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Hostess Interview Questions


This list comprises some of the most common job interview questions, with some insights for employers and tips for applicants. Interviewers should pay close attention to the candidates’ responses and body language, while applicants should keep eye contact and use clear and concise language.

1. Why do you want to work a host/hostess job?

For employers: Pay attention to the applicant’s enthusiasm and interest in getting a host/hostess job. The question should give you a grasp of the genuine desire to work in the food and beverage industry.

For applicants: Show your passion for hospitality, while highlighting any relevant experience or skills demonstrating your high level of customer service and other qualifications.

2. What is the most important quality for a host/hostess?

For employers: Clear communication, prompt problem-solving, and thorough organizational skills should be top of mind in any response. Excellent customer service separates a good host or hostess from a great one.

For applicants: Explain what you value the most in a host/hostess job. This can be based on your experience, observations, or beliefs, but the answer should revolve around qualities that ensure top-notch customer service. Highlight any achievements related to your answer that show you have these qualities.

3. Can you describe your experience working in a customer service role, particularly in a restaurant or hospitality setting?

For employers: This question aims to assess the candidate’s background in customer service and how it relates to their potential as a host/hostess. Look for applicants who can demonstrate relevant experience and skills that align with the role’s requirements.

For applicants: When responding, highlight any prior experience you have in customer service, especially in a restaurant or hospitality context. Share specific roles or situations where you provided exceptional service to guests or customers. Emphasize your communication and problem-solving abilities, as they are crucial for this position.

4. Why do you want to work for us?

For employers: Gauge the applicant’s enthusiasm to join your business. Assess whether they’ve researched your values and promise to customers. Lastly, watch out for cliché or insincere responses.

For applicants: Highlight that you’re not just there for a job. Show enthusiasm about your prospect to work as a host/hostess.

5. How do you maintain a pleasant and friendly atmosphere for guests?

For employers: The applicant should describe their way of creating a warm and welcoming vibe throughout the guests’ entire stay. Aside from communication and customer service, look for problem-solving and teamwork skills.

For applicants: Showcase your ability to collaborate with different people, especially in fast-paced environments, and to anticipate guests’ needs and deliver on them accordingly. You can even add some personal touches to ensure a delightful experience.

6. How do you effectively communicate with other staff members, such as servers, kitchen staff, and managers, to ensure a smooth flow of operations?

For employers: Assess the applicant’s ability to communicate and collaborate with various team members. Effective teamwork is essential for restaurant operations.

For applicants: Communication and teamwork are fundamental in a restaurant setting. You should mention how you maintained clear and open lines of communication with servers, kitchen staff, and managers. Highlight that you actively listen to their needs and concerns, ensuring that information flows smoothly.

7. The role of a host/hostess often requires multitasking and handling various responsibilities simultaneously. How do you stay organized and manage your time effectively in a fast-paced environment?

For employers: Assess how the applicant manages tasks and time in a fast-paced environment, which is crucial for this role. Look for their ability to prioritize and organize responsibilities efficiently.

For applicants: To stay organized and manage time effectively in a fast-paced environment, you should prioritize tasks based on their urgency and importance. Demonstrate how you can handle multiple responsibilities efficiently and contribute to a smooth dining experience for guests.

8. How do you handle a situation when a guest is demanding to be seated quickly?

For employers: Evaluate the applicant’s approach to handling demanding guests, as this requires a delicate balance of customer service and firmness. Look for their ability to maintain composure and provide solutions.

For applicants: Mention how you radiate empathy while keeping control of the situation. Demonstrate that your focus is on the customer’s request, and that it is a priority. Offering complimentary snacks or beverages would be a good sign of goodwill.

9. How do you handle challenging or difficult customers? Can you provide an example of a situation you’ve encountered and how you resolved it?

For employers: Assess the applicant’s ability to handle challenging customers by looking for their problem-solving and conflict resolution skills. A specific example will provide insights into their approach.

For applicants: When dealing with challenging customers, it’s essential to exercise patience and utilize effective problem-solving skills. In such situations, you should approach the customer calmly and empathetically, demonstrating active listening and offering a sincere apology for any errors or inconveniences. Demonstrate to the interviewer that you are aware of these concepts and that your goal would be for the customer to leave with a positive perception of the restaurant.

10. How do you stay attentive and ensure that guests are well taken care of throughout their dining experience?

For employers: Look for the applicant’s ability to stay attentive to guests’ needs and anticipate issues. This is crucial for providing exceptional service.

For applicants: Explain how you would demonstrate situational awareness. Highlight how you would remain attentive, scan the dining area and note anything that needs addressing. In such situations, you should proactively offer assistance, such as refilling drinks or providing information about the menu, so make sure your interviewer is aware of your knowledge.

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