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Barback Job Description: Examples & Templates

Whether you’re hiring for an independently owned bar or a large restaurant chain, an accurate and engaging Barback job description is essential to attracting the right candidates.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to write a Barback job description and what key information to include.

Barback Job Description Template

Below is a customizable job description template that you can use for your Barback job ad. Feel free to copy and edit the duties and responsibilities to suit your needs.

Barback Job Overview

[Establishment/Company Name] is seeking a diligent and attentive full-time Barback to collaborate with our team in delivering prompt and seamless service to our patrons.

The role involves assisting Bartenders by preparing garnishes, ensuring ample stock of bar supplies and maintaining cleanliness in the bar area. Overall, you will help ensure the smooth operation of the establishment.

This position is open to applicants aged [Minimum age to serve alcohol in your state] and above. Previous experience is preferred but not required, as this is an entry-level role.

If you are detail-oriented and can efficiently multitask in fast-paced environments, [Establishment/Company Name] offers a great opportunity for you to gain valuable experience in the bar and nightlife industry.

Salary: $15–$20/hour + tips

Benefits: Paid time off, employee discounts, 401(k)/retirement plan, health, medical and vision insurance

Schedule: Full-time or part-time

Barback Duties & Responsibilities

  • Track and replenish bar supplies, including glassware, cocktail ingredients and beer and liquor bottles
  • Clean and polish glassware, utensils and bartending tools
  • Keep the bar area clean, organized and presentable
  • Clear tables and collect empty glasses and dishes after customers leave
  • Assist Bartenders in preparing drinks by cutting garnishes, refilling ice bins and bringing out glassware
  • Adhere to regulations and protocols regarding responsible alcohol service
  • Operate various bar equipment such as blenders, juicers, ice machines and draft beer systems
  • Pour and refill beers and wines if necessary, especially during peak hours
  • Assist in taking customers’ orders and collecting payments in case the Bartender is unavailable

Barback Experience and Age Requirements

  • Previous experience in a bar or restaurant is preferred
  • Must be at least [Minimum age to serve alcohol in your state] 

Barback Skills and Abilities

  • Strong attention to detail and accuracy in following instructions, monitoring supplies and ensuring cleanliness
  • Ability to work quickly and prioritize multiple tasks in a busy, high-volume establishment
  • Effective collaboration and communication with coworkers
  • Positive attitude and willingness to provide exceptional customer service
  • Physically fit to stand for long hours and lift/carry up to 50 pounds
  • Understanding of responsible alcohol service practices and compliance with legal regulations regarding alcohol sale and consumption
  • Familiarity with bar equipment and tools is a plus

Barback Education & Qualifications

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Alcohol service license/training may be required, depending on local regulations and the specific requirements of the establishment

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How To Write a Job Description

An effective job description provides clear details on the role’s duties, responsibilities and requirements. It should always answer these two questions: “What are the specific things employees in this role do?” and “What are the expectations from the establishment/company?”

Here are the key tips for writing job descriptions, especially when hiring for hospitality industry roles like Barbacks.

  • Keep it clear and straightforward: All the important information about the role must be easily understandable for candidates, so prioritize clarity and brevity.
  • Focus on key duties and responsibilities: Your job description should focus on important tasks that the employee would be doing regularly. This helps candidates better understand your expectations.
  • Avoid complicated terms: Putting unnecessary jargon might overwhelm candidates and discourage them from applying for the role. Opt for simple language as much as possible; expect that people from different backgrounds will be reading your job description.
  • Opt for active verbs in the present tense: Using such verbs gives candidates a better picture of what the role entails, especially on a daily basis. Examples of active verbs to incorporate are “prepare,” “organize,” and “monitor.”
  • Avoid vague terms: Using like “handle” and “manage” without further context leaves room for interpretation, which could lead to misunderstandings between the candidate and the employer. Your job description must clarify how the role contributes to a specific task or process within the establishment.
  • Indicate what abbreviations or acronyms stand for: Although abbreviations and acronyms help keep job descriptions brief, some candidates might not be familiar with them. That said, you should spell out the complete word or phrase first, before using the respective abbreviation or acronym later on.

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What To Include in Your Barback Job Description

Below are the nine sections that your Barback job description template should have:

what to include in Barback job description

Job Title

A clear job title means it should reflect the scope and level of the role. It’s best to keep this straightforward, as most people look for opportunities on job boards that utilize search engines to match job-seekers with suitable job openings.

In this case, the correct job title would be “Barback.” Although some establishments use other spelling variations (e.g., “Bar Back”) — or different terms (e.g., “Bartender’s Assistant”) — “Barback” is the most widely used and recognized in the hospitality industry.

Job Overview

Here, provide an engaging, descriptive summary of the role. Your job overview should briefly explain the job’s purpose and the skills or qualities you are looking for.

For a Barback job description, this section should highlight the Barback’s overall function of assisting Bartenders through various tasks concerning the operations of the bar.

Duties and Responsibilities

This section serves as an extension of the Job Overview, as it includes more details about the role’s duties and responsibilities. Each item must be clearly defined to ensure that candidates have a complete understanding of what the job will entail.

For Barbacks, this can include primary tasks ranging from cleaning and organizing the bar area to monitoring supply levels for ingredients. You can also indicate some miscellaneous tasks they would be expected to do during busier shifts.

Experience and Age Requirements

This section should indicate whether or not Barback candidates need prior relevant experience. If so, it’s best to indicate the minimum number of years or months.

