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Top 10 Part-Time Dishwasher Jobs in New York City, NY

We’ve selected the best part-time Dishwasher jobs in New York City — complete with salary info, benefits, requirements and more.

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Best Part-Time Dishwasher Jobs in NYC (Hiring Now!)

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Dishwashers working in New York City earn an average salary of $36,220 per year. This amount is 14.44% higher than the nationwide average of $31,650 per year.

The map below shows the average Dishwasher salaries across the United States.

[Source: BLS]
This map is interactive. Hover your mouse over different parts of the map to see detailed data. 

The Big Apple offers ample opportunities to gain valuable skills and experience within the restaurant industry as a Dishwasher. Additionally, the city’s abundance of part-time, high-paying Dishwasher jobs is ideal for those looking to earn extra income or have more flexible work hours.

Below is a list of 10 part-time Dishwasher jobs in NYC that you can apply for right now.

1. Compass Group USA | $27.14 per hour

Compass Group logo

[Source: Compass Group USA]

  • Position: Dishwasher (Part-Time)
  • About: Compass Group USA provides food and facility management services to clients across various sections such as business and industry, sports and leisure, education and healthcare.
  • Requirements: Previous dishwashing experience preferred
  • Salary: Up to $42,338.4 per year
  • Benefits: 401(k)/retirement plan, health and wellness programs, employee discounts, pet insurance
  • Where to apply: Visit Compass Group USA’s career page

2. Madison Square Garden Entertainment | $19 per hour

[Source: Madison Square Garden Entertainment]

  • Position: Dishwasher
  • About: Madison Square Garden Entertainment is a New York City-based company that operates famous venues such as Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall and the Beacon Theatre.
  • Requirements: Ability to lift over 50 pounds and stand or walk for eight-hour shifts; flexibility to work shifts on weekends, evenings and holidays
  • Salary: Up to $29,640 per year
  • Where to apply: Visit Madison Square Garden Entertainment’s career page 

3. Kura Sushi USA | $19 per hour

Kura Sushi USA logo

[Source: Kura Sushi USA]

  • Position: Dishwasher
  • About: Kura Sushi is a chain of conveyor-belt sushi restaurants with 600 locations in the United States Japan and Taiwan.
  • Requirements: At least 18 years old
  • Salary: Up to $29,640 per year
  • Benefits: Medical, dental and vision insurance, employee assistance program, 401(k)/retirement plan, stock options
  • Where to apply: Visit Kura Sushi USA’s career page

Are Dishwasher salaries keeping up with living costs in your area?

4. Oak View Group (Hudson Yards) | $18–$22 per hour

Oak View Group logo

[Source: Oak View Group]

  • Position: Dishwasher | Part-Time
  • About: Oak View Group is a commercial real estate and hospitality company. It manages several leisure and entertainment venues — including Hudson Yards in Manhattan.
  • Requirements: High school diploma or equivalent; previous experience working in a casual and/or fine dining restaurant preferred
  • Salary: $28,080–$34,320 per year
  • Benefits: 401(k)/retirement plan
  • Where to apply: Visit Oak View Group’s career page 

5. Troon | $20 per hour

Troon logo

[Source: Troon]

  • Position: Dishwasher/Porter
  • About: Troon specializes in operational, management and advisory services for golf and leisure facilities. One of the venues in its portfolio is Golfzon Social in Brooklyn.
  • Requirements: Previous experience working in a fast-paced restaurant
  • Salary: Up to $31,200 per year
  • Where to apply: Visit Troon’s career page

6. Dinosaur Bar-B-Que | $17–$19 per hour

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que logo

[Source: Dinosaur Bar-B-Que]

  • Position: Dishwasher
  • About: Dinosaur Bar-B-Que is a restaurant, blues venue and biker bar chain. Founded in Upstate New York, it also has locations in two NYC areas: Harlem and Brooklyn.
  • Requirements: Previous related experience and a high school diploma or equivalent preferred
  • Salary: $26,520–$29,640 per year
  • Benefits: Paid time off, medical, dental and vision insurance, 401(k)/retirement plan, training and advancement opportunities
  • Where to apply: Visit Dinosaur Bar-B-Que’s career page 

