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Prep Cook Jobs in New York

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Are you passionate about the culinary arts and looking to kickstart your career in the bustling food scene of New York City? OysterLink is your gateway to prep cook jobs in New York.

From mastering knife skills to crafting culinary masterpieces, explore OysterLink today to learn about prep cook job openings and embark on a journey to enhance New York’s culinary landscape.

Discover exciting opportunities as a prep cook in renowned kitchens across the city, all handpicked for your convenience.

Top-Paying Prep Cook Jobs in New York

Prep Cook Salary Range

At OysterLink, we strive to make things easy for you. We’ve assembled a list of top-paying prep cook jobs in New York based on base salary, scheduling and employment benefits.

Take a look at our prep cook job description and find out what it takes to become a prep cook in the Big Apple.


1. Prep Cook | Constellation Culinary Group, New York, NY

prep cook jobs new york constellation

[Source: Constellation Culinary Group]

Constellation Culinary Group is a culinary group dedicated to providing best-in-class dining experiences for events, cultural centers, professional settings, restaurants and cafes.

Constellation is looking for a Prep Cook who will contribute their excellent culinary skills to the team and embody the standard worthy of Constellation.

Salary: $20 per hour

Job type: Full-time

Benefits: Opportunities for advancement

How to apply: Visit Constellation’s website to apply


2. Prep Cook | Restaurant Associates, New York, NY

Restaurant Associates

[Source: Restaurant Associates]

Founded in 1947, Restaurant Associates is recognized as the nation’s premier hospitality company, operating in over 170 prestigious locations as a member of the Compass Group. They provide premium food services to museums, art centers, aquariums, educational facilities and corporate dining.

Restaurant Associates is looking for a prep cook in New York to join the team and contribute to their culture of high-quality hospitality excellence.

Salary: $17 per hour

Job type: Full-time

Benefits: Medical, Dental, Life Insurance/AD, etc.

How to apply: Visit Compass Group’s website to apply


3. Prep Cook | Yard House, New York, NY

[Source: Yard House]


Yard House is an American sports bar chain with 80+ locations in the US.

They are looking for a prep cook who will complete food orders on time while following sanitation standards. That is why, at Yard House, prep cooks are referred to as the Heart of Their House.

Salary: $17 – $22 per hour

Job type: Full-time

Benefits: Flexible schedule, life insurance, paid sick time

How to apply: Visit Yard House website to apply


4. Prep Cook |Kura Sushi, Flushing, NY


[Source: Kura Sushi]

Kura Sushi is an innovative and tech interactive Japanese restaurant established in 2008 as a subsidiary of Kura Sushi, Inc.

They are looking for an individual passionate about food, culture and the revolution of the sushi experience.

Salary: $23.25 per hour

Job type: Part-time

Benefits: Meal discounts, flexible schedule, career growth opportunities

How to apply: Visit Kura Sushi’s website to apply


5. Prep Cook | Olive Garden, Elmhurst, NY

Olive Garden

[Source: Olive Garden]

Olive Garden is an American dining restaurant chain specializing in Italian – American cuisine.

They are looking for a prep cook to join their family and contribute to the success and high standards that the restaurant chain is known for.

Salary: $15 – $23 per hour

Job type: Full-time

Benefits: Flexible schedule, paid sick time, paid family and medical leave, etc.

How to apply: Visit Olive Garden’s website to apply

Salary Trends for Prep Cook Jobs in New York

Prep cook jobs in New York bring an average base pay between $31,200 to $35,000. Average fast-food workers make slightly less, and this wage is double of the U.S. minimum.

Fresh prep cooks usually start with a salary of $28,000, while prep cooks with experience can earn more than $43, 000.

Prep Cook Start vs Experienced Prep Cook

Some of the factors that influence a prep cook’s salary include but are not limited to:

  • Experience
  • Type of Establishment
  • Location


Legal Requirements for Prep Cook Jobs in New York

Before you start your prep cook employment journey, it is imperative that you make sure that you meet the following legal requirements:

  • Possess legal rights to work in the U.S. (visa, citizenship, etc.)
  • Meet the minimum working age to work in NY (which starts at 14)

Frequently Asked Questions

We compiled some common questions asked by prep cook jobs applicants in New York. Keep in mind that each establishment has its own policies and processes, so all answers can differ slightly depending on the restaurant.

What does a prep cook do?

A prep cook is responsible for preparing ingredients, such as chopping vegetables, marinating meats, and measuring out portions, to support the kitchen’s efficient operation. They ensure that everything needed for meal preparation is readily available for the cooking staff.

What does a prep cook do

What should a prep cook wear?

A prep cook should typically wear a clean and hygienic uniform, which often includes a chef’s jacket or apron, chef’s pants, comfortable non-slip shoes, and a hat or hairnet for sanitation purposes.

Are there growth opportunities in a prep cook role?

Yes, a prep cook role can be a stepping stone to various culinary career paths. Many individuals start as prep cooks and progress to become line cooks, sous chefs, or even head chefs with experience and continuous learning.

What does an interview for a prep cook look like?

A prep cook interview usually involves discussing your culinary background, skills, and experience, as well as your knowledge of food safety and handling procedures. You might be asked about your ability to work in a fast-paced kitchen environment and your approach to teamwork.

What are the best things about being a prep cook in New York?

Being a prep cook in New York offers several advantages, including exposure to diverse culinary traditions, access to world-class ingredients and opportunities to work in renowned restaurants. Additionally, New York’s vibrant food scene provides a platform for networking and professional growth in the culinary industry.

Do prep cooks in New York get tips?

In New York City and throughout the United States, it is not common for prep cooks to receive tips directly from customers. Tips are typically given to servers, bartenders, and other front-of-house staff who directly interact with customers.

Find the Best Prep Cook Jobs in New York With OysterLink

OysterLink helps you find the best cook prep job openings, along with numerous high-paying jobs in the hospitality industry.

We’ve compiled practical insights and expert tips for your convenience that will help you navigate your job search in the hospitality industry and ensure you successfully pass your prep cook interview.

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