate and promote cultural awareness within the organization
  • Collaborate with external organizations and communities to strengthen diversity partnerships
  • Implement blind recruitment practices to eliminate unconscious bias in the hiring process
  • Monitor and address any disparities in pay and advancement opportunities among diverse employee groups

Diversity and Inclusion Manager Experience & Skills

  • Work experience as an HR Manager, HR Consultant or in a similar role
  • Hands-on experience in designing company policies, including anti-discrimination and equal employment opportunity
  • Good knowledge of labor and human rights legislation
  • Participation in seminars or workshops focused on diversity and inclusion in the workplace
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Strong leadership skills to guide and influence organizational change
  • Ability to collaborate effectively with diverse teams and stakeholders
  • Experience developing and implementing diversity and inclusion programs
  • Familiarity with creating and conducting training programs on diversity-related topics
  • Skill in assessing and addressing unconscious bias in hiring and workplace practices
  • Proven track record of promoting diversity and inclusion in previous roles
  • Knowledge of best practices in fostering an inclusive organizational culture
  • Ability to conduct diversity assessments and provide recommendations for improvement
  • Experience in creating and managing employee resource groups
  • Skill in developing metrics and analytics to measure diversity and inclusion progress
  • Demonstrated ability to integrate diversity goals into broader business strategies
  • Strong problem-solving skills related to diversity and inclusion challenges
  • Familiarity with employee engagement strategies to enhance workplace inclusivity
  • Experience building partnerships with external organizations focused on diversity initiatives
  • Ability to adapt to and navigate the evolving landscape of diversity and inclusion trends and practices

Diversity and Inclusion Manager Education & Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, Business Administration, Organizational Psychology or a related field
  • Professional certification in Diversity and Inclusion, such as the Certified Diversity Professional (CDP) or equivalent

Diversity and Inclusion Manager Job Description Template — Free Download

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