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Assistant Restaurant Manager Salary in the United States

How Much Is the Average Assistant Restaurant Manager Salary?

The average starting salary for an Assistant Restaurant Manager in the United States is $50,775 per year or per month.

Average Assistant Restaurant Manager Base Salary:
What can I earn as an Assistant Restaurant Manager?Your salary is 0 the US national average

What Is the Hourly Wage for Assistant Restaurant Managers?

An Assistant Restaurant Manager in the U.S. earns $24.41 per hour on average.

It’s important to note that most Assistant Restaurant Managers are salaried employees. They are paid annual salaries, unlike more junior-level hospitality positions that earn hourly wages.

The role of an Assistant Restaurant Manager is considered managerial or supervisory level under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA); meaning, they’re not allowed to keep any portion of employees’ tips – whether directly or through a tip pool.

Assistant Restaurant Managers may only keep tips they directly received from a customer for a service they directly and solely provided.

However, some states have laws permitting Assistant Restaurant Managers to participate in tip pools if they’re paid hourly.

What Is the Weekly Wage for Assistant Restaurant Managers?

The average weekly pay for an Assistant Restaurant Manager in the United States is $976.40.

Assistant Restaurant Manager Salaries Across the US

The map below shows what you can expect to earn as an Assistant Restaurant Manager in all 50 states, plus Washington, D.C.

[Calculated using Salary.com, ZipRecruiter and Talent.com data]

This map is interactive. Hover your mouse over different parts of the map to see detailed data. 

Which States Offer the Highest Pay for Assistant Restaurant Managers?

Hawaii has the highest Assistant Restaurant Manager salary at $53,942. Massachusetts is close behind at $52,819.

South Carolina offers the lowest annual salary at $38,598. West Virginia is the second lowest with an average of $39,013.

Are Assistant Restaurant Manager salaries keeping up with living costs in your area?

How Does the Salary of Assistant Restaurant Managers Vary?

Various factors can influence how much you can earn as an Assistant Restaurant Manager.

Some of these factors are external and you can’t affect them. Other factors that you can affect include certifications and experience.

Years of experience

The most valuable thing you can have as an Assistant Restaurant Manager is experience. You can negotiate a higher salary if you have a proven track record of exemplary leadership and managerial experience.

Employers seek Assistant Restaurant Managers who are organized but can work well under pressure. They want someone who can lead by example and can hold themselves and everyone working underneath them to the same high standard.

Type of establishment

Assistant Restaurant Managers working in high-end establishments such as fine dining restaurants or large restaurant chains may earn higher wages than those working in smaller or casual dining venues.

The higher wages can be attributed to the greater responsibilities and expectations from Assistant Restaurant Managers working in these larger and typically busier establishments.


Living costs vary from state to state and so do Assistant Restaurant Manager wages.

Arkansas and Mississippi are two states with low costs of living and are among the top 10 states that offer the lowest average salaries.

Hawaii tops the charts since the hospitality sector gets swamped with people each year and establishments need a lot of staff.

Certifications and courses

Although you don’t need any extra certifications to get an Assistant Restaurant Manager job, they would certainly help.

Anything that can make you stand out over the dozens, if not hundreds, of other applicants is always a bonus. Some establishments or local regulations may require certification in food safety or alcohol service, but that depends entirely on each individual case.

Negotiation skills

You have to know your value and what you bring to the table. If you’re hard-working, smart and loyal, these are all traits any employer would be happy to have in their Assistant Restaurant Manager.

Know your worth and market yourself accordingly. Negotiations are soft skills you can easily learn by reading articles or watching video guides. Reflect on your previous negotiation interviews to understand what you could have done better.

Assistant Restaurant Manager Salary in Some Major US Cities

When comparing some of the largest cities in the States, New York City offers the most for aspiring Assistant Restaurant Managers with an annual salary of $58,416. Miami has the lowest yearly wage at $45,422.


Annual mean salary


New York City

Annual mean salary



Annual mean salary


Los Angeles

Annual mean salary


[Calculated using Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Salary.com, Glassdoor and Talent.com data]

Average Assistant Restaurant Manager Salary by State

Assistant Restaurant Managers in Hawaii and Massachusetts earn the highest average salaries, while those in South Carolina, West Virginia and Georgia earn the lowest.

