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Grill Cook Job Description

A man preparing meat and vegetables on a grill

A Grill Cook is responsible for preparing (cutting, slicing and tenderizing), grilling and plating meat and vegetables, following established recipes and quality standards.

A man preparing meat and vegetables on a grill

This role also involves ensuring the proper handling and storage of ingredients, maintaining a clean and organized workspace and collaborating with kitchen staff to improve the overall efficiency of the vendor.

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Grill Cook Job Overview

We’re seeking a skilled Grill Cook to improve culinary operations at [Company Name] to add value to our experienced team in delivering exceptional dining experiences.

Responsibilities include grilling, ensuring food quality, maintaining kitchen cleanliness and collaborating with kitchen staff to meet customer expectations.

Ideal candidates will possess a solid background in grill cooking, be available during operational hours, including weekends and holidays and contribute to developing and improving our kitchen operations for higher customer satisfaction.

Salary: $15–$20/hour
Tips: No
Schedule: Full-time commitment, including weekends and evenings, with the standard of 40 working hours per week

Grill Cook Duties & Responsibilities

  • Proficiently grill a variety of meats, vegetables and other food items
  • Execute menu items accurately and in adherence to established recipes
  • Work closely with kitchen staff to coordinate food preparation and ensure timely service
  • Keep the grill area clean and organized
  • Ensure all grilled items meet quality and presentation standards
  • Follow food safety and hygiene regulations in cooking and food handling processes
  • Fulfill specific customers’ grilling preferences
  • Assist in managing inventory levels, minimizing waste and optimizing stock
  • Notifying the manager when equipment requires maintenance, repair or replacement

Grill Cook Experience & Skills

  • Demonstrated grilling expertise with various meats and vegetables
  • Efficient handling and preparation of ingredients to maintain quality
  • Strong organizational and multitasking skills
  • Accurate execution of menu items according to the recipes
  • Exceptional skills in operating grill station
  • Knowledge of food safety and hygiene regulations
  • Experience in assisting with inventory control and stock optimization
  • Capability to stand for extended periods of time
  • Ability to work collaboratively with kitchen and service staff
  • Flexibility to adapt to varying menu demands and customer preferences

Grill Cook Education & Qualifications

  • High School Diploma or Equivalent
  • Possession of a valid food safety certification
  • Practical experience or on-the-job training in grill cooking is an advantage
  • Participation in relevant culinary courses or workshops

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