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Top 10 Dishwasher Jobs in NYC, NY - April 2024 Salaries

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Check our list of the best Dishwasher jobs in NYC — complete with salary info, benefits, job requirements and more.

Best Dishwasher Jobs in NYC (Hiring Now!)

Although the number of Dishwasher jobs in NYC has decreased since 2019, the demand is still on a rising trend. This makes it a perfect time to consider applying to be a Dishwasher in NYC today.

[Source: BLS]
This graph is interactive. Hover your mouse over different parts of the chart to see detailed data.

Here are some of the best Dishwasher jobs available in NYC now.

1. Wonder | $17 per hour

Wonder logo[Source: Wonder]

  • Position: Dishwasher/Porter
  • About: Wonder revolutionizes the food delivery industry by offering chef-designed meals, mobile kitchens for on-site meal preparation, exceptional customer service and sustainable packaging practices.
  • Requirements: 1+ years of experience working in a restaurant, hotel or quick service restaurant environment; comfortable working in a team environment
  • Salary: $35,360 per year
  • Job type: Full-time and part-time
  • Benefits: 401k, medical, dental, vision, health savings account with employer match, 100% employer-paid life insurance, 1.5x pay on holidays, employee stock options
  • Where to apply: Visit Wonder’s career page

2. Alamo Drafthouse | $16–$17 per hour

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema logo[Source: Alamo Drafthouse]

  • Position: Dishwasher
  • About: Alamo Drafthouse, a 37-location chain, has been named “the best theater in America” by Entertainment Weekly and “the best theater in the world” by
  • Requirements: 1+ years’ experience in high volume food production environment, schedule flexibility (early mornings, late nights, weekends, holidays), active food handlers’ certification, ability to lift up to 50 lbs
  • Salary: $33,280–$35,360 per year
  • Job type: Full-time
  • Benefits: Medical, dental, vision, FSA, HSA and voluntary benefits are available for all full-time and part-time teammates
  • Where to apply: Visit Alamo Drafthouse’s career page

3. Nordstrom | $16.40–$17.10 per hour

Nordstrom logo[Source: Nordstrom]

  • Position: Dishwasher
  • About: Nordstrom is an American luxury department store chain.
  • Requirements: The ability to work a flexible schedule and communicate clearly and professionally with customers and coworkers; a food handler’s card
  • Salary: $34,112–$35,568 per year
  • Job type: Full-time
  • Benefits: Medical, vision and dental benefits, retirement and paid time off (PTO), life insurance and disability, merchandise discount and EAP resources
  • Where to apply: Visit Nordstrom’s career page

Should establishments provide bonuses or shared profits with employees?

4. Red Lobster | $16–$25 per hour

Red Lobster logo[Source: Red Lobster]

  • Position: Dishwasher/Utility
  • About: Red Lobster is a popular casual dining chain known for its diverse seafood menu, iconic Cheddar Bay Biscuits and family-friendly atmosphere.
  • Requirements: Must be at least 18 years of age and able to bend, reach, sweep, lift up to 50 pounds, and use basic power tools
  • Salary: $33,280–$52,000 per year
  • Job type: Full-time
  • Benefits: Dining discounts, medical, dental, vision and life insurance, 401(k) retirement, PTO, tuition reimbursement, employee assistance program
  • Where to apply: Visit Red Lobster’s career page

5. Pink Taco | $18 per hour

Pink Taco logo[Source: Pink Taco]

  • Position: Dishwasher
  • About: Pink Taco offers a mix of traditional and modern Mexican dishes, emphasizing fresh ingredients and a vibrant party atmosphere.
  • Requirements: High school diploma preferred, proof of eligibility to work in the United States (U.S.), valid driver’s license, at least 18 years of age
  • Salary: $37,440 per year
  • Job type: Part-time
  • Benefits: Company discounts
  • Where to apply: Visit Pink Taco’s career page

6. Hilton | $27.89–$37.19 per hour

Hilton logo[Source: Hilton]

  • Position: Utility Steward – Dishwasher (Substitute)
  • About: Hilton, a global hospitality company with 19 world-class brands in 119 countries and territories, is the no. 1 World’s Best Workplace awarded by Great Place to Work & Fortune.
  • Requirements: Full shift flexibility is required
  • Salary: $58,011–$77,355 per year
  • Job type: Full-time
  • Benefits: Competitive salary, best-in-class PTO, employee assistance programs, health and welfare benefit plans, 401(k) + match, employee stock purchase plan
  • Where to apply: Visit Hilton’s career page

7. Dinosaur Bar-B-Que | $17–$19 per hour

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que logo[Source: Dinosaur Bar-B-Que]

  • Position: Dishwasher
  • About: Dinosaur Bar-B-Que is a chain of barbecue restaurants that originated in Syracuse, New York. Over the years, Dinosaur Bar-B-Que has expanded and gained popularity for its Southern-style barbecue cuisine, including ribs, pulled pork, brisket and various sides.
  • Requirements: Some related experience preferred but not required, high school diploma or equivalent preferred but not required
  • Salary: $35,360–$39,520 per year
  • Job type: Full-time
  • Benefits: Opportunity to receive full medical, dental and vision insurance (depending on hours worked), accrued PTO and sick hours, 401K eligibility after 1 year of service (21 years or older)
  • Where to apply: Visit Dinosaur Bar-B-Que’s career page

