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Payroll Accountant Job Description

A female payroll accountant with a pen on her right hand and a calculator on her left while sitting in front of her monitor

Payroll Accountants process all payroll functions. They develop and implement initiatives and procedures to ensure payroll efficiency and accuracy.

They also supervise salary calculations and prepare internal and external reports as necessary.

Effective Payroll Accountants should be proficient in payroll software and have in-depth knowledge of tax and labor laws.

A female payroll accountant with a pen on her right hand and a calculator on her left while sitting in front of her monitor

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Payroll Accountant Job Overview

We at [Company Name] are seeking a Payroll Accountant for our [Office Name] in [Location].

As part of our [Team Name], you will report directly to our [Position Title]. Your responsibilities include ledger and payroll data entry, salary calculations, responding to payroll inquiries from employees and creating reports.

We’re looking for candidates who are tech-savvy with incredible attention to detail to ensure error-free processing of company payroll.

Salary: $60,000–$65,000/year

Schedule: Full-time, office-based

Payroll Accountant Duties & Responsibilities

  • Process employee payroll accurately and on time using payroll software (e.g., ADP, QuickBooks)
  • Calculate and record payroll deductions (e.g., benefits, taxes and other withholdings)
  • Verify and reconcile time and attendance data to ensure accurate calculation of hours worked
  • Collaborate with Human Resources to update employee information, such as new hires, terminations and changes in salary or tax status
  • Stay informed about federal, state and local payroll tax regulations and ensure compliance
  • Generate and distribute pay statements and reports to employees
  • Respond to employee inquiries regarding payroll issues and discrepancies in a timely and professional manner
  • Prepare and submit payroll-related reports to management, as needed
  • Assist in the implementation and maintenance of payroll policies and procedures
  • Reconcile payroll accounts and resolve any discrepancies
  • Prepare and process year-end payroll reports, including W-2 and 1099 forms
  • Work with the Finance Department to ensure accurate and timely recording of payroll expenses
  • Oversee payroll audits and maintain confidentiality of employee payroll information
  • Stay updated on changes in payroll technology and recommend system improvements when necessary
  • Provide training to employees on self-service payroll systems and tools
  • Assist in the development and documentation of payroll processes to ensure efficiency and accuracy
  • Generate ad-hoc payroll reports for management analysis
  • Participate in the preparation of budgets by providing payroll-related data
  • Keep detailed records of all payroll transactions and ensure proper filing

Payroll Accountant Experience Requirements & Skills

  • Minimum of [Number] years of experience in payroll accounting or a related field
  • Familiarity with federal, state and local payroll tax regulations and compliance requirements
  • Proficiency in payroll software such as ADP, QuickBooks or similar platforms
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills to interact with employees regarding payroll inquiries
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills

Payroll Accountant Education & Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Finance or a related program
  • Additional certifications or courses in payroll management, accounting or a related field are a plus

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