Additionally, since the role involves handling and occasionally serving alcohol, your Barback job description should mention the minimum age. This is typically the age requirement defined by state laws, though some establishments opt to have a slightly higher age requirement.

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Skills and Abilities

Here, list all the skills and abilities that a candidate should have. When it comes to Barbacks, it’s best to highlight core skills like attention to detail, organization skills and multitasking.

Most job descriptions in the hospitality industry also add physical requirements under this section. In the case of Barbacks, it’s usually these two:

  • Physically fit to stand for long periods
  • Ability to lift objects that weigh 30 to 50 pounds


State the minimum level of educational attainment required or preferred for the role. For most Barback job descriptions, only a high school diploma or equivalent is mentioned.

Preferred Qualifications

Mention the additional qualifications you would prefer candidates to have. In most cases, this section lists the skills or attributes that the employee will likely learn or receive on the job.

For Barback positions, the preferred qualifications may include:

  • Experience working in a specific type of alcohol-serving establishment
  • Training on responsible alcohol service

Salary and Benefits

This section covers the compensation package, which comprises both the salary range or estimate and the benefits.

For a Barback job description, the salary is usually an hourly amount, though other employers opt to list weekly or annual salaries. It can also indicate “plus tips” or similar, given that Barbacks can earn tips through a tip-sharing or tip-pooling arrangement.

On the other hand, the benefits are a list of some (or all) of the non-monetary compensation that a Barback would receive, such as paid time off, healthcare benefits, employee discounts and a 401(k) plan.

Details About the Workplace

Here, outline details like the establishment’s location, the types of drinks and/or cuisine it serves and the type of work environment. These would give Barback candidates a better idea of what it’s like to work in the establishment.

This section can also have additional information, such as whether or not employees have to wear a uniform or if they have to work in an outdoor setting.

Step-by-Step Guide to Writing a Barback Job Description

Refer to the guide below to fully understand the items to include and the steps to take when crafting a Barback Job Description for your ad.

Barback | [Establishment/Company Name]

Company: [Name of Establishment or Company]

Location: [City, State]

About [Establishment/Company Name]

Write a short description of your establishment and/or company. Briefly talk about your values, mission statement and specialty menu items. 

Barback Job Overview

Provide a short summary that describes the Barback’s role within your establishment. Additionally, briefly mention some of the key responsibilities you expect them to perform and the essential skills and qualities to thrive in the role.

This section should also state the proposed salary and the type of employment you are offering.

Salary: [$/hour/year]

Benefits: Enumerate the non-monetary benefits and perks 

Schedule: [part-time, full-time, seasonal and/or temporary]

Duties and Responsibilities

Provide a detailed list of the duties and responsibilities a Barback is expected to perform, whether on a regular or as-needed basis.

Experience and Age Requirements 

Specify the minimum amount of work experience (if any) and the minimum age for a Barback to qualify. 

Skills and Abilities 

List the top skills and abilities that your future Barback must have to succeed in the role. 

Education and Preferred Qualifications

Indicate both your requirements and preferences regarding the educational background, training, certifications and other qualifications for the position.

Contact Information

Include the essential contact information for candidates to inquire further and/or submit their applications.

Contact Person:

Contact Email Address:

Contact Phone Number:

Barback Certification

To learn about the additional qualifications you can ask from a Barback candidate, here is a list of reputable organizations and institutions that offer certifications relevant to the role:

Organization Certification/Course Description
TIPS TIPS Alcohol Safety Training Provides state-specific courses that cover alcohol laws and regulations, methods for spotting fake IDs and more; valid for up to three years in most states
ServSafe ServSafe Alcohol A training and certification program for all employees who work directly with alcoholic beverages; valid for up to three years
StateFoodSafety StateFoodSafety Alcohol Certification for Servers Covers on-premise alcohol safety and service laws, specifically for industry beginners; valid for up to two years

Barback Salary

According to the most recent data averaged from Talent.com, Glassdoor and ZipRecruiter, the average salary for an Assistant Restaurant Manager in the U.S. is $31,688 base plus tips per year. This translates to an average wage of $15.23 base plus tips per hour.

Average Barback Base Salary:
What can I earn as a Barback?Your salary is 0 the US national average

Barback Salary Across the US

To help you establish a competitive salary for your job ad, here is an overview of Barback salaries throughout the country.

[Calculated using Salary.com, Talent.com, Zippia, Glassdoor and ZipRecruiter data]

This map is interactive. Hover your mouse over different parts of the map to see detailed data. 

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Barback Job Description FAQ

Alcohol-serving establishments should hire a Barback to maximize efficiency in the bar area and significantly improve your Bartender’s workflow. A Barback handles tasks that would allow the Bartender to focus on their primary tasks of making drinks and serving customers.

Barbacks don’t usually serve customers, as that is mainly the job of Bartenders and Waiters/Waitresses. Barbacks generally interact with customers briefly, such as when bringing or refilling drinks. However, there might also be times when they need to converse with patrons, especially when the Bartender is busy with urgent tasks.

The duties and responsibilities of a Barback vary based on the establishment’s requirements and the Bartender’s needs. However, here are some of the tasks that they normally are not allowed or not expected to perform:

  • Mix or prepare alcoholic beverages on their own, especially if these involve complex recipes
  • Handle staff hiring, scheduling and other supervisory duties
  • Create or invent new cocktail recipes
  • Decide on sensitive matters such as highly intoxicated patrons and physical altercations in the establishment

Most establishments require their Barbacks to be able to lift and carry between 30 and 50 pounds. This is because the role involves storing and moving supplies, equipment and containers that weigh within that range.

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