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Valet Overview

A Valet job involves providing parking services at various establishments, such as hotels, restaurants or event venues. This overview provides valuable insights into the Valet’s role, covering responsibilities, salary, career progression and frequently asked questions.

What Is a Valet?

A Valet is a service professional responsible for parking and retrieving vehicles for guests or patrons. In addition to managing the parking logistics, Valets are in charge of greeting guests, ensuring the safety of their cars and delivering excellent customer service.

What Does a Valet Do?

A Valet’s day-to-day responsibilities include:

  • Greeting guests upon arrival and assisting with exiting their vehicles
  • Safely driving and parking guest vehicles in designated areas
  • Retrieving and returning vehicles promptly upon guest request
  • Providing excellent customer service by being courteous, friendly and responsive to guest needs
  • Offering assistance with luggage, providing directions and answering inquiries about the venue
  • Maintaining accurate records of parked vehicles, including location and any relevant information
  • Keeping the Valet area clean, organized and free of obstacles
  • Reporting damages to the supervisor

What Is the Workplace of a Valet Like?

A Valet’s workplace is dynamic—especially during peak periods—and requires adaptability to varying traffic conditions.

Positioned at designated Valet stations near entrances of establishments such as hotels, restaurants or event venues, Valets operate in outdoor settings. They wear designated uniforms to keep a polished and professional appearance.

This role often involves collaboration within a team to manage traffic flow and ensure a seamless experience for guests. Interacting with customers is another important aspect, with Valets greeting and assisting patrons while communicating parking procedures.

Valets often work flexible hours, including evenings and weekends.

Valet Salary in the US

As of December 2023, the median salary for a Valet in the United States is $30,082 per year. Salary ranges can vary based on factors such as location, experience and the specific industry.

In metropolitan areas or high-end establishments, Valets may earn higher salaries due to increased demand and cost of living. Moreover, newcomers to the Valet profession might have a lower salary than seasoned Valets with extensive experience.

It is also common for Valets to receive tips, which can significantly supplement their overall income. The amount of tips can fluctuate depending on the establishment, the level of service provided and the generosity of patrons.

Here’s a look at the 2023 Valet salary across four major U.S. cities—Miami, New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles.


Annual median wage


# of employees


Projected growth


New York City

Annual median wage


# of employees


Projected growth



Annual median wage


# of employees


Projected growth


Los Angeles

Annual median wage


# of employees


Projected growth


Valet Career Progression

By gaining experience and demonstrating success, Valets can advance to higher positions, within the hospitality and service industry. Successful performance in Valet roles may open doors to supervisory or managerial positions, where individuals oversee the entire Valet operation.

With additional training and a proven track record, some may even transition into roles related to facility management or customer service within the organization.


Avg Salary $ 30,082

Parking Supervisor

Avg Salary $ 37,120

Guest Services Manager

Avg Salary $ 54,890

Hotel Operations Director

Avg Salary $ 78,621


Avg Salary $ 30,082

Valet Operations Manager

Avg Salary $ 48,765

Hospitality Services Director

Avg Salary $ 62,409

Assistant Hotel General Manager

Avg Salary $ 74,920

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