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Thinking about a fresh start as a cook in Miami? You couldn’t have picked a better place. Historically known for its beaches and vibrant nightlife, Miami has steadily risen as a culinary haven.

As the city’s food and beverage sector flourishes, there has been a noticeable surge in quality cook job openings. From fancy eateries to chill diners, The Magic City’s got a flavor for every restaurant worker out there.

OysterLink brings you a curated list of cook jobs in Miami that promise rewarding experiences, competitive salaries, and the chance to be part of the city’s dynamic food culture. Whether you’re a seasoned chef with years under your belt or a newcomer keen to make a mark, Miami’s doors are wide open.

Top-Paying Cook Jobs in Miami

We’ve meticulously curated some of the finest positions across various establishments to help you find the job that aligns with your career goals and passion.

1. Cook | Aventura Bloomingdale’s, Miami, FL


Bloomingdale's logo

[Source: Bloomingdale’s]

Bloomingdale’s is on the hunt for a cook to complement their dining team. Prospective candidates ought to have a high school diploma or equivalent and at least 1-2 years in a relevant culinary setting. Adapting to a warm kitchen environment and collaborating on menu designs while maintaining open communication lines with coworkers is also expected.

  • Salary: $16.80–$23.63 per hour
  • Job type: Part-time
  • Benefits:  Vision insurance, tuition reimbursement, paid time off, health insurance, employee discount, dental insurance, 401(k)
  • How to apply: Apply directly on the Bloomingdale’s website.

2. Line Cook | Eddie V’s, Fort Lauderdale, FL


Eddie V's logo

[Source: Eddie V’s]

Eddie V’s, a standout in seafood and steaks alongside inventive cocktails, is currently looking for line cooks to augment their culinary team. Whether you’re looking for full-time or just a side gig, they may have a spot for you.

Candidates should note that eligibility criteria might apply for some benefits. The work location requires in-person attendance.

  • Salary: $16.00–$24.00 per hour
  • Job type: Full-time; part-time
  • Benefits:  Retirement plan, paid time off, life insurance, health insurance, flexible spending account, flexible schedule employee discount, dental insurance, 401(k) matching
  • How to apply: Apply directly on the Eddie V’s website.

3. Line Cook | Carbone Miami (Major Food Group), Miami Beach, FL


Carbone logo

[Source: Carbone]

Major Food Group is actively recruiting line cooks to elevate the culinary experience at Carbone Miami. Candidates should ideally have a minimum of 3 years of experience in fast-paced, fine dining settings, although this isn’t strictly mandatory. A culinary diploma or an equivalent depth of experience is highly regarded.

  • Salary: $18.00–$24.00 per hour
  • Job type: Full-time
  • Benefits:  Tuition reimbursement, referral program, parental leave, paid time off, health insurance, dental insurance
  • How to apply: Visit Major Food’s website and go to the Careers page.

4. Cook | Velvet Taco, Fort Lauderdale, FL


Velvet Taco logo

[Source: Velvet Taco]

Velvet Taco is on a mission to liberate the taco concept, diverging from the traditional Tex-Mex genre and venturing into a realm where tacos meet fine dining standards.

Qualifications for the role include being of legal age (18+ years), possessing a Food Handler Certification, and having experience in a high-volume restaurant kitchen.

  • Salary: Up to $20.00 per hour
  • Job type: Full-time; part-time
  • Benefits: Paid training, vision insurance, health insurance, flexible schedule, dental insurance, employee discount, 401(k)
  • How to apply: Apply through the Velvet Taco website.

5. Sushi Cook | Fiola Miami, Coral Gables, FL

Fiola Miami logo

[Source: Fiola da Fabio Trabocchi]

Fiola Miami, an upcoming rooftop dining experience in Coral Gables, has a vacancy for the role of sushi cook. This new venture is an extension of its Michelin-starred counterpart, Fiola in Washington, D.C. This is an excellent opportunity for those who aspire to associate with a renowned and expanding restaurant group and collaborate with top-tier hospitality and culinary experts in the city.

  • Salary: $16.00–$25.00 per hour
  • Job type: Full-time
  • Benefits: Referral program, health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance
  • How to apply: Apply directly through the Fiola website.

