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Executive Chef Job Description

executive chef job description

An executive chef, also called a head chef, oversees kitchen staff, manages daily operations and ensures that every dish maintains a consistent standard in terms of quality and presentation. Executive chefs are also responsible for hiring, training and menu development.

executive chef job description

Strong leadership, business management skills and a deep understanding of culinary techniques and flavor profiles are all important attributes for success in this role.

Executive Chef Job Overview

We are seeking a highly skilled executive chef to lead our culinary team at [Restaurant name]. This multifaceted role includes managing kitchen staff, resolving operational issues, optimizing productivity, overseeing the delivery of food supplies and monitoring inventory.

The ideal candidate excels at attracting and retaining talent while providing comprehensive training in new recipes, cooking techniques and equipment. If you are a creative, pressure-resilient and passionate culinary professional, we invite you to apply.

Salary: $35–$60/hour

Tips: No

Schedule: Full-Time (40 hours per week) with possible overtime. Monday–Friday, with some work on weekends and public holidays.

Executive Chef Duties & Responsibilities

  • Develop unique and cuisine-appropriate menus
  • Collaborate with the restaurant manager on menu pricing
  • Maintain kitchen and surrounding areas to meet company standards and health codes
  • Monitor inventory, purchase supplies and manage approved vendors
  • Hire, train and supervise kitchen staff
  • Assist and direct staff in meal preparation, creation and delivery
  • Identify and introduce new culinary techniques
  • Plan and direct food preparation, while determining requirements and costs
  • Ensure compliance with regulations, safety standards and sanitation guidelines.
  • Oversee back-of-house operations, staff scheduling and customer satisfaction

Executive Chef Qualifications & Skills

  • Expert knowledge of the restaurant’s cuisine and advanced culinary skills
  • Ability to develop unique recipes and stay current on industry trends
  • In-depth understanding of federal, state and local food handling regulations
  • Proven experience as an executive chef with an excellent record of kitchen management
  • Strong problem-solving and multitasking capabilities
  • Exceptional leadership skills, including effective communication
  • Proficiency in restaurant management tools

Executive Chef Education & Experience Requirements

  • Culinary science degree or related certification
  • 2+ years of culinary education
  • 5+ years of experience in a similar position

Use our job description template to simplify your hiring process. Customize to match your company’s preferences.

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