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General Manager Job Description

general manager job description

General Managers are important leaders in an organization. Their responsibilities extend to overseeing day-to-day operations, managing specific business segments, establishing procedural guidelines, creating budgets and supervising employees to ensure optimal performance.

general manager job description

A successful General Manager demonstrates strong leadership abilities to guide and inspire their teams. They possess strategic thinking and effective communication skills, enabling them to align plans with the organization’s overarching objectives and convey goals clearly to all levels of the organization.

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General Manager Job Overview

At [Company Name], we believe in continuously achieving new successes and fostering innovation. That’s why we’re actively searching for an experienced General Manager to join our team and lead our organization to new heights. This role involves overseeing business operations, human resources, finance and communications.

We need a strong and effective leader who excels in delegation, cross-departmental collaboration and inspiring peak productivity.

If you’re ready to shape the future of [Company Name] with your leadership skills, seize the opportunity. Apply now and be the driving force behind our company’s continuous growth.

Salary: $15 – $44/hour

Schedule: Full-time (40 hours per week), with the possibility of overtime beyond 40 hours per week

General Manager Duties & Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement growth strategies to expand the business and increase market share
  • Analyze financial data and identify opportunities for cost savings and revenue growth
  • Innovate and implement new business processes and systems to improve efficiency
  • Collaborate with stakeholders, including customers, government entities and community organizations to enhance the company’s image and reputation
  • Address issues such as profit decline, employee conflicts and competition losses
  • Oversee recruitment, training and evaluation processes
  • Foster a positive workplace culture by promoting effective communication and collaboration among team members
  • Cultivate relationships with vendors and suppliers to secure cost-effective deals and ensure timely delivery of goods and services
  • Utilize technology and tools beyond standard office software for project management and communication
  • Generate regular reports for upper management
  • Lead and oversee special projects as assigned by upper management
  • Attend meetings, trainings, seminars and conferences for continuous professional development
  • Ensure compliance with health and safety regulations to maintain a secure working environment

General Manager Experience Requirements & Skills

  • Proven background as a General Manager or similar executive role
  • Solid understanding of operational procedures
  • Ability to conduct performance assessments
  • Knowledge in strategic planning and budget management
  • Demonstrated ability to navigate and adapt to emerging technologies, fostering innovation in business processes
  • Expertise in negotiating and securing strategic partnerships with external stakeholders
  • Skilled in conflict resolution and mediation, ensuring a positive work environment and resolving internal staff conflicts
  • Exceptional organizational, communication, interpersonal and leadership skills
  • Impressive presentation skills
  • Multitasking abilities with strong analytical skills for effective decision-making in dynamic situations
  • Comprehensive understanding of ethical business practices to uphold the organization’s integrity and reputation
  • Knowledge of health and safety regulations and protocols to maintain a secure working environment

General Manager Education & Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in business management or a related field
  • Possessing an MSc/MA is advantageous

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