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Top 5 Bartending Schools in NYC

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It’s always cocktail hour somewhere in New York City! Whether you’re an aspiring Bartender interested in breaking into the NY hospitality industry or you already have some bartending experience under your belt, attending one of the bartending schools in NYC can go a long way in ensuring you land the job at the high-end bar or restaurant you’ve always dreamed of.

Why Attend a Bartending School in New York City?

New York has some of the best bartending schools in the world that teach various courses for Bartenders of all backgrounds and levels. More importantly, attending and graduating from a New York bartending school will earn you an Alcohol Training Awareness Program certification, an accreditation that most high-end restaurants and bars require.

Even the most seasoned bartenders recommend taking bartending classes to hone your bartending skills, learn how to make new drinks and how to better serve customers.

Best-Rated Bartending Schools in NYC

We’ve compiled a list of the best-rated bartending schools NYC has to offer that offer knowledge and hands-on training from experienced Bartenders and help graduates with job placement after they’ve completed their courses.

New York Bartending

Formerly known as the New York Bartending School, New York Bartending is one of the best schools in NYC. Located in Midtown Manhattan, this school offers a wide range of classes for anyone looking to dive into the art of mixology, spirits and wine.

The school offers flexible classes and schedules, allowing you to learn at a comfortable pace. You can attend the accelerated one-week course if you’re in a rush to enter the workforce, or you can take the more laid-back approach and finish the course in two weeks, one month or longer. After completing the workshop, you’ll receive a Bartender Certification diploma to show for it.

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Location and Contact:

  • New York City: (212) 786-8460

Visit their website to start your journey to becoming a great Bartender today.

American Bartenders School

The American Bartenders School is the oldest bartending school in the nation’s history. It’s considered the best bartending school by many, as it not only teaches all the skills you’ll need to become a Bartender but will also help you land your first bartending job in NYC ASAP.

The school offers flexible courses, allowing you to get your Certification in as little as two weeks, up to one year if you have a busy schedule. The school also offers networking and job opportunities to Bartenders with or without previous experience while still attending the classes, allowing them to make great money to help pay for the class.

american bartenders school logo

Location and Contact:

  • New York City: (212) 594-8560

Visit the National Bartenders website for pricing, promotions and payment plans.

ABC Bartending School

The ABC Bartending School is a premium bartending school that offers fun, hands-on practice to aspiring and experienced Bartenders. It’s the largest privately-owned bartending school system in the nation, training and placing students in bartending jobs since 1977.

At ABC, you can learn bartending in as little as 40 hours. Their curriculum includes the basics of bartending and mixology, setting up/changing shifts and closing out, customer service, mixing cocktails (from Irish coffee to shooters), beers/wines/champagnes, liquor encyclopedia, catering private events and more.

abc bartending schools logo

Location and Contact:

  • New York City: (212) 594-4146

Visit the ABC Bartending School NYC website to reserve your seat today.

1-800 Bartending Schools NYC

The 1-800 Bartending Schools NYC have been training skilled Bartenders since 1989. Their friendly, qualified teachers provide students with the knowledge they need to succeed in the bartending industry using a fun, hands-on approach while taking responsible alcohol service seriously.

Here, you will not only learn how to make drinks, but how to serve efficiently and responsibly. All of this will happen in a fully functional bartending environment under the guidance of an instructor. Once you go through the course, you’ll get help landing your first job and start earning money immediately. 1-800 Bartending also offers free refresher courses for life.

1-800-bartend schools logo

Location and Contact:

  • New York City: (212) 924-4800

Visit the 1-800 Bartending School website to book a course.

European Bartender School

EBS is an international bartending school with a dozen locations all over the world. The New York school is located in Brooklyn, and it offers several fun bartending courses suitable for beginners and advanced Bartenders. At EBS, Bartenders can also become teachers by completing the Instructor Academy course.

The European Bartender School also offers a coffee course for aspiring baristas and fun experiences. Once you’ve completed their course, you get lifetime free refresher courses.

european bartender school logo

Location and Contact:

  • New York City: (929) 227-6936

Visit the EBS website to book a course today.

Tips for Choosing the Right Bartending Schools in NYC

All of the bartending schools we mentioned offer classes that will prepare students to be work-ready bartenders in NY. Graduates from these schools will also get help with landing their first bartending job through the schools’ staffing programs.

Most of these schools offer night and weekend classes for full-time employed people who can’t find the time to attend them throughout the workweek. Their courses are also flexible, allowing students to go through them at their own pace.

Having said that, choose a school that is close to you, has the type of course and schedule you prefer and offers an Alcohol Training Awareness Program certification.

Bartending Job Opportunities After Bartending Schools in NYC

After completing bartending school in New York, a wide range of job opportunities become available, each offering unique experiences and challenges.

Bar or Pub Bartender

The most common position is a bartender at a bar or pub, where you’ll be responsible for mixing drinks, engaging with customers, and managing bar inventory.

Fine Dining Restaurant or Nightclub Bartender

Fine dining restaurants also offer Bartender positions, often requiring a higher level of skill in crafting cocktails and providing excellent customer service.

Working at a nightclub, on the other hand, can be exhilarating for those interested in a more dynamic party environment, involving fast-paced service and a lively atmosphere.

Hotel or Resort Bartender

Hotels and resorts frequently hire bartenders for their lounges, bars and event spaces, providing a chance to serve an international clientele and work in a sophisticated setting.

Event Bartender

Event bartending is another potential avenue, where you can work at weddings, corporate events and private parties. This role often requires flexibility and the ability to adapt to different themes and customer preferences.

Specialty Bar Bartender

Specialty bars, such as those focusing on craft cocktails, spirits or beers are great for bartenders who have a passion for specific types of drinks and enjoy sharing their knowledge with patrons.

Other Things Bartenders in New York City Should Know

Bartenders in New York City should know:

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