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Top 5 Bartending Schools in Florida

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With breathtaking beaches, diverse crowds and endless parties, Florida is the perfect state for people looking to make a living as a Bartender. And even though there are plenty of job opportunities that don’t require any Bartender training or education, attending bartending schools in Florida can kick-start your Bartender career.

Why Attend a Bartending School in Florida?

From Miami Beach to Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, Florida is filled with thousands of high-end bars, nightclubs and fine dining establishments that are constantly looking to employ skilled Bartenders. Moreover, countless events happen throughout the year, as well as private parties that you can lend your professional services to.

Attending a bartending class can help you learn the basic skills of working as a Bartender and provide you with top-notch job placement opportunities in Miami, as well as the entire state of Florida. You’ll be taught by professional Bartenders, meaning you’ll get networking opportunities with industry professionals, which in turn will help you with job placement in the Bartending world as soon as you’re done with the course.

You’ll have the tools to work behind the bar as soon as you enter the workforce, and a bartending certificate to show for it.

Top Bartending Schools in Florida

There are many bartending schools in Florida that provide students with expert training and behind-the-bar experience. We’ll list 5 bartending schools that provide Bartender certificates to graduates upon completion of the program.

The ABC Bartending School

The ABC Bartending School is one of the most respected bartending schools in the entire nation. It was established more than 30 years ago, and it’s a state-licensed bartending institution with several locations across the state of Florida, providing a curriculum that covers everything from the basics of working as a Bartender to advanced mixology arts.

The school provides a fun, hands-on training approach to ensure students get practical experience in a bar-like environment. This means you’ll learn how to make the most popular drinks, manage the bar and deal with real-world problems. Moreover, the ABC School will help you get a job in the industry as soon as you complete their course.

abc bartending schools logo

Cost: $495 ($100 non-refundable for registration, plus $395 for tuition).

Locations and Contact: ABC Bartending School has several locations in Florida state:

  • Miami Beach: (305) 267-1446
  • Orlando: (407) 894-6719
  • West Palm Beach: (561) 686-9021
  • Fort Lauderdale:  (954) 566-0488
  • Jacksonville:  (904) 641-9020
  • Tampa:  (813) 247-7333

Visit the ABC Bartending website to learn more.

Elite Bartending School and Event Staffing

As its name implies, the Elite Bartending School and Event Staffing is a state-of-the-art bartending school offering a 40-hour course encompassing all the fundamentals to make you an elite Bartender. It’s a state-licensed bartending school that offers high-volume Bartender training.

The school is known for its rigorous, yet fun courses, providing students with mixology, flair bartending and speed technique training. Graduates will learn how to make the most popular cocktails and shots and become knowledgeable on all types of beverages. Moreover, the school puts an emphasis on connecting students with bar owners and event staffing companies.

elite bartending school logo

Cost: $650 (tuition fee of $500, plus $150 for books and materials).

Locations and Contact: Elite Bartending School and Event Staffing has several locations across FL, including:

  • Miami: (305) 460-2220
  • Ft Lauderdale: (305) 713-7988
  • Cudjoe Key: (786) 444-5364
  • Ft Myers: (239) 900-6701
  • Orlando: (407) 639-8188
  • Naples: (239) 900-6701
  • Tampa: (813) 635-6369

Visit the Elite Bartending School website to learn how to become an elite Bartender.

The 786-Bartend School

The 786-Bartend School is one of the best bartending schools Miami has to offer. It offers high-volume Bartender training and flexible class schedules for beginners and experienced Bartenders alike.

There are several reasons why many Bartenders choose the 786-Bartend School to start and advance their careers. The school has advanced courses in cocktail making, training for corporate events, flair bartending, presentation techniques and a Spirits Certification for champagne and wine service.

786 bartend institute logo

Cost: $495 ($150 registration fee, $200 on the first day of class and $145 mid-way through the course).

Locations and Contact: You’ll find 786-Bartend Schools exclusively in Miami:

  • Miami: (786) 227-8363

Visit the 786-Bartend website to reserve a seat.

Florida Bartending School

The Florida Bartending School is a long-standing institution that focuses on creating knowledgeable and elite Bartenders using its modern facilities and a real-world-simulating approach. This school provides all the education and experience needed by aspiring Bartenders in a fun and engaging manner.

At the end of the courses, you’ll be taught everything you need to know about working in the hospitality industry, whether it’s restaurants, bars or corporate events. You’ll also get job placement assistance upon completion of the course.

florida bartending school logo

Cost: $295 (deposit $100 to start).

Locations and Contact: The Florida Bartending School features 4 locations:

  • Jacksonville: (904) 371-2827
  • Pinellas Park: (727) 592-8119
  • West Palm Beach: (561) 513-6336
  • Melbourne: (321) 821-9444

Visit the Florida Bartending School website to get started.

Orlando Bartending Training Academy

The Orlando Bartending Academy provides a wide range of courses for aspiring and experienced Bartenders looking to hone their skills in the art of mixology using a fun, hands-on approach. Additionally, you can learn about the business side of bar management.

Their flagship program is a 40-hour course that covers all aspects of working behind the bar, including cocktail creation using innovative techniques, equipment handling and maintenance and responsible alcohol service.

orlando bartending academy logo

Cost: $500 ($50 down payment).

Location and Contact:

  • Orlando: (407) 796-2969

Visit the Orlando Training Academy website to reserve a seat.

Tips for Choosing the Right Bartending Schools in Florida

Here are some tips for choosing the right bartending schools in Florida:

  1. Accreditation: Make sure the school is state-licensed and accredited.
  2. Location: Consider the school’s proximity to your residence.
  3. Curriculum: Go through the courses offered on their websites to match your interests and career goals.
  4. Cost: Compare tuition fees.
  5. Reputation: Look for reviews and testimonials from former students.
  6. Job Placement Assistance: Check if the school provides job placement services for graduates.

Career Opportunities After Bartending School

Bartender at Bars and Restaurants

This is the most common career path for a Bartender after graduating from an elite bartending school. Florida’s nightlife and tourism industry provides many opportunities to work in upscale venues where creativity and expertise in creating unique drinks are valued.

Event Bartender for Corporate Events and Private Parties

Another lucrative option for a Bartender is to become an event Bartender who offers mixology skills at corporate events and private parties. The benefits of working in this area are the high pay rates, flexible schedule, networking opportunities and freedom to serve unique cocktails instead of having to abide by a pre-set cocktail menu.

Beverage Director or Bar Manager

With a little bit of extra training and experience, you can advance to a managerial position such as a beverage director or bar manager. These roles allow you to design cocktail menus, manage staff and help build up the reputation and brand of both the establishment you work in, as well as your own. These positions command higher salaries and give you the chance to influence the direction of your establishment.

Extra Tips for Beginner Bartenders in Florida

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