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Concierge Interview Questions [For Employers and Applicants]

Concierge Interview Questions

Interviewing can be hard! Luckily, OysterLink is here to help you with any questions you may have regarding your concierge job interview. Here are five of the most common concierge job interview questions with insights on what to look for, if you’re an employer, and how to approach them, if you’re an applicant.

1. How do you handle an unhappy or angry customer?

For the interviewer: This question allows you to measure the applicant’s empathy, a crucial trait in understanding and acknowledging customers’ feelings. You can also gauge the candidate’s problem-solving abilities and professionalism, particularly in high-pressure situations. Look for qualities such as composure, patience and diplomacy.

For the applicant: Remember that the key to this question is to be solution-oriented, calm and collected. You could highlight your active listening skills, positive attitude and ability to keep cool and not take things personally. Most importantly, mention your habit of always offering solutions and following up to ensure the problem is resolved.

2. How do you ensure customer loyalty & satisfaction?

For the interviewer: This question should provide insight into the applicant’s communication skills and customer service knowledge. It’s important to assess whether the candidate demonstrates strong adaptability and willingness to go the extra mile for customers. Recognize traits such as attention to detail, empathy and the ability to communicate effectively with customers and colleagues alike.

For the applicant: Explain your personalized approach to achieving customer satisfaction through active listening, proactive communication and a focus on finding solutions that offer results. If you have any memorable stories about your returning customers or guests, share how you built strong, long-lasting relationships with them.

3. Why do you want to work for us?

For the interviewer: The applicant’s answer to this question will reveal their genuine interest in the company—not just the position. Listen for answers beyond the generic cliches about the hospitality industry and measure the applicant’s knowledge of the company’s reputation and history.

For the applicant: Describe how the company’s reputation, mission and vision align with your personal values and career objectives. Highlight skills relevant to the role and provide a clear motivation for wanting to work in this position AND this company.

4. How do you manage your time effectively?

For the interviewer: Analyze how the applicant prioritizes their tasks, identifies which ones are more urgent and balances multiple demands on their time. They should demonstrate organization and flexibility to efficiently prepare for unexpected changes and disruptions.

For the applicant: Cite specific ways you prioritize your workload, including any tools or methods you use, such as the Pomodoro Technique or to-do lists. Discuss the factors you consider when assessing the importance of each task, especially during peak hours. If working with team members, explain how you collaborate with them to complete tasks more effectively.

5. How well do you know the surrounding area?

For the interviewer: Your customers or guests will be asking questions about the area your establishment is located in. So, it’s necessary for your staff, particularly the concierge, to know about nearby attractions, restaurants, transportation options and many more to provide personalized recommendations to customers. Pay close attention to how confidently the applicant describes their familiarity with the area.

For the applicant: Show off your knowledge of the local scene by giving the interviewer a rundown of nearby establishments, local attractions, price ranges, the “best of the best” in different areas and any other details you think would be helpful to customers or guests. If you grew up in the area or know a lot about it, good. If not, research is key. Better yet, explore the area yourself.

As an applicant, this highlights your genuine interest in the company and can keep your name top of mind among the list of candidates.

For an employer, decide on the winning candidate and clearly outline all details when extending a job offer. Be particular with the responsibilities of a concierge as defined by your establishment.

The hiring process doesn’t end with the interview. Increase your chances of getting that concierge job by following up.

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