7. Pink Taco | $18 per hour

Pink Taco logo

[Source: Pink Taco]

  • Position: Dishwasher
  • About: Pink Taco is a chain of Mexican-themed restaurants. Established in 1999, it currently has locations in NYC, Boston, Washington D.C., South Beach and Los Angeles.
  • Requirements: At least 18 years old; a valid driver’s license; able to push and lift up to 50 pounds
  • Salary: Up to $28,080 per year
  • Benefits: Employee discounts
  • Where to apply: Visit Pink Taco’s career page 

8. Applebee’s | $16–$20 per hour

[Source: Applebee’s]

  • Position: Dishwasher General Utility
  • About: Applebee’s is a global casual dining chain that serves classic American comfort food.
  • Requirements: At least 18 years old; able to lift up to 50 pounds
  • Salary: $24,960–$31,200 per year
  • Benefits: Healthcare insurance, employee discounts, training and advancement opportunities
  • Where to apply: Visit Applebee’s career page

9. Dave & Buster’s | $16–$18 per hour

Dave & Buster’s logo

[Source: Dave & Buster’s]

  • Position: Dishwasher
  • About: Dave & Buster’s is an American chain of family-friendly restaurants, arcades and sports bar. It currently operates over 200 stores across the United States and Canada.
  • Requirements: At least 18 years old; able to carry and lift up to 30 pounds; previous maintenance experience in a hotel or restaurant preferred
  • Salary: $24,960–$28,080 per year
  • Benefits: Free games, medical dental and vision insurance, 401(k)/retirement plan
  • Where to apply: Visit Dave & Buster’s career page 

10. Levy Restaurants (Prudential Center) | $19.15 per hour

Levy Restaurants logo

[Source: Levy Restaurants]

  • Position: Culinary Dishwasher
  • About: Levy Restaurants offers food and beverage (F&B) services to more than 350 sports, cultural and entertainment venues across the U.S. — including Prudential Center in Newark.
  • Requirements: No prior work experience necessary
  • Salary: Up to $29,874 per year
  • Benefits: Employee discounts, health and wellness program, employee assistance program
  • Where to apply: Visit Levy Restaurants’ career page

2024 Dishwasher Salary Trends in NYC

In New York City, the average annual salary for Dishwashers is $36,220. This translates to an average hourly wage of $17.41.

Among the four major U.S. cities, NYC has the second-highest average Dishwasher salary next to Los Angeles, where Dishwashers earn an average salary of $37,860 per year.


Annual mean wage


# of employees


New York City

Annual mean wage


# of employees



Annual mean wage


# of employees


Los Angeles

Annual mean wage


# of employees


[Sources: BLS]

For a comprehensive overview of Dishwasher salaries across the U.S. — including state-specific figures and key information for cities like NYC, LA, Chicago and Miami — visit our Dishwasher Salary page.

Dishwasher’s Wage Compared to Other Restaurant Positions in NYC

Dishwashers in NYC have a higher hourly wage compared to those of Barbacks and Bussers. However, Dishwashers typically earn less than other restaurant roles in NYC such as Cashier and Server.

[Calculated using BLS, Indeed,,, ZipRecruiter and Glassdoor data]

This bar graph is interactive. Hover your mouse over different parts of the graph to see detailed data. 

As part of the back-of-house staff, Dishwashers play a crucial role in ensuring a sanitary and well-organized kitchen.

For more information on what this role entails, visit our Dishwasher Career Overview page.

Factors That Affect a Dishwasher’s Overall Earnings

Several factors may impact the overall earnings of those working part-time Dishwasher jobs in NYC. The most common ones include:

  • Level of experience: Although a Dishwasher is often considered an entry-level position in many establishments, those with more years of relevant experience may receive higher compensation. This is because they are likely to have gained the essential technical skills — such as food safety protocols and proper equipment operation — from previous jobs.
  • Job type: Someone who works a part-time Dishwasher job instead of a full-time one may not be able to earn as much, especially if that’s the only job they have. However, at present, there are no laws specifying the number of hours that would distinguish part-time employees from full-time employees.
  • Amount of shifts: Dishwashers can increase their overall earnings by taking more shifts. However, the amount of