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Assistant Restaurant Manager Job Description: Examples & Templates

Whether you’re a small family-owned business or a large chain, the hiring process for Assistant Restaurant Managers is the same. And it all starts with a well-written job description that will attract the right applicants.

Here is our Assistant Restaurant Manager job description that will help you find ideal candidates for this position.

Assistant Restaurant Manager Job Description Template

You can use our template below as a guideline when creating your job description. Obviously, you can replace all of the relevant information such as salary or required experience according to what you need.

Assistant Restaurant Manager Job Overview

We are looking for an experienced Assistant Restaurant Manager to join our team at [Restaurant/Hotel Name]. As the Assistant Restaurant Manager, you will manage and train employees. Hopefully, you’re good at math, because you will also have to deal with finances and inventory. Think of this position as being the right-hand man to the Restaurant Manager with all of the day-to-day operations.

Ideally, you have at least [Number] years of experience in the restaurant industry. If your previous job was a Shift Supervisor or a Team Leader, that’s exactly what we want.

Salary: $[Salary range]/year

Schedule: Full-time ([Number] hours per week)

Required Experience: Minimum [Number] years as a Shift Supervisor/Team Leader

Degree: High school diploma

Benefits: Health insurance, 401(k), paid time off, employee discount


Your main task will be to make sure that the restaurant runs smoothly and without hiccups. This means you will have to do tasks like employee scheduling and inventory management.

You will also help with hiring and training staff members. We have standard operating procedures we want followed, and you will have to make sure employees don’t deviate from them.

Our restaurant has to comply with different health and safety regulations, like most dining establishments. As the Assistant Restaurant Manager, it will be up to you to stay on top of these and make sure we don’t break any rules.

You will have to conduct thorough checks of the premises and find areas we can improve. If something needs maintaining, you have to report it to the Restaurant Manager.

Skills & Qualifications:

You need to be organized and keep track of things in a hectic environment. Expect the pace to be fast, so you’ll need to adapt quickly and learn even quicker.

For this job, we want someone who’s great with people and is very approachable. You’ll have to deal with customers, so being kind and polite is obviously a must-have.


As long as you have a high school diploma we don’t ask for anything extra.

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What To Include in Your Assistant Restaurant Manager Job Description Sections

If you will be creating your own job description instead of using our template above, here are some tips you should keep in mind when creating specific sections.

Duties and responsibilities

The duties of the Assistant Restaurant Manager vary every day. Be precise when writing your description and mention the most important duties the applicants should expect to have to do.

In addition to coordinating with and supporting the Restaurant Manager, the Assistant Restaurant Manager has to be able to handle and resolve issues and conflicts among staff members.

Experience requirements

As the Assistant Restaurant Manager will be supervising other employees, the candidate you select should have previous experience working as a front-of-house staff member.

You want a candidate who knows how restaurants operate like the back of their hand.

Skills and qualifications

  • If there’s anyone who knows what skills an Assistant Restaurant Manager needs to possess to succeed in your establishment, it’s you. Because you’re already familiar with the team dynamic, you can use that information to come up with specific skills required for the Assistant Restaurant Manager position.
  • Don’t list too many skills and qualifications needed in your job description. You can always discuss what you’re specifically looking for during the interview process. Having the necessary skills is one thing, but not everyone has the “X” factor.
  • If you want a candidate who has a valid food handler’s card, you should make that clear in your job description.
  • Assistant Restaurant Managers should also have excellent soft skills like time management, conflict resolution and organization.

Salary and benefits

Although Assistant Restaurant Manager salaries vary, this is probably the most important factor for all prospective candidates. Apart from positive company culture, 81% of job seekers say salary range is the number one determining factor when applying for a position.

When writing your job description, we recommend indicating a salary range instead of a specific number. This will attract both less and more experienced candidates and you’ll have more applicants to choose from.

If your establishment offers specific perks or benefits most establishments don’t, list them to entice potential applicants. Most restaurant jobs include benefits like paid time off, 401(k) plans, healthcare coverage and employee discounts.


Every establishment has different education requirements, but it’s best to keep it simple. A high school diploma will usually suffice for most Assistant Restaurant Manager jobs.

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How an Assistant Restaurant Manager Job Description Should Look Like

Here is what most Assistant Restaurant Manager job description templates consist of:

what to include in Assistant Restaurant Manager job description

You don’t have to follow this template to a T, but you can use it to guide you when creating your job ad.

Tips for Writing an Assistant Restaurant Manager Job Description

Here’s what you should be mindful of when crafting a compelling job description.

  1. Trim down your list of requirements. This is especially applicable to supervisory/managerial roles, wherein qualified candidates are those with prior experience in the restaurant industry. You don’t need to put phrases like “willingness to work a flexible schedule” and “ability to guide a diverse team” because those are a given in any leadership position.
  2. State the salary range. Be upfront about what you can offer in terms of salary. Having a range will net you some leeway for negotiations but everyone will be on the same page from the beginning.
  3. Mention duties and responsibilities. A lot of potential candidates want to know what else you can offer besides a salary. If you offer employee discounts or generous 401(k) plans, mention that.
  4. Keep it short. Save difficult questions for the interview. This is just a job description that should inform the applicants what the job is.

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Similar Job Descriptions

Here are some similar job descriptions for other managerial positions on our website:

Assistant Restaurant Manager Job Description FAQ

No. You don’t want to hire someone who hasn’t worked in hospitality to run and manage your establishment.

Most of the time, you want a candidate who has previous supervisory or managerial experience.

If you do hire someone with no previous managerial experience, they should at least have experience in some other hospitality role, be a quicker learner, and have a passion for the position.

Most establishments list 18 as the minimum age for an Assistant Restaurant Manager, with some preferring candidates 21 years or older.

The average Assistant Restaurant Manager is 39 years old according to Zippia.

It depends. Some states require only one employee per restaurant to have a food handlers card or license, usually the Restaurant Manager.

However, other states require this card or license for every employee who will be handling food – from Bussers and Servers to Cooks and Assistant Restaurant Managers.

Always check your local regulations on food handler requirements before hiring Assistant Restaurant Managers and other employees.