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Business Development Manager Job Description

A man and a woman engaged in business conversation

A Business Development Manager takes charge of departmental growth, collaborating with the sales team to create mutually beneficial proposals and negotiate contract terms with stakeholders.

Their focus includes the formulation of a business development strategy geared towards financial gain. Moreover, they actively arrange and lead business development meetings with potential clients, fostering relationships and driving opportunities for organizational advancement.

A man and a woman engaged in business conversation

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Business Development Manager Job Overview

We are hiring a results-driven Business Development Manager professional to join our team at [Company Name].

As a Business Development Manager expert, your main emphasis will be on formulating and executing strategies for achieving business growth objectives. This includes identifying and converting new prospects, collaborating with cross-functional teams to drive overall revenue growth and conducting comprehensive market research.

If you are a proactive and goal-oriented individual with a track record in business development, [Company Name] offers an exciting platform for your professional advancement.

Salary: $95,000-$100,000/year
Schedule: Full-time commitment

Business Development Manager Duties & Responsibilities

  • Formulate a growth strategy that emphasizes both financial gain and customer satisfaction
  • Conduct in-depth research to identify emerging markets and understand evolving customer needs
  • Proactively arrange and lead business meetings with potential clients to explore collaboration opportunities
  • Effectively promote the company’s products and services, aligning them with clients’ objectives and needs
  • Prepare and manage sales contracts, ensuring strict adherence to established legal rules and guidelines
  • Maintain accurate records of sales, revenue and invoices for comprehensive tracking and analysis
  • Provide reliable and prompt feedback to clients, offering dedicated after-sales support for enhanced satisfaction
  • Cultivate and nurture long-term relationships with both new and existing customers
  • Develop and implement training programs to elevate the skills of entry-level staff
  • Identify and capitalize on opportunities for cross-selling and upselling within the existing client base
  • Collaborate with marketing teams to create and implement effective promotional campaigns
  • Stay informed about industry trends and competitor activities to make informed strategic decisions
  • Monitor and assess the effectiveness of sales and business development strategies
  • Actively participate in industry events, conferences and networking opportunities to expand business connections

Business Development Manager Experience & Skills

  • Proven working experience in roles such as Business Development Manager, Sales Executive or equivalent positions
  • Demonstrated and verifiable sales track record
  • Additional experience in customer support
  • Proficiency in using MS Office applications and CRM software, including platforms like Salesforce
  • Exceptional proficiency in English, both written and verbal
  • In-depth market knowledge, including industry trends, competitor analysis and an understanding of market dynamics
  • Strong communication and negotiation skills
  • Effective time management and planning skills
  • Strategic thinking and analytical skills to assess market opportunities
  • Adaptability to changing business environments and a proactive approach to capitalize on emerging opportunities
  • Leadership qualities
  • Creative problem-solving skills
  • Commitment to continuous learning and staying updated on industry best practices

Business Development Manager Education & Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Marketing, Sales or a related field
  • An advanced degree such as a Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Business Development Manager Job Description Template — Free Download

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