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Finance Controller Job Description – Updated

Finance Controller Job Description – Updated

A Finance Controller, often referred to as the financial controller or Comptroller, is a pivotal position within the finance department of any organization. This role involves overseeing the day-to-day financial operations, providing accurate financial information to management, and implementing internal controls to safeguard the organization’s assets.

What Does a Finance Controller Do?

The primary responsibilities of a Finance Controller include managing accounting records, evaluating and managing risk, ensuring compliance with regulations, publishing financial statements, overseeing accounting operations, analyzing financial data, monitoring expenditure, forecasting revenue, coordinating auditing processes, and ensuring accuracy of financial information. The position may also require overseeing a financial team that includes accountants, clerks, and financial analysts.

Key Components of a Finance Controller Job Description

When writing a job description for a Finance Controller, it is crucial to clearly define the key responsibilities and expectations. A well-crafted job description helps in attracting qualified candidates and sets clear guidelines for the role. Here are some critical components to include:

  • Job Title: It is important to get this right for suitable candidate attraction. For instance, ‘Finance Controller’ may be preferred over ‘Financial Manager’ depending on the level of responsibility and company hierarchy.
  • Job Purpose: Briefly describe what the controller does and how they fit into the organizational structure.
  • Duties and Responsibilities: List specific tasks the controller is expected to perform. This might include managing accounting records, supervising staff, and developing financial strategies.
  • Qualifications: Specify the necessary educational backgrounds, such as a bachelor’s degree in Accounting or Finance, required certifications (like CPA), and relevant experience.
  • Skills: Highlight required skills, such as proficiency in financial software, strong analytical abilities, and excellent communication skills.
  • Working Conditions: Mention the typical working environment of the position, whether it’s office-based, remote, or hybrid, and note any travel requirements.
  • Physical Requirements: If applicable, describe physical aspects of the job, which might include the ability to work long hours during the financial end-year or audit periods.
  • Reporting: State who the controller reports to and any managerial responsibilities.

Finance Controller Job Description Template Example

Below is an example of a job description you might use to attract candidates to the role of a Finance Controller:

Job Title: Finance Controller
Location: [Company Location]
Job Type: Full-time

Job Description:
We are seeking an experienced and detail-oriented Finance Controller to oversee our financial operations, ensure timely and accurate financial reports, and safeguard company assets. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in finance management, be adept at budgeting, analysis, and strategic planning, and possess outstanding leadership qualities.

- Manage all accounting operations including Billing, A/R, A/P, GL, Cost Accounting, Inventory Accounting, and Revenue Recognition
- Coordinate and direct the preparation of the budget and financial forecasts and report variances
- Prepare and publish timely monthly financial statements
- Coordinate the preparation of regulatory reporting
- Research technical accounting issues for compliance
- Ensure quality control over financial transactions and financial reporting
- Manage and comply with local, state, and federal government reporting requirements and tax filings
- Develop and document business processes and accounting policies to maintain and strengthen internal controls

- Proven working experience as a Finance Controller
- 5+ years of overall combined accounting and finance experience
- Advanced degree in Accounting
- CPA or CMA preferred
- Thorough knowledge of accounting principles and procedures
- Experience with creating financial statements
- Excellent accounting software user and administration skills

- Strong leadership and organizational skills
- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
- Analytical ability to develop and implement improvements or recommendations
- Attention to detail and ability to manage complex projects

Please send your CV and cover letter, detailing your experience and how it aligns with this role, to [insert your application email or portal here].

This template provides a comprehensive outline that can be customized to suit various industries and corporate structures, ensuring an effective approach to recruiting a capable Finance Controller.