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Typist Job Description

A female typist sitting in front of a laptop

A Typist is responsible for typing up different kinds of documents from various media, including dictation, handwritten documents, audio recordings and other media.

A female typist sitting in front of a laptop

Typists should have an above-average typing speed, a keen eye for detail, basic proofreading skills and the capacity to work efficiently under high-pressure situations.

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Typist Job Overview

[Company Name] is looking for a Typist to help in our day-to-day documentation and database management processes.

We welcome applications from fresh graduates, but those with proven work experience as data entry clerks or operators are preferred.

Our Typists should have incredible attention to detail, a solid command of English spelling and grammar and familiarity with different types of documents and word processing software.

Salary: $15–$25/hour

Schedule: Full-time and part-time, flexible schedule as requested, Monday–Friday, hybrid

Typist Duties & Responsibilities

  • Transcribe audio files, meetings or other recorded materials into accurately written documents
  • Enter and format data, maintaining precision and attention to detail
  • Proofread and edit documents for errors and consistency
  • Ensure confidentiality and integrity of all company material
  • Adapt to changing priorities and handle multiple tasks concurrently
  • Collaborate with team members and other internal partners to meet project deadlines
  • Utilize transcription software and tools effectively for enhanced productivity
  • Manage and organize documents, ensuring efficient retrieval when needed
  • Stay informed about industry best practices and technology updates related to typing and transcription
  • Perform basic research and fact-checking to ensure data accuracy
  • Conduct self-reviews to uphold high accuracy levels in typing tasks
  • Participate in occasional checks of colleagues’ and trainees’ work to maintain overall quality standards
  • Assist in the creation and maintenance of a comprehensive document management system
  • Coordinate with IT support to troubleshoot and resolve any transcription software or tool issues
  • Participate in monthly round-ups to identify common errors and brainstorm preventive actions for continuous improvement
  • Provide support in coordinating and executing special projects as assigned by team leads or managers
  • Ensure a minimum internet speed of 50 Mbps for remote work

Typist Experience Requirements & Skills

  • Experience as a typist or in data entry is a plus
  • Typing speed of at least [Number] words per minute, demonstrated through a recent typing test
  • Proven track record of maintaining high accuracy and precision in data entry tasks
  • Proficient in proofreading with a keen eye for catching errors and inconsistencies
  • Experience handling time-sensitive projects and maintaining quality under pressure
  • Familiarity with industry-standard transcription software such as Otter, GoTranscript, etc.
  • Strong organizational skills, ensuring efficient document management and retrieval
  • Excellent time management abilities, consistently meeting or exceeding deadlines

Typist Education & Qualifications

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Computer training or certifications are an advantage

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