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Discover exciting opportunities in the restaurant scene with these dishwasher jobs in Miami curated just for you.

Whether you’re an experienced dishwasher looking for new experiences or a kitchen enthusiast eager to join Miami’s bustling food scene, OysterLink has a variety of dishwasher jobs that match your interests.

From keeping kitchen tools sparkling clean to being the backbone of smooth kitchen operations, embrace the chance to be an essential part of the kitchen’s rhythm and contribute to the art of food preparation by signing up with OysterLink today.

Top-Paying Dishwasher Jobs in Miami

OysterLink has meticulously compiled a variety of top-paying dishwasher jobs in Miami, giving you the best places to apply for if you’re considering this role.

For more information about the scope of a dishwasher’s role, please see our dishwasher job description.

1. Dishwasher | Pura Vida, Miami, FL

Pura Vida Miami logo
[Source: Pura Vida Miami]

To provide access to healthy and nutritious food, Pura Vida Miami brings together a health-conscious community around its diverse menu options that cater to the needs of all customers with different dietary requirements. Those without experience are welcome to apply as a dishwasher for Pura Vida Miami, as long as you have the physical capacity to stand for long periods and lift at least 50 lbs.

  • Salary: $14.00 per hour (tips not included)
  • Job type: Full-time; 8-hour shift (day, morning and evening shifts available)
  • Benefits: Medical, dental and vision insurance, flexible schedule, health insurance, referral programs, free meals, compensation packages, employee discounts, career advancement opportunities, etc.
  • How to apply: Visit Pura Vida Miami’s website to apply today.

2. Dishwasher | Dave & Buster’s, Miami, FL

Dave & Buster’s logo
[Source: Dave & Buster’s]

Since 1982, Dave & Buster’s has been offering state-of-the-art games together with its mouthwatering menu for a dining experience packed with pure entertainment.With over 140 locations across the United States (U.S.), Puerto Rico and Canada, each branch has a full-service restaurant, bar and a video arcade.Join Dave & Buster’s today as a dishwasher, where you’ll be responsible for maintaining overall cleanliness and safety of guests. Previous experience is preferred but not required.

  • Salary: $20.00–$28.00 per hour (tips not included)
  • Job type: Full-time
  • Benefits: 401k, medical, dental and vision insurance, free games, etc.
  • How to apply: Visit Dave & Buster’s website to apply today.

3. Dishwasher | Marriott International, Miami, FL

Marriott International logo
[Source: Marriott International]

Marriott International was founded in 1927 and is now the largest hotel chain by the number of available rooms. It currently has 8,000 properties with more than 1.4 million rooms across 139 countries.

Be part of the highest-ranked hospitality company in history, as per Fair360, formerly DiversityInc., as a dishwasher for its Exec Lounge in Miami and contribute to the excellence that Marriott offers with its luxury service.

  • Salary: $20.00–$28.00 per hour (tips not included)
  • Job type: Full-time; morning shift
  • Benefits: Hotel and food discounts, bonuses, referral programs, training and mentorship programs, etc.
  • How to apply: Visit Marriott’s careers page to apply today.

4. Dishwasher | Swan, Miami, FL

Swan logo
[Source: Swan]

As a restaurant and lounge offering Groot Hospitality’s signature services and programming, Swan offers an intimate dining experience in the heart of the Miami Design District.

Join Swan as its newest dishwasher, ensuring the general cleanliness of its kitchen and front-of-house areas. At times, you will be required to contribute to basic food preparation work.

  • Salary: $20.00–$28.00 per hour (tips not included)
  • Job type: Full-time; 7-day operation; morning, afternoon or evening shift
  • Benefits: Health insurance
  • How to apply: Visit Groot Hospitality’s website to apply today.

5. Dishwasher | Margaritaville Restaurants, Miami, FL

Margaritaville logo
[Source: Margaritaville]

Margaritaville Restaurants is part of Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville, founded by singer Jimmy Buffett, with its name after one of Buffett’s signature songs.

Be part of the fun team Margaritaville has as a dishwasher and contribute to the escapism it offers to its guests with its warm service and upbeat environment.

  • Salary: $12.00 per hour (tips not included)
  • Job type: Full-time
  • Benefits: 401k, weekly pay, tuition reimbursement, staff member discounts, paid time off, career advancement opportunities, etc.
  • How to apply: Visit Margaritaville’s website to apply today.

Salary Trends for Dishwasher Jobs in Miami

Dishwasher jobs in Miami bring an average salary of $27,080 per year, or around $13 per hour. This is not far from the U.S.’ average of $29,080, with most dishwashers earning between $10 and $17 per hour.

Because dishwashers are stationed in the kitchen area most of their work hours and are not customer-facing, they rarely receive tips directly.

However, some establishments do pool or share tips with dishwashers and other kitchen staff, so make sure you find this out before applying.

For more info on how much you can make as a dishwasher, check out our article on dishwasher salary trends.

Legal Requirements for Dishwasher Jobs in Miami

Before applying and getting ready for interviews, make sure you meet the following legal requirements:

  • Have all legal rights to work in the U.S. (proper visa, residency status or citizenship, etc.).
  • Possess, or have the ability to obtain, a food handler card to demonstrate your understanding of food safety regulations, as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most common questions asked by dishwasher applicants in Miami.

Can I expect any employee benefits as a dishwasher?

Employee benefits such as meal discounts, flexible schedules and the potential for advancement within the kitchen staff are often offered by restaurants and food establishments.

Do dishwasher jobs require prior experience?

While prior experience is helpful, no specific skills are necessary. Basic knowledge of kitchen equipment and a willingness to learn are important. Attention to detail and the ability to work efficiently are also valuable traits.

Are there any opportunities for learning in dishwasher jobs?

While the role primarily focuses on dishwashing, you can learn about kitchen operations, cleanliness standards and teamwork. Your dedication and hard work can open doors to broader responsibilities within the kitchen.

Is there room for advancement within the kitchen staff?

Absolutely! Many experienced dishwashers go on to learn other aspects of kitchen operations, such as food preparation or line cooking. Advancement opportunities may become available as you gain more experience and can lead you to higher-paying positions in the restaurant industry.

How can I apply for a dishwasher position in Miami?

You can explore available dishwasher positions by checking job boards, contacting local restaurants or using online job platforms like OysterLink. Submitting your application with a resume and a brief cover letter expressing your interest is typically the first step.

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