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Fast-Food Worker Salary

How Much Does a Fast-Food Worker Make in the United States?

According to the latest data available in 2024, the average salary for a Fast-Food Worker in the United States is a month, or $23,250 per year.

Average Fast-Food Worker Base Salary:

What can I earn as a Fast-Food Worker?Your salary is 0 the US national average

The average wage for a Fast Cook Worker is per hour.

Fast-Food Workers typically do not receive tips as fast-food restaurants in the U.S. usually have a no-tipping policy or do not have a designated tipping system.

Annual Mean Wage of Fast-Food Workers by State

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Fast-Food Worker Salary in Major US Cities


Annual median wage


# of employees


Projected growth


New York City

Annual median wage


# of employees


Projected growth



Annual median wage


# of employees


Projected growth


Los Angeles

Annual median wage


# of employees


Projected growth


Highest-Paying Cities for Fast-Food Workers

CityAvg SalaryAvg Hourly Wage
Los Angeles, CA34,18016.43
NYC, NY33,45016.08
Chicago, IL29,70014.28
Miami, FL21,77016.97

Average Fast-Food Worker Salary by State

Explore the average Fast-Food Worker salary by state.

StateAvg. Salary
Alabama$ 19,070
Alaska$ 25,870
Arizona$ 25,510
Arkansas$ 20,780
California$ 27,830
Colorado$ 25,660
Connecticut$ 26,460
Delaware$ 21,580
Florida$ 21,640
Georgia$ 19,780
Hawaii$ 26,440
Idaho$ 20,340
Illinois$ 23,410
Indiana$ 20,580
Iowa$ 22,270
Kansas$ 20,050
Kentucky$ 19,930
Louisiana$ 19,700
Maine$ 24,790
Maryland$ 25,140
Massachusetts$ 28,020
Michigan$ 23,140
Minnesota$ 25,440
Mississippi$ 20,080
Missouri$ 22,390
Montana$ 23,090
Nebraska$ 23,130
Nevada$ 22,050
New Hampshire$ 22,390
New Jersey$ 23,340
New Mexico$ 20,750
New York$ 27,700
North Carolina$ 20,390
North Dakota$ 25,590
Ohio$ 21,270
Oklahoma$ 19,940
Oregon$ 26,640
Pennsylvania$ 21,970
Rhode Island$ 25,400
South Carolina$ 19,500
South Dakota$ 22,530
Tennessee$ 20,520
Texas$ 21,290
Utah$ 21,210
Vermont$ 27,510
Virginia$ 21,920
Washington$ 29,360
West Virginia$ 21,160
Wisconsin$ 21,110
Wyoming$ 21,290
District of Columbia$ 35,896

How Much Do Similar Careers to a Cook Get Paid?

Fast-Food Workers are one of the lowest-paid positions in the restaurant industry. Consequently, they earn less than Food Runners, Prep Cooks and Bussers.

Job TitleAverage Salary
Food Runner
Prep Cook

Labor Laws and Taxes for Fast-Food Workers

As a Fast-Food Worker, knowing your state’s minimum wage, overtime pay and leave policies could be beneficial.

Check out the guides below or view more labor laws:

To easily calculate federal, state and local taxes in your state, use our free Paycheck Calculator.

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