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Mail Clerk Job Description

mail clerk job description

A Mail Clerk receives, sorts and distributes mail and packages to different departments. They also manage the inventory of essential mailing supplies, maintaining an adequate stock of stamps, envelopes, labels and other materials necessary for smooth mailroom operations.

To be a successful Mail Clerk, one requires time management, communication and customer service skills.

mail clerk job description

Copy or download our Mail Clerk Job Description Template to assist you in crafting a comprehensive and effective job description tailored specifically for the Mail Clerk position.

Mail Clerk Job Overview

[Company Name] is seeking a Mail Clerk who will make a significant impact on our dynamic team.

This role requires you to handle, sort and distribute mail and packages with a keen attention to detail. You will also be tasked with collaborating with other mailroom staff to improve workflows, handle urgent deliveries and enforce strict security protocols.

At [Company Name], we appreciate qualities like proactive thinking, teamwork, effective problem solving and a drive for innovation. Apply now to be part of a team that recognizes and celebrates your commitment to excellence, offering a supportive platform for professional growth.

Salary: $16–$23/hour

Schedule: Full-time (40 hours per week), with the possibility of overtime beyond 40 hours per week

Mail Clerk Duties & Responsibilities

  • Sort and categorize incoming and outgoing mail
  • Deliver mail and packages promptly to the designated departments and individuals
  • Forward misdirected mail to the correct recipients
  • Keep detailed and organized records of all incoming packages, recording weights, dimensions and recipient information for reference
  • Monitor and replenish mailroom supplies, such as envelopes and stamps
  • Dispose of junk mail to streamline mailroom operations
  • Conduct thorough checks for contraband in the mailroom, ensuring strict adherence to security protocols
  • Provide excellent customer service to both employees and visitors, addressing their mail-related inquiries with professionalism and efficiency
  • Operate and maintain mailroom equipment, ensuring functionality and addressing minor issues
  • Conduct periodic audits of mailing processes to identify areas for improvement and efficiency
  • Provide training or guidance to new mailroom staff, fostering a collaborative and supportive team environment
  • Perform additional administrative duties as needed, providing flexible support to enhance overall organizational productivity

Mail Clerk Experience Requirements & Skills

  • Previous experience working in a mailroom, demonstrating proficiency in sorting machines and possessing basic computer skills are considered advantageous
  • Strong organizational skills with a keen attention to detail and a high level of diligence
  • Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ability to work independently and meet deadlines
  • Physical stamina, including the ability to lift and carry heavy packages

Mail Clerk Education & Qualifications

  • High school diploma or GED

Mail Clerk Job Description Template — Free Download

This editable template makes it easy to create compelling online job ads for a Mail Clerk position.

Simply replace [Company Name] with your organization’s name and adjust the content to suit your specific requirements. Personalize details such as salary, work conditions and mention any employee benefits and opportunities for professional growth.

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