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Dishwasher Salary in the United States

We prepared this article so you can explore how much Dishwashers earn on average in the United States (U.S.) and what else to keep in mind for your earning potential.

Aside from Dishwasher salaries, learn about the factors that affect your pay and salaries for positions similar to Dishwasher.

Check out our salary comparison tool to know where your current or desired salary stands in the market.

Average Dishwasher Base Salary:
What can I earn as a Dishwasher?Your salary is 0 the US national average

How Much Does a Dishwasher Make?

According to our salary collection methodology, the average base Dishwasher salary in the U.S. is $2,638 per month or $31,650 per year.

This average annual salary is the highest it’s been since 2019, rising by almost 30%.

[Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics]

This chart is interactive. Hover your mouse over different parts of the chart to see detailed data. 

How Much Does a Dishwasher Make Hourly?

The average wage for a Dishwasher is $14 per hour. These wages can range from $11 per hour to as much as $18.57 per hour, depending on several factors listed later in this article.

Moreover, Dishwashers rarely get tips directly but can participate in tip pools when the employer doesn’t take a tip credit. If the employer takes a tip credit, the tip pool is limited to employees who typically receive tips.

Average Dishwasher Salary by Location

Based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ list of salaries across the U.S., Washington is the highest-paying state for Dishwashers, with an average annual salary of $39,350, followed by Hawaii, with $38,150.

Meanwhile, Mississippi and Louisiana pay the lowest, with $23,250 and $24,090 per year, respectively.

Check out the table below for a breakdown of each state or district’s salary. You can also click the top-right buttons to view in ascending, descending or alphabetical order.

State Avg. Salary
Washington $39,350
Hawaii $38,150
California $37,800
District of Columbia $37,610
Massachusetts $37,270
Colorado $35,710
New York $35,600
Oregon $34,250
Arizona $33,780
Vermont $33,770
Illinois $33,390
Nevada $33,140
New Jersey $33,130
Rhode Island $33,080
Connecticut $32,700
Maine $32,650
Maryland $32,190
Minnesota $31,160
Alaska $30,510
Virginia $30,290
New Hampshire $29,890
Missouri $29,780
Florida $29,060
Michigan $28,950
Delaware $28,830
Tennessee $28,700
New Mexico $28,620
North Dakota $28,440
Georgia $28,390
Utah $28,340
Texas $27,900
Nebraska $27,830
North Carolina $27,810
Pennsylvania $27,810
Wyoming $27,760
Indiana $27,690
Ohio $27,680
Arkansas $27,490
South Carolina $27,260
Kentucky $26,900
Kansas $26,620
Idaho $26,570
Montana $26,420
Wisconsin $26,380
South Dakota $26,170
Iowa $25,600
Oklahoma $25,340
West Virginia $24,910
Alabama $24,900
Louisiana $24,090
Mississippi $23,250

This discrepancy in salaries between states can be attributed to the higher cost of living in states like Washington compared to less metropolitan states like Mississippi.

States with major urban centers and high-end restaurant scenes usually have a high demand for hospitality workers. Meanwhile, states with a lower population density and fewer large metropolitan areas have lower demand.

Check out the U.S. map below for a detailed overview of average Dishwasher salaries by state.

[Source: Bureau of Labor Statistic]

This map is interactive. Hover your mouse over different parts of the map to see detailed data. 

Each state also has its own that can greatly affect average wages by regulating minimum wages, overtime pay and fair compensation practices.

Dishwasher Salary in Major US Cities

Dishwasher salaries also vary across U.S. cities. Of the four major cities we compared, Los Angeles offers the highest average base salary for Dishwashers at $37,860 per year.


Annual mean wage


# of employees


New York City

Annual mean wage


# of employees



Annual mean wage


# of employees


Los Angeles

Annual mean wage


# of employees


[Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics]

Meanwhile, Dishwashers in Miami earn the lowest average base salary at $29,010 per year.

Other Factors That Affect the Salary of a Dishwasher

In addition to cost of living, demand for labor and state-specific labor laws, the following factors can further influence how much a Dishwasher makes.

Factors affecting Dishwasher salaries

Type of employer

The type of employer and the kind of establishment it has can greatly affect the salary a Dishwasher gets.

For example, a fine-dining restaurant may offer higher wages for Dishwashers as their menu items are priced higher than in casual dining or fast-food restaurants. As a result, they often allocate more resources to the kitchen staff’s wages.

Casual dining restaurants, on the other hand, might offer competitive albeit moderate salaries despite not having the prestige of fine-dining restaurants. Conversely, fast-food restaurants often pay lower wages even though they can have much higher volumes of dishes for washing.


Experience can play an important factor in a Dishwasher’s salary. For example, Dishwashers with no experience are often paid the minimum wage, while some may be paid a training wage until they are proficient in the Dishwasher duties.

Dishwashers with a few years of experience can receive incremental pay raises based on their performance, reliability and efficiency.


Dishwashers who work nights or weekends can earn higher wages because these shifts are usually busier and more fast-paced. Employers may offer higher wages to attract workers during these peak hours.

Employment status

Full-time Dishwashers generally receive better wages and job benefits than part-time, hourly or temporary workers. Working as a full-time Dishwasher offers more stability and commitment with consistent hours, regular income and a more solid routine and structure.

Non-Monetary Benefits and Perks for Dishwashers

Non-monetary benefits and perks offered to Dishwashers are important both to employers and candidates as they can have a positive effect on employee retention, morale and overall well-being.

Depending on the type of employment (full-time, part-time, temporary, seasonal or on-call), type of establishment, policies and industry, these benefits and perks can include:

  • Employee discounts: Some establishments provide employees with free meals or discounted prices for their products or services.
  • Paid time off (PTO): Full-time Dishwashers can expect PTO, including vacation days, sick leave and holidays.
  • 401(k): Depending on company policies, employers sometimes offer retirement plans, such as 401(k) or matching contributions to employees’ retirement accounts.

How Much Do Similar Careers to a Dishwasher Get Paid?

Dishwashers earn more than Cashiers but less than Food Runners, Waiters/Waitresses and Valets. All these positions are typically entry-level roles and can be great starting points for job seekers’ career growth.

Dishwasher Salary FAQ

Some benefits offered to Dishwashers include flexible scheduling, employee discounts on meals, competitive pay, chances for career growth and access to retirement and health insurance plans.

However, keep in mind that benefits are normally given to full-time workers and can also vary according to the employer. Always check the Dishwasher job description or the company careers page to see what benefits the employer offers to its staff.

Dishwashers don’t typically receive tips as they operate as back-of-house employees. If you have other tasks, such as bussing tables, it may be possible to get tips directly.

If you work for establishments with a “tipping-out” policy, then tips are also possible as this policy allows front-of-house staff, such as Hosts and Servers, to split their tip pools with kitchen staff.

If you’re unsure about what salary is reasonable for your role, see our salary trends articles to learn about the pay range that applies to your location, industry and level of expertise.

In the U.S., the average salary for a Dishwasher is $2,6380 per month or $31,650 per year. You can also check out the list of the average salaries for your state to see where your pay stands.

Niche industries like performing arts and event promoters and specialized schools offer the highest average salaries at $40,090 and $37,980 per year, respectively.

Meanwhile, the traveler accommodation industry is the third highest-paying industry, with an average salary of $37,680 per year.

Dishwashers in Washington, Hawaii and California earn the highest average salaries at $39,350, $38,150 and $37,800 per year, respectively.

OysterLink Salary Data Collection

OysterLink retrieves all salary data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics website. When not available, we take into account all salary estimates from select credible job sites.