Bartender Cover Letter Examples & Templates 2024


Having a compelling cover letter is essential when applying for Bartender jobs that require one.

No matter whether you’re applying for a position in a pub, fine-dining restaurant, high-end cocktail bar or nightclub, we have a suitable cover letter for a Bartender that you can use.

Moreover, we’ll give you writing tips on how to structure your cover letter and what to include to make it stand out to hiring managers and help land you the job.

Cover Letters Examples for Bartenders

Cover letters are categorized as friendly or professional. Here are a few tips on how to write a bartender cover letter, plus professional and friendly cover letter examples.

Friendly Cover Letter

A friendly cover letter for Bartender applications doesn’t have to mean it’s unprofessional.

Instead, this type of cover letter uses a more casual and approachable tone, making it suitable for applying to trendy and creative establishments that value personality and enthusiasm over high levels of professionalism.

Your Name, Address, City, State, Email Address

Hiring Manager’s Name, Establishment Name, Address

Dear Hiring Manager Name,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to apply to Establishment Name. With over two years of behind-the-bar experience, I’m confident in my ability to provide outstanding customer service and contribute to your esteemed establishment. I’m a team player, a skilled mixologist and knowledgeable of classic and contemporary cocktails. I’m also capable of inventory management and handling bar opening and closing procedures.

Thank you for considering my application. I’m excited for the opportunity to work at Establishment Name.


Your Name

Professional Cover Letter

This bartender cover letter example is more suited for a Bartender position in an upscale bar or restaurant.

The goal of this type of cover letter is to showcase your professionalism and highlight your qualifications to the hiring manager. Here’s a professional cover letter example.

Your Name, Address, City, State, Email Address

Hiring Manager’s Name, Establishment Name, Address

Dear Mr. Hiring Manager Name,

I’m writing to express my interest in the Bartender position at Establishment Name. With over ten years of experience in the upscale bartending industry, I’m equipped with all the bartender skills necessary to work in a prestigious restaurant like Establishment Name. Those skills include cocktail creation, garnishing and presentation, customer service and all aspects of bar management.

During my employment at Previous Establishment(s) Name, I mastered the art of mixology and developed a taste and eye for detail, ensuring that every drink I served met the highest standards. Furthermore, my ability to work in fast-paced environments and under pressure, combined with my strong interpersonal skills, allow me to work efficiently in high-volume establishments, all while maintaining a professional and friendly demeanor.

I’m eager for the opportunity to provide my extensive knowledge, skills and exceptional service to Establishment’s Name. I’m confident that my experience, dedication and professionalism will make a positive impact on your brand.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to discussing how I can contribute to the success of Establishment Name.

How to Write a Bartender Cover Letter in 3 Steps

A great Bartender cover letter should include your basic information and the establishment’s information provided in the job description.

You should then start by addressing the hiring manager and thanking them for the opportunity.

Next, summarize your professional bartending experience and highlight relevant skills (hard and soft skills) that make you a strong candidate.

Lastly, express your genuine enthusiasm for the opportunity to take things further in the closing paragraph.

Let’s discuss these parts in more detail.

Step 1 – Write an Engaging Cover Letter Introduction

Start your cover letter with a strong elevator pitch. In the professional world, an elevator pitch should provide an answer to the “What do you do?” question.

This is where you make your first impression in writing. Summarize your skills, experiences and passion for the bartending role.

Customize your introduction by highlighting relevant skills and experiences. Mention the restaurant or bar you’re applying to by name to demonstrate and emphasize your interest.

Step 2 – Highlight What Makes You a Good Fit for the Role

In this part of the cover letter, you should convince the hiring manager that you’re the perfect candidate for their open Bartender position. Highlight your accomplishments using action verbs, and emphasize your hard and soft skills.

You can use specific examples to highlight your high points in previous establishments, such as creating your own signature cocktail or increasing their revenue.

The achievements should match the job description, showcasing how you can add direct value to the establishment.

Step 3 – A Closing Invitation

Thank the hiring manager for their time and opportunity as in our cover letter examples. Then, reiterate your interest in the establishment and position using an action phrase like “I look forward to”, “I’m eager to” or “I’m excited to”.

resume and cover letter sample

Pair Your Cover Letter With a Resume

Pairing your cover letter with a well-put-together resume will greatly enhance your chances of hiring managers reaching back to you. We’ve put together a guide on how to write a bartender resume, where we also have resume templates that you can use to help you land your dream job.

Include the Right Resume Skills

Including the right resume skills can go a long way in showcasing your strong sides as a Bartender. Check out our list of resume skills you should include in your resume with tips on how to highlight them.

Bartender Cover Letter FAQs

A cover letter shouldn’t be longer than one page. You’ll want to keep things within three or four paragraphs where you talk about your experience, skills and enthusiasm for the position.

No, unless they’re requested on the job posting itself.

Mentioning your availability can be beneficial, especially if you can start on short notice. This can make you a more desirable candidate to hiring managers.

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