Miami Culinary Culture: What To Expect

Have you ever been somewhere where every bite of food feels like a journey? Well, Miami’s one of those places. Nestled snugly between Latin America and the US, Miami’s a melting pot of flavors. Think of it as a grand kitchen where Cuban grandma recipes meet trendy American bistros, crafting a flavor combo that’s both homely and adventurous.

In the heart of Miami, every day in the kitchen feels like an adventure. There’s always a new ingredient to play with, an unfamiliar cooking technique to try, or a unique twist to a traditional dish that has everyone talking. And the best part? The city’s ever-hungry audience is always eager for the next big thing on their plate. Miami doesn’t just want you to cook; it invites you to weave tales with your dishes, blend old with new, and sprinkle a bit of magic in every serving.

So, if you’re considering cooking in Miami, know this: it’s more than just a job here. It’s an experience, a dance of flavors, and a chance to be part of a culinary story as diverse as the city itself.

What is the most important skill for a cook to have?  


Salary Trends for Cook Jobs in Miami

The culinary landscape in Miami has witnessed a substantial evolution over the years, attracting both global talents and food enthusiasts. As the city cements its reputation as a gastronomic powerhouse, there’s a corresponding uplift in salary standards for cooks.

On average, cooks in Miami can expect an average salary between $15 and $25 per hour. However, these figures can vary based on the restaurant’s stature, location, the expertise required, and the specific nuances of each role.

Feel you’re the right fit for Miami’s culinary scene? Dive in, explore these and other positions we have put in our Spotlight, and embark on a rewarding culinary journey!

Legal Requirements for Cook Jobs in Miami

Before getting carried away with job descriptions and immersing yourself in the culinary wonders of Miami, there are some legal prerequisites and guidelines you must be acquainted with. For a smooth transition and optimal job prospects, ensure the following:

  • You must be of legal age, typically at least 18 years, though specific roles, especially those involving alcohol, might have a higher age requirement.
  • A Food Handler’s Certification is paramount. This certification ensures you’re knowledgeable about safety and hygiene protocols essential for any kitchen.
  • Undergoing a background check is often mandatory, particularly if your role involves handling or serving alcohol.
  • Though not always obligatory, a culinary degree or its equivalent experience can significantly bolster your job prospects.
  • Adherence to Miami’s stringent health and safety regulations is non-negotiable and crucial for the well-being of both staff and patrons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Navigating the bustling world of Miami’s culinary sector can be filled with questions. To help you out and clear up any confusion, we’ve tackled some common questions people have about cook jobs in the city.

How do I obtain a Food Handler’s Certificate in Miami?

If you’re looking to get a Food Handler’s Certificate, sign up for a course from an accredited institution. These typically cover the essential safety and hygiene protocols, showing you how to keep things clean and safe in the kitchen. After completing the course, you’ll have to clear an examination to receive the certificate.

What’s the difference between a line cook and a regular cook?

A line cook specializes in handling a specific station or subset of dishes in a restaurant. They’re experts in their designated area. On the flip side, a regular cook wears many hats, whipping up a variety of dishes and bouncing around different parts of the kitchen.

Are there opportunities for growth in these roles?

Absolutely! Miami’s restaurants and hotels often recognize and reward talent. With a bit of grit, always being open to learning, and putting in the elbow grease, a cook can climb the ladder and maybe even become a sous chef, head chef, or the one running the show as a kitchen manager.

Is prior experience always necessary?

While experience has its perks, a lot of employers will put more emphasis on enthusiasm, commitment, and that hungry-to-learn attitude. While some high-end restaurants might mandate prior experience, others offer rigorous training programs for budding chefs.

How flexible are the working hours?

The flexibility in working hours largely depends on the establishment. While some places might have rigid shift timings, especially during peak business hours, others might offer more adaptable schedules, especially if they operate round the clock.

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Our deep understanding of the culinary industry sets us apart, along with our commitment to ensuring that restaurant industry professionals find their ideal match. Whether you’re making your debut in the culinary world or seeking new horizons, trust OysterLink to guide you through.

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