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Barback Salary Breakdown


Barback Salary Averages

Barbacks can make anywhere between $17,000 and $37,000 per year, depending on factors such as location and industry.

Each respective state assesses the value of their contributions and provides what it deems as appropriate compensation for barbacks.

Here’s a breakdown of average annual salaries for barback positions across major U.S. cities.

1. Barback salary in New York City

A barback job in New York City brings approximately $26,600, with a mean hourly wage of $12.80.

2. Barback salary in Miami

The mean salary for a Barback in Miami, FL is approximately $23,300, with a mean hourly wage of $ 11.20.

3. Barback salary in Chicago

In Chicago, IL, the average salary for a Barback is currently approximately $25,000, with a mean hourly wage of $12.00.

4. Barback salary in Los Angeles

The average salary for a Barback in Los Angeles is $31,000, with a mean hourly wage of $14.91.

Unlike waiters and waitresses, barbacks rarely interact with customers so they cannot count on tips, which affects their salary.

How To Negotiate a Higher Barback Salary

Even though the salary of a barback starts at $17,000, the fact that top earners can get as much as $37,000 shows that there are several factors that can increase the asking price.

So, when it’s time for negotiations, both employers and candidates need to look at the big picture to figure out a “fair salary” that reflects both the state of the market and the person’s unique experience and value.

  • Research: Ask around to find how much barbacks make in your area, considering factors like location and types of establishments to come up with a realistic range.
  • Experience: Highlight your unique skills, experience, training and qualifications as a barback. Emphasize your ability to provide exceptional customer service and contribute to the efficient functioning of the bar.
  • Timing: Choose the right timing to negotiate, such as during a performance review or when you have successfully completed a significant task or a project.
  • Contribution: Clearly articulate your value proposition, showcasing specific examples of how you have positively impacted previous employers as a barback.
  • Roles and responsibilities: Ask for additional responsibilities or tasks, such as inventory management or training new hires, to justify a higher salary.
  • Compensation packages: Be open to compromise, such as considering nonmonetary benefits or opportunities for growth and advancement within the establishment.

Be prepared to justify your desired salary increase based on the value you bring to the bar, while remaining respectful and professional in your communication.

If your negotiation is successful, make sure to get a written agreement.

If it is unsuccessful, don’t be discouraged. Use the feedback you receive to continue to improve your skills and performance.

10 Top-Paying Companies for Barbacks

Some companies pay higher salaries for bar staff with more experience and skills. Check out the list below to find out how much barbacks can make in these establishments. 

  1. Tao Group, $37,306
  2. Punch Bowl Social, $36,758
  3. Hollywood Casino, $35,058
  4. Yard House, $35,058
  5. Dave & Buster’s, $34,647
  6. Twin Peaks Restaurants, $34,193
  7. Hyatt, $33,360
  8. Hilton, $33,360
  9. Kung Fu Tea, $33,355
  10. Topgolf, $33,168

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At OysterLink, we’re dedicated to providing you with comprehensive insights into barback salaries across major US cities. Whether you’re an employer looking to offer competitive compensation or an aspiring barback seeking fair and rewarding opportunities, we’ve got you covered.

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