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Average Kitchen Manager Salary in Major US Cities


Kitchen managers offer invaluable work, so understanding how much they’re paid is crucial for employers and applicants alike.

These skilled professionals play a pivotal role in making sure a restaurant delivers exceptional food service, leveraging their extensive experience and expertise.

So how is their dedication and contribution reflected in their compensation?

This article delves into the average kitchen manager salary across different regions in the United States (U.S.), along with some insights into the factors that impact their compensation and how to negotiate a higher wage.

Kitchen Manager Salary in the US

A kitchen manager salary in the U.S. is around $58,000 per year, ranging between $50,000 to $68,000, making it one of the higher-paying restaurant jobs in the country.

In early 2023, 23 states raised minimum wages and granted raises for full-time workers, including kitchen managers.

New York City

A kitchen manager salary in New York averages $70,000 per year. Overall, the average wage in NYC is above the national average.

In fact, Manhattan’s average weekly wage ranks first in the nation.


A kitchen manager salary in Miami averages $54,000 per year.

The wage trend in Miami is on an upward trajectory, with compensation costs rising by 4.3%, as per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, making it advantageous for kitchen managers (or kitchen manager hopefuls) when negotiating a higher salary.

A line chart that shows the 12-month percentage changes in total compensation in Miami
[Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics]


A kitchen manager salary is  $59,000 per year, on average, in Chicago.

The leisure and hospitality sector in the Chicago metropolitan area had the largest employment gain in 2022, demonstrating the strong demand for roles like a kitchen manager.

A row chart that shows over-the-year net change for employment in Chicago.
[Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics]

Los Angeles

Angeleno kitchen managers earn an average of $63,000 per year.

According to a survey by TouchBistro, the city’s restaurant operators experienced a 24% staff shortage in managers in 2022, which is 4% higher compared to 2021.

Keep in mind that Los Angeles restaurants remain above the national profit margin for restaurants. This thriving restaurant market highlights the potential opportunities available in the city.

A graphic that shows there are 3.2 million people in California to see an increase in wages in 2023 with a silhouette of the Golden Gate Bridge in the background

What Factors Impact a Kitchen Manager Salary?

The following factors collectively contribute to the salary negotiation process for kitchen managers in the restaurant industry.

1. Geographic Location

Different regions and cities may have varying costs of living, market demand and competition, which can affect the range of a kitchen manager salary.

For example, urban areas or regions with a thriving culinary scene may offer higher salaries than rural locations.

2. Establishment Type

Managing a high-end restaurant, hotel or fine dining establishment often comes with higher salary potential, given the complexity of operations, higher customer expectations and larger staff teams.

On the other hand, managing a small café or casual dining restaurant may offer a different salary range.

3. Your Shifts and Hours

The nature of restaurant operations often involves long and irregular hours, including holidays, late nights and weekends.

Flexibility in scheduling and a willingness to take on additional responsibilities during high-demand periods can increase earning potential.

4. Your Performance

Consistently delivering high-quality food, maintaining efficient operations, managing costs effectively and achieving financial targets can position you for salary growth.

Demonstrating your ability to improve kitchen productivity, reduce waste and enhance customer satisfaction can positively impact salary discussions.

5. Your Experience

Years of experience in kitchen management, culinary expertise and a track record of successfully leading kitchen teams contribute to your value as a professional.

Greater experience often corresponds to higher salary expectations, as it demonstrates your ability to handle complex challenges and make strategic decisions.

By considering these aspects and aligning them with your experience, performance and the demands of your specific location and establishment, you can make a stronger case for a higher kitchen manager salary that reflects your skills, responsibilities and contributions.

How to Negotiate a Higher Kitchen Manager Salary

Negotiating a higher kitchen manager salary requires a strategic approach that showcases your expertise, leadership abilities and the value you bring to the role. Here’s a concise guide tailored specifically to kitchen managers.

  • Conduct thorough research: Begin by researching the salary range specific to kitchen managers in your area. The type of establishment you manage, or plan to, the local market conditions and, of course, your experience.
  • Highlight culinary accomplishments: Compile a list of your culinary achievements and innovations. Showcase your ability to develop and refine menus, create signature dishes and introduce new culinary trends.
    Lastly, emphasize any awards or recognition you’ve received.
  • Showcase operational excellence: Demonstrate your ability to manage kitchen operations effectively. Highlight your skills and achievements in optimizing workflow, reducing costs and ensuring high-quality food standards.
  • Emphasize leadership skills: Discuss your experience in managing and training kitchen staff, fostering teamwork and maintaining a positive work culture.
    Highlight how your leadership contributes to the overall success of the kitchen and the organization.
  • Address compliance and safety: Mention your expertise in ensuring compliance with food safety regulations, health codes and industry standards.
    Mention any relevant certifications or training you’ve attained in areas such as food handling, allergen management or kitchen sanitation.
  • Understand the business impact: Illustrate your understanding of the financial aspects associated with overseeing a kitchen.
    Familiarize yourself with the business impact by demonstrating your knowledge of key financial indicators like food cost percentage, labor cost percentage and profit margins.
  • Highlight customer satisfaction: Emphasize your commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences. Discuss your ability to meet and exceed customer expectations, handle special requests and address feedback.
    Share any customer testimonials or positive reviews that showcase your dedication to customer satisfaction.
  • Practice your negotiation pitch: Develop a persuasive and concise pitch that aligns your accomplishments, leadership skills and expertise with the value you bring to the kitchen manager role.
    Practice articulating your points confidently and clearly, emphasizing the unique aspects of your kitchen management capabilities.
  • Choose the right timing: If you already have the job, request a meeting with your supervisor to discuss your performance and career growth.
    Choose a time when you can present your achievements and contributions effectively, ensuring they are fresh in their mind. Consider aligning the negotiation with performance reviews or annual evaluations.
  • Maintain professionalism and confidence: During the negotiation, maintain a professional and confident demeanor.
    Clearly express your desire for a higher salary based on your expertise, leadership skills and the unique value you bring to the kitchen manager role.

What is the main deciding factor when considering a kitchen manager role?

10 Top-Paying Companies for Kitchen Managers in the US

Here are some companies in the U.S. that offer a highly competitive kitchen manager salary. Whether you aspire to work for renowned restaurant chains, upscale dining establishments or innovative culinary ventures, this list serves as a guide to navigating the landscape of high-paying opportunities for kitchen managers.

  1. Cattlemens, $71,500
  2. Kona Grill, $70,000
  3. RJ’s Restaurant, $67,500
  4. Flix Brewhouse, $65,000
  5. Uncle Julio’s, $62,500
  6. Applebee’s, $62,500
  7. Texas Roadhouse, $60,000
  8. Cooper’s Hawk, $61,000
  9. Bar Louie, $60,000
  10. Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza, $57,000

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