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Sommelier Interview Questions


If you’re a sommelier, or aspiring to become one, this article on sommelier interview questions is your key to mastering the art of wine selection and service. Sommeliers play a crucial role in enhancing the dining experience, guiding guests through a vast world of wines, and elevating restaurant offerings. Explore the sommelier interview questions below to uncork the secrets to success in the world of wine and dining.

1. How do you approach building and maintaining a wine list?

Insights for interviewers

This question will help you understand the candidate’s knowledge of different wine varietals and their ability to curate a wine list that complements the menu. They should have an evident deep understanding of wine and be equipped with creativity and an ability to identify new trends in the industry.

Tips for interviewees

Focus on your experience with wine selection, your approach to keeping the list fresh and exciting and some highlights related to curating a wine selection in your previous experience.

Discuss your knowledge of different regions and varietals and how you use that knowledge to create a cohesive and interesting list.

2. How do you recommend wine to customers?

Insights for interviewers

This question will help you gauge the candidate’s communication skills and ability to read and understand customers’ preferences. Look for answers that show an ability to listen actively, ask probing questions and make recommendations based on the customer’s taste and budget.

Tips for interviewees

Building rapport with customers comes first. And this happens when you understand their preferences and recommend wines that will complement their food and take their dining experience to another level. Share insights on food and wine pairings, especially those you find most attractive for customers, and how you use that knowledge to make recommendations.

3. How do you keep up with wine trends and developments in the industry?

Insights for interviewers:

This question will help you understand the candidate’s commitment to ongoing learning and professional development. Sommeliers should have a passion for all things wine and make it a point to build their knowledge further every single day.

Tips for interviewees

Highlight how you take time out of your day to build your wine knowledge, staying curious about new trends and developments in the industry. You can talk about the people or pages you follow, any professional organizations you belong to or any courses or certifications you’ve pursued.

4. How do you train other staff members about wine?

Insights for interviewers

This question will help you understand the candidate’s leadership and teaching skills. Assess their approach to relaying complex information to people who do not have the same level of expertise. This can also show how they communicate and build rapport with customers.

Tips for interviewees

Mention how before anything else, you keep an approachable vibe with other staff, making you compatible with other workers and making collaboration and training easier. Learn from courses or certifications you’ve pursued in how they trained you on what you know now.

Discuss any training materials or programs you’ve developed, as well as any successes you’ve had in helping other staff members improve their wine knowledge.

5. How do you handle difficult customers?

Insights for interviewers

This question will help you gauge the candidate’s ability to handle challenging situations with grace and professionalism. Look for answers that demonstrate an ability to stay calm under pressure, diffuse tense situations and find solutions that meet the customer’s needs.

Tips for interviewees

Give personal examples of conflicts you’ve had with customers, and what techniques you used to resolve them. Empathy and calm under pressure are two keys to a customer’s happiness.

After the interview, employers should take time to review the candidate’s qualifications and responses to the questions asked. Consider whether the candidate’s experience and expertise match the specific needs of your establishment, as well as the overall cultural fit.

As a sommelier candidate, it’s appropriate to send a polite follow-up email to inquire about the status of your application. Regardless of the outcome of the interview, it’s essential to continue to grow and develop your skills as a sommelier to stay competitive in the industry.

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