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Staff Accountant Job Description

A woman with a calculator sitting at the desk

A Staff Accountant upholds the integrity of a company’s financial records by maintaining and evaluating the general ledger. Their role includes reviewing financial statements, ensuring accuracy and subsequently preparing detailed reports that serve as tools for senior management in making well-informed decisions regarding upcoming projects or annual budgets.

Staff Accountants are also in charge of tracking and recording all financial transactions within the company, fostering transparency and precision in financial management.

A woman with a calculator sitting at the desk

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Staff Accountant Job Overview

We are hiring a skillful Staff Accountant to join our team at [Company Name].

As a Staff Accountant, your key responsibilities will include maintaining the integrity of the company’s financial records and managing and analyzing the general ledger. Your role extends to a comprehensive review of financial statements, ensuring accuracy and subsequently preparing detailed reports.

If you are a detail-oriented and experienced professional in the field of accounting, [Company Name] offers a great opportunity for you to contribute to effective financial management and grow professionally in a fast-paced work environment.

Salary: $65,000-$68,000/year
Schedule: Full-time commitment

Staff Accountant Duties & Responsibilities

  • Maintain and consistently update accounting records and files to ensure accuracy and accessibility
  • Analyze budgets thoroughly and generate detailed expense reports for comprehensive financial insights
  • Examine tax policies, handling all aspects of tax payments and returns in compliance with regulations
  • Conduct confidential meetings with clients to discuss intricate accounting issues and provide strategic advice
  • Post transactions and meticulously categorize records in the general ledger, classifying them by assets, liabilities and expenses
  • Reconcile bank statements regularly to ensure alignment with financial records and identify discrepancies
  • Conduct month-end and year-end closures systematically, ensuring accurate financial reporting
  • Advise clients on financial matters via email or phone, offering expert insights tailored to their specific needs
  • Apply updated accounting policies, ensuring strict compliance with evolving rules and regulations
  • Keep abreast of changes in accounting standards and regulations
  • Actively contribute to the development and improvement of financial strategies and policies within the organization

Staff Accountant Experience & Skills

  • Relevant experience as a staff accountant or in a comparable accounting role
  • Excellent proficiency in Microsoft Office Word and Excel, with advanced skills in spreadsheet applications
  • Familiarity with accounting information systems
  • Strong mathematical aptitude
  • Meticulous attention to detail
  • Strong organizational skills to manage tasks effectively and maintain systematic records
  • Clear and effective communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality and uphold a high level of integrity in handling sensitive financial information
  • Knowledge of financial regulations and compliance requirements
  • Experience with financial analysis and reporting
  • Proficient use of accounting software, such as QuickBooks or similar applications
  • Familiarity with budgeting and forecasting procedures
  • Effective problem-solving skills

Staff Accountant Education & Qualifications

  • A bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Finance, or a related
  • Completion of relevant coursework in advanced accounting, financial analysis and auditing

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