8. Dos Caminos | $18–$25 per hour

Dos Caminos logo[Source: Dos Caminos]

  • Position: Dishwasher
  • About: Dos Caminos is known for its vibrant atmosphere, extensive tequila selection, and lively happy hours. It offers a modern twist on traditional Mexican cuisine, featuring dishes like tacos, enchiladas, ceviche, and guacamole made tableside.
  • Requirements: Ability to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Salary: $37,440–$52,000 per year
  • Job type: Full-time
  • Benefits: Multiple health benefit plans, dental, vision, voluntary life, short-term disability, paid sick leave, opportunities for advancement
  • Where to apply: Visit Dos Caminos’ career page

9. Brookdale Senior Living | $16–$19 per hour

Brookdale Senior Living logo[Source: Brookdale Senior Living]

  • Position: Dishwasher
  • About: With numerous locations across the country, Brookdale Senior Living aims to enhance the quality of life for older adults by providing supportive and comfortable living environments tailored to their individual needs.
  • Requirements: No minimum qualifications
  • Salary: $33,280–$39,520 per year
  • Job type: Full-time
  • Benefits: Full suite of health insurance, life insurance and retirement plans, tuition reimbursement, pet insurance, adoption reimbursement benefits
  • Where to apply: Visit Brookdale Senior Living’s career page

10. Morton’s The Steakhouse | $15–$19 per hour

Morton's The Steakhouse logo[Source: Morton’s The Steakhouse]

  • Position: Dishwasher
  • About: Morton’s The Steakhouse is a chain of steak restaurants with locations in the United States and franchised abroad, founded in Chicago in 1978. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Landry’s.
  • Requirements: A team player with a guest-first attitude, comfortable working in a fast-paced environment
  • Salary: $31,200–$39,520 per year
  • Job type: Full-time
  • Benefits: Multiple health benefit plans, dental, vision, voluntary life, short-term disability, paid sick leave, opportunities for advancement
  • Where to apply: Visit Morton’s The Steakhouse’s career page

Learn more about the responsibilities of a Dishwasher with our Dishwasher Job Description. If you’re hiring, you can use the template provided to write your own job ad easily.

Dishwasher Salary Trends in NYC

Dishwashers in NYC make an average annual wage of $41,246 or $19.83 per hour. This is a whopping 39% higher than the average annual wage of Dishwashers across the U.S. at $29,560 with $14.21 per hour.


Annual mean wage


# of employees


New York City

Annual mean wage


# of employees



Annual mean wage


# of employees


Los Angeles

Annual mean wage


# of employees


[Sources: BLS; New York State Department of Labor; Illinois Department of Employment Security; California Employment Development Department]

New York is not only the third-highest paying state in the country, but it also has the fourth-highest employment level for Dishwashers, with 27,870 Dishwashers.

If you’re aiming for a higher paycheck, the following industries offer higher pay for Dishwashers than other industries.

Industry Annual Mean Wage
Other Personal Services $36,060
Traveler Accommodation $35,050
Colleges, Universities & Professional Schools $34,810
Management of Companies & Enterprises $34,280
Other Miscellaneous Retailers $33,900

[Source: BLS]

Are Dishwasher salaries keeping up with living costs in your area?

5 Best Skills for Dishwashers

Do your job effectively and efficiently as a Dishwasher with these top skills.

Best skills for Dishwashers

1. Equipment Mastery

Dishwashers must be knowledgeable about operating various dishwashing models. They must be conversant with the various cycles and settings based on the requirements of the establishment. They should also be able to perform simple repairs and troubleshooting on their own.

2. Organizational Efficiency

Everything goes more quickly and easily when dishwashing is done methodically. Sorting objects according to size, kind and material guarantees that comparable items are cleaned together, extending the life of each wash cycle and lowering the possibility of breaking or damage.

3. Time Management

You must prioritize your tasks as a Dishwasher based on workload and urgency. This ability entails foreseeing busy times and making appropriate preparations.

4. Sense of Cleanliness

To avoid cross-contamination and ensure food safety, it is crucial to maintain high standards of cleanliness and sanitation. Removal of all food residues and their proper disinfection through dishwashing reduces the risk of foodborne illnesses and meets health requirements and standards.

5. Team Collaboration

Team collaboration with kitchen staff and Servers promotes a unified and efficient work environment. Good coordination reduces bottlenecks and helps improve customers’ dining experience.

Dishwashers’ Salary Compared to Other Restaurant Positions in NYC

Dishwashers in NYC earn more than general Fast-Food Workers, Bussers and Valets, but less than Waiters/Waitresses.

Factors That Affect Dishwasher Earnings

Although working in NYC does pay more than working in other cities, more factors influence the average salary of a Dishwasher.

Factors influencing dishwasher salaries

1. Type of Employer

Pay rates for dishwashing positions might vary among employers. When it comes to pay, upscale restaurants and hotels usually provide greater benefits than smaller or fast-food enterprises.

