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Payroll Analyst Job Description

A female Asian payroll analyst smiling with her right hand on the desk

Payroll Analysts process payroll promptly and reconcile it with source documents. They analyze payroll reports, conduct audits as needed and ensure overall accuracy and compliance.

They also serve as the go-to point of contact for employees, addressing queries related to garnishments, taxes and other deductions.

A female Asian payroll analyst smiling with her right hand on the desk

A Payroll Analyst should be highly skilled in using payroll platforms and word processing software. They should also have outstanding customer service, communication skills and critical thinking ability.

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Payroll Analyst Job Overview

[Company Name] is hiring a Payroll Analyst to process payroll accurately and on time.

As a Payroll Analyst, you will ensure fair and accurate employee compensation. You will also collaborate with payroll providers and analyze reports.

Periodically, you will conduct audits to ensure payroll integrity and inform the team of trends and potential issues.

Our ideal Payroll Analyst is computer-savvy, detail-oriented and familiar with federal and state labor laws.

Salary: $60,000–$70,000/year

Schedule: Full-time, office-based

Payroll Analyst Duties & Responsibilities

  • Process payroll accurately and promptly, reconciling with source documents
  • Utilize advanced proficiency in payroll platforms and word processing software for efficient management
  • Analyze payroll reports, promptly address discrepancies and conduct periodic audits
  • Serve as the primary contact for employee inquiries on garnishments, taxes and deductions
  • Collaborate with payroll providers, staying updated on industry best practices
  • Ensure compliance with federal and state labor laws, implementing necessary adjustments
  • Facilitate seamless communication and coordination with internal teams
  • Demonstrate computer-savvy skills for efficient data management
  • Uphold accuracy and fairness in employee compensation practices
  • Interpret labor laws to ensure accurate payroll processing and compliance
  • Contribute to the development of payroll-related policies and procedures
  • Provide support in analyzing compensation-related data and trends
  • Stay informed about evolving payroll technologies and industry trends through professional development

Payroll Analyst Experience Requirements & Skills

  • Minimum of [Number] years of experience as a Payroll Analyst or a similar role
  • Advanced proficiency in utilizing diverse payroll platforms and word processing software to streamline data management
  • Demonstrated analytical prowess, adept at scrutinizing payroll reports, identifying discrepancies and conducting essential audits
  • Exceptional customer service acumen, acting as the primary point of contact for employee queries
  • In-depth understanding of federal and state labor laws and other regulations
  • Effective communication and critical thinking skills
  • Ability to navigate and manage various payroll systems efficiently
  • Track record of analyzing compensation-related data and trends, providing valuable insights for informed decision-making
  • Commitment to ongoing professional development, staying updated on evolving payroll technologies and industry trends

Payroll Analyst Education & Qualifications

  • Associate’s or bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Business, Finance or a related program
  • Certification in accounting, payroll management or a related field is a plus

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