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Long Term Substitute Teacher Job Description – Updated

Long Term Substitute Teacher Job Description – Updated

The Long Term Substitute Teacher position fills an essential role within the educational system by stepping in during periods of extended absence by regular classroom teachers. This job involves not only teaching the curriculum but also ensuring classroom stability, adhering to established lesson plans, and maintaining the momentum of education for the students. Here, we delve into what the Long Term Substitute Teacher position entails, effective strategies for writing a job description for this role, and provide a job description template as a practical example.

What Does a Long Term Substitute Teacher Do?

A Long Term Substitute Teacher is responsible for carrying out the instructional and classroom management processes during the absence of the regular teacher. Unlike short-term substitutes who might simply manage a classroom for a day or two, long-term substitutes need to fully integrate into their temporary role. This includes:

  • Implementing lesson plans left by the regular teacher.
  • Creating and facilitating additional educational content and instructional materials if needed.
  • Monitoring student progress and providing feedback.
  • Maintaining discipline and behavioral standards set by the school and the regular teacher.
  • Attending parent-teacher conferences, faculty meetings, and other educational planning events if necessary.
  • Assessing and recording student development, while also preparing reports on classroom performance.
  • Ensuring a smooth transition upon the regular teacher’s return.

The effectiveness of a Long Term Substitute Teacher is crucial not just for maintaining continuity but in some cases, they might be required to adapt or modify teaching methods according to the educational needs of the students.

How to Write a Job Description for a Long Term Substitute Teacher

Writing a comprehensive job description is vital to attracting qualified candidates for the position of a Long Term Substitute Teacher. Here are some key components to include:

  • Job Title: Be specific; mention the length of the term if possible (e.g., Long Term Substitute Teacher, January-June).
  • Job Summary: Provide a concise overview of the role and its importance to the school. Mention how the substitute will contribute to student development and educational continuity.
  • Duties and Responsibilities: List in bullet points the core responsibilities and daily tasks expected of the substitute teacher.
  • Qualifications: Include necessary educational background, certifications, and special skills. Mention if prior teaching experience or knowledge of certain educational technologies or methods is required.
  • Skills: Highlight soft skills like adaptability, communication, and classroom management. Also, list any specific teaching skills or areas of expertise that are desirable.
  • Work Environment: Describe the classroom or school environment and any specific challenges that might be faced.
  • Terms of Employment: Clarify the duration of employment, compensation range, and any benefits or allowances provided.

Remember to ensure your job description reflects the inclusive and diverse nature of your school community and complies with all local educational regulations and standards.

Long Term Substitute Teacher Job Description Template

Job Title: Long Term Substitute Teacher (Grade 6 - Math), October - March
Job Summary: Seeking a dedicated and experienced educator to serve as a Long Term Substitute Teacher, responsible for Grade 6 math instruction at [School Name], covering for a maternity leave absence. This role requires maintaining high educational standards and seamlessly continuing instructional processes to ensure academic growth during the regular teacher’s absence.
- Execute lesson plans provided by the regular teacher.
- Develop and administer educational content as needed to complement existing plans.
- Assess and record student progress, preparing detailed reports.
- Manage classroom behavior and discipline.
- Participate in school meetings and parent conferences as required.
- Bachelor’s Degree in Education or relevant field; Master’s preferred.
- Valid teaching certificate.
- Proven experience in a classroom setting, preferably with middle school-aged children.
- Excellent communication and organizational skills.
- Strong adaptability to varying classroom environments.
- Proficient in classroom management and student engagement.
- Ability to assess educational needs and implement effective solutions.
Work Environment:
- This position involves working in a dynamic school environment, interacting with students of diverse backgrounds and needs.
Terms of Employment:
- Temporary full-time position from October to March. Competitive salary based on experience.

This template aims to give schools a strong baseline from which they can customize their own job offerings, reflecting specific needs and the unique aspects of their educational environments.