2. Experience

Experienced dishwashers are more adept at their jobs and produce higher quality work. Employers value experienced dishwashers because they can complete tasks faster and with fewer mistakes.

3. Schedule

Weekend and night workers may earn more money as these shifts are sometimes valued more to draw employees during peak hours.

4. Employment Status

Pay and perks for full-time dishwashers are often higher than those for temporary or part-time employees. Full-time dishwasher employment gives greater consistency and dedication, which are frequently rewarded with greater pay.

If you’re a resident of NYC or applying for a job in the city, know your take-home pay with our New York Paycheck Calculator. This calculates your pay while taking taxes and other deductions into consideration.

Paycheck Calculator

Pay breakdown

Your estimated take home pay:


Total Tax

Net pay
Salary 0
Federal Income Tax 0
State Income Tax 0
Take Home 0

Disclaimer: Please note that this paycheck calculator is designed to provide an estimate and should not be considered as professional tax advice. The actual withholding amounts and taxes owed may vary depending on individual circumstances and other factors. For accurate and personalized tax advice, we recommend consulting with a tax professional.

If your gross pay is 0 per in the state of F, your net pay (or take home pay) will be $1,343.17 after tax deductions of 0% (or $ 156.83). Deductions include a total of [1] 0% (or $0.00) for the federal income tax, [2] 0% (or $0.00) for the state income tax, [3] 6.20% (or $0.00) for the social security tax and [4] 1.45% (or $0.00) for Medicare.

The Federal Income Tax is collected by the government and is consistent across all U.S. regions. In contrast, the State Income Tax is levied by the state of residence and work, leading to substantial variations. The Social Security Tax is used to fund Social Security, which benefits retirees, persons with disabilities and survivors of deceased workers. Medicare involves a federal payroll tax designated for the Medicare insurance program. As of 2022, Alaska, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington and Wyoming do not levy a state income tax.

Dishwasher Career Outlook

The role of Dishwasher has a projected job growth rate of 0.46% in the U.S. — lower than the total average of 3.71% for all other occupations. Despite this, New York continues to be a top employer of Dishwashers across the U.S.

Average Number of Dishwasher Jobs Per State

[Source: BLS]
This graph is interactive. Hover your mouse over different parts of the chart to see detailed data.

Quiz: Is Dishwasher the Right Role For You?

Thinking of applying as a Dishwasher? Know your potential by taking our quiz below.



Based on your quiz results, you would be an ideal candidate for the Dishwasher position. Your skills and preferences align well with the job’s demands.

Embrace this opportunity, and consider gaining hands-on experience. Check out our Dishwasher career page for more info.

Cheers to a promising future in the hospitality industry!

There’s great potential!

While your results indicate that you may need to develop more skills to be an effective Dishwasher, there’s great potential for you to excel with dedication and effort.

You can start by visiting our Dishwasher career page to learn more about what the job entails and how you can improve your chances.

#1. How would you describe your experience with dishwashing tasks?


#2. What types of cleaning chemicals and detergents are you comfortable using?


#3. How do you prioritize and manage your tasks when faced with a high volume of dishes?


#4. Are you familiar with handling and cleaning various kitchen utensils and equipment?


#5. Are you committed to maintaining cleanliness and hygiene standards in the kitchen at all times?


#6. Do you have experience working in a team environment, coordinating with kitchen staff?


#7. How do you respond to feedback or instructions from kitchen supervisors or chefs regarding dishwashing tasks?


#8. Are you comfortable with the physical demands of the job, including standing for long periods and lifting heavy items?


#9. How do you handle stressful situations, such as when the kitchen is busy and there’s a backlog of dishes?


#10. Are you open to learning new techniques and methods to improve your dishwashing skills?


Legal Requirements for Dishwasher Jobs in NYC

Work Eligibility

All employees, including Dishwashers in the U.S., must be legally eligible to work in the country. This requires U.S. citizenship, permanent residency or work authorization.

Age Requirement

Dishwashers can be operated by minors as young as 14. This allows minors to apply for a Dishwasher position in NYC or any other part of the U.S., according to the FLSA.

For other NYC laws related to Dishwasher work, check out our New York Labor Law Guide. You can also check our other labor law guides for all U.S. states.

Frequently Asked Questions

Present yourself in clean and neat clothing and closed-toe shoes. Groom your hair and keep accessories to a minimum.
If you’re unsure about what salary is appropriate for a position, check out our salary trends articles to get a pay range based on your location, industry and experience.
Dishwashers don’t normally receive tips as they work as back-of-house staff and don’t serve customers directly. However, if your responsibilities go beyond the kitchen, like bussing tables, you might receive tips.
Dishwashing can be physically demanding. You’ll be standing for long periods, lifting heavy pots and pans and working in a warm and sometimes wet environment.
Benefits vary depending on the employer and may include competitive wages, employee discounts on meals, flexible scheduling, opportunities for advancement and access to benefits such as health insurance and retirement plans for full-time employees.
Typically, no formal qualifications are required for Dishwasher positions. However, some employers may prefer candidates with previous experience in a similar role or a kitchen environment. On-the-job training is often provided.

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