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Executive Chef Jobs in New York

Executive Chef
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One of the top paying jobs in restaurants, the executive chef position is a magnet for those who are seeking to make their mark in the world of gastronomy.

And what better place to create a top-class dining experience than the cosmopolitan New York?

Continue reading for the top executive chef jobs in NYC, salary trends and legal requirements and commonly asked questions on the position.

Top Executive Chef Jobs in NYC

From the iconic New York-style pizza and classic deli sandwiches to the cutting-edge creations in Michelin-starred restaurants, the culinary canvas of NYC offers an astonishing array of executive chef job openings.

Here are the ones we picked to present to you.

1. Executive Chef | Restaurant Associates | NYC

restaurant associates 2

[Source: Eleven Madison Park]

Restaurant Associates, part of Compass Group, is a prominent hospitality and dining services company operating across a wide range of venues, from corporate cafés to renowned event spaces and cultural institutions in New York.

Committed to personalized guest experiences and culinary innovation, Restaurant Associates cater to diverse tastes leaving a lasting impression on both clients and guests.

  • Salary: $70,500–$136,000 per year
  •  Job type: Full-time
  •  Benefits: Life, health, disability and dental insurance, paid time off, retirement plan, flexible spending account
  •  How to apply: Visit Restaurant Associates’ website to apply

2. Executive Chef | Dos Caminos | NYC

dos caminos 2

[Source: Dos Caminos]

A true Soho gem, Dos Caminos presents a fusion of authentic Mexican cuisine and unique culinary techniques.
Chic and inviting atmosphere, fresh ingredient and great mood — Dos Caminos takes you to enjoy every taste of Mexico’s diverse culinary landscape.

  • Salary: $75,000–$115,000 per year
  •  Job type: Full-time
  •  Benefits: Vision, disability and health insurance, 401(k), flexible spending account
  •  How to apply: Visit Dos Caminos’ website to apply

3. Executive Chef | Aladin Campus Dining | NYC


[Source: Aladdin Campus Dining]

A delicious destination for diverse dining experiences on campus, Aladdin Campus Dining offers a world of flavors to the educational community.

From international cuisine to classic dishes, the company caters to the diverse needs and dietary preferences of students, faculty and staff.

  • Salary: $100,000 per year
  • Job type: Full-time
  • Benefits: Commuter assistance, employee discount, 401(k), health and vision insurance
  • How to apply: Visit Aladdin Campus Dining’s website to apply

4. Executive Chef | Flik Hospitality Group | NYC

flik 3

[Source: Flik Hospitality Group]

A reputable hospitality and food service management company, Flik Hospitality Group crafts customized dining solutions for every occasion and taste.

Embracing the use of locally sourced ingredients and environmentally responsible practices, the company is a hospitality sets the standards of culinary excellence.

  • Salary: $80,000–$100,000 per year
  • Job type: Full-time
  • Benefits: Dental, disability, health and life insurance, retirement plan, paid time off
  • How to apply: Visit Flik Hospitality Group’s website to apply

5. Executive Chef | Maggiano’s Little Italy | NYC


[Source: Maggiano’s Little Italy]

Bringing the warmth and flavors of Italy, this Italian-American restaurant welcomes families and friends over mouthwatering pasta dishes, fresh seafood and juicy steaks.

From enjoying a romantic dinner to celebrating a special event, Maggiano’s Little Italy offers a cozy yet upscale dining experience.

  • Salary: $70,000–$89,000 per year
  • Job type: Full-time
  • Benefits: Partner benefits, 401(k), life and health insurance
  • How to apply: Visit Maggiano’s Little Italy’s website to apply

Salary Trends for Executive Chef Jobs in NYC

If you want to pursue an executive chef career, you may wonder how much you can make in NYC.
Compared to the national average, which is $75,000, your salary in NYC can come anywhere between $80,000 and $100,000.

Executive Chef Salary Based on Experience

The factors that can impact the amount include:

  •  The type of establishment: You will make a higher salary in a high-end restaurant than in a café or bistro with a less complex menu.
  • The reputation of the restaurant: Your renumeration will be higher if you work in a Michelin-starred restaurant compared to a newly opened place.
  • The area where the restaurant is located: You are likely to make more in the central areas of Manhattan, which is known as the city’s culinary hub than in outer boroughs with lower living costs and slower restaurant dynamics.
  • Your experience: As a culinary veteran with years of experience you will receive a higher salary than an emerging talent who just started their career.
  • Your education and credentials: Having a degree from a reputable culinary school will give you an advantage in salary negotiations.
  • The kitchen size: Managing a sizable kitchen and overseeing complex operations will lead to higher compensation compared to working with a compact team in a more focused role.
  • Menu complexity and creativity: Skills in creating unique and intricate dishes may be rewarded with a higher pay than traditional mastery in classic dishes.

To stay updated with restaurant worker trends or tips to keep more of your paycheck, explore our blogs.

Legal Requirements for Executive Chef Jobs in NYC

If you are planning to pursue a career as an executive chef in NYC, you must first make sure you are eligible for the position.
The legal requirements for the role include:

  • Permission to work in the United States, including a visa and residency status or work authorization if you are not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident
  • A valid Food Protection Certificate
  • Knowledge of health and safety regulations
  • A business license or permit if you are opening your own restaurant

FAQs About Executive Chef Jobs in NYC

Need more information about executive chef role in NYC? Check out some of the frequently asked questions about this job.

How competitive is the job market for executive chefs in NYC?

The job market for executive chefs in NYC is very competitive due to the high number of food establishments, from fine dining restaurants to catering companies.

However, the high demand means you can pursue various career opportunities in the restaurant industry.

What challenges does an executive chef in NYC face?

The challenges an executive chef in NYC typically faces are related to the fast-paced environment and high expectations from diners, which can lead to intense pressure.

Other common challenges include managing diverse teams, dealing with high costs and more.

Is the role of an executive chef in NYC mostly creative or managerial?

The role of an executive chef in NYC is a combination of both creativity and management responsibilities.

While creativity is essential for developing innovative menus, executive chefs are also involved in managing staff, creating and controlling budgets and supervising kitchen operations.

What are some of the reputable culinary schools for chefs in NYC?

Some of the well-regarded culinary schools in NYC include the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) and the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) are well-regarded in NYC.

Is networking important for executive chefs in NYC?

Networking is crucial for executive chefs in NYC because it allows you to:

• Build relationships with suppliers, fellow chefs and industry professionals

• Stay updated on the latest trends

• Explore new career opportunities

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