State Avg. Salary
Hawaii $53,942
Massachusetts $52,819
District of Columbia $51,753
Washington $51,481
California $51,239
New York $50,842
New Jersey $50,262
New Hampshire $49,926
Maine $49,082
Connecticut $48,987
Delaware $48,791
Oregon $48,503
Colorado $48,501
Nevada $48,190
Illinois $47,769
Minnesota $46,876
Alaska $46,835
New Mexico $46,765
Wisconsin $46,745
Virginia $46,406
Maryland $45,850
Indiana $45,691
Vermont $45,689
North Dakota $45,659
Arizona $45,479
Pennsylvania $45,402
Utah $45,107
Rhode Island $44,981
Alabama $44,151
Iowa $43,789
Ohio $43,787
Idaho $43,629
North Carolina $43,537
Missouri $43,372
Wyoming $43,358
Louisiana $43,268
Michigan $43,154
Tennessee $43,138
Kentucky $43,135
Texas $43,034
South Dakota $43,008
Kansas $42,978
Oklahoma $42,902
Nebraska $42,630
Montana $42,408
Mississippi $41,799
Florida $40,207
Arkansas $39,665
Georgia $39,213
West Virginia $39,013
South Carolina $38,598

Assistant Restaurant Manager Perks and Benefits

A competitive salary is just one component of an Assistant Restaurant Manager’s compensation. Benefits and perks can often be just as enticing. Assistant Restaurant Managers get full health insurance and 401(k) plans. Certain establishments may also offer incentives such as shares in the company or performance-related bonuses.

According to Statista, these are the benefits employees change jobs for:

[Source: Statista]
This chart is interactive. Hover your mouse over different parts of the chart to see detailed data. 

How To Negotiate for a Higher Salary as an Assistant Restaurant Manager?

Point out what you bring to the table in this position. Employers want to know what you can do for them if they hire you. They want to see how you can make their lives easier and better.

If you’re extremely organized and keep a tight schedule on everything, mention that. If you have excellent soft skills and know how to manage the people working within the restaurant, lead with that.

Above all else, you have to be confident when negotiating for a higher salary. If you’re not confident enough to ask for what you think you’re worth, how are you going to be confident enough to lead a restaurant?

You should still be reasonable and manage your expectations when negotiating salaries. Don’t ask for anything unrealistic given your geographic location, experience and skills.

Assistant Restaurant Manager Salary Compared to Similar Careers

Assistant Restaurant Managers earn less than Kitchen Managers, Restaurant Managers and Restaurant Consultants.

However, a common advancement path for Assistant Restaurant Managers is to move up to the role of Restaurant Manager, where they can leverage their experience and skills to earn higher salaries.

Labor Laws and Taxes for Assistant Restaurant Managers

As an Assistant Restaurant Manager, you need to be aware of the minimum wage, overtime pay, leave and tipping policies in your state.

Check out the guides below or view more labor laws:

Estimating Your Take-Home Pay

If you’re an Assistant Restaurant Manager working in the U.S., our Paycheck Calculator will allow you to calculate your take-home pay easily.

Paycheck Calculator

Pay breakdown

Your estimated take home pay:


Total Tax

Net pay
Salary 0
Federal Income Tax 0
State Income Tax 0
Take Home 0

Disclaimer: Please note that this paycheck calculator is designed to provide an estimate and should not be considered as professional tax advice. The actual withholding amounts and taxes owed may vary depending on individual circumstances and other factors. For accurate and personalized tax advice, we recommend consulting with a tax professional.

If your gross pay is 0 per in the state of F, your net pay (or take home pay) will be $1,343.17 after tax deductions of 0% (or $ 156.83). Deductions include a total of [1] 0% (or $0.00) for the federal income tax, [2] 0% (or $0.00) for the state income tax, [3] 6.20% (or $0.00) for the social security tax and [4] 1.45% (or $0.00) for Medicare.

The Federal Income Tax is collected by the government and is consistent across all U.S. regions. In contrast, the State Income Tax is levied by the state of residence and work, leading to substantial variations. The Social Security Tax is used to fund Social Security, which benefits retirees, persons with disabilities and survivors of deceased workers. Medicare involves a federal payroll tax designated for the Medicare insurance program. As of 2022, Alaska, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington and Wyoming do not levy a state income tax.

Assistant Restaurant Manager Salary FAQ

In most cases, no.

The Restaurant Manager has more responsibilities and typically reports directly to the General Manager, the Director of Restaurant Operations or the establishment’s owner. Therefore, they’re usually more experienced and earn a higher salary.

An Assistant Restaurant Manager working in a Michelin-star establishment could earn significantly more than the average annual salary for the position.

Depending on the specific establishment and location, the annual wage could be up to 10% or even 20% higher according to Indeed and ZipRecruiter.

Compared to other positions in the hospitality industry, Assistant Restaurant Managers earn a high salary.

Since the position comes with leadership responsibilities and typically requires previous experience, Assistant Restaurant Managers are paid more than other front-of-house staff members such as Hosts/Hostesses and Waiters/Waitresses.

Yes, a full-time Assistant Restaurant Manager typically receives healthcare insurance, paid time off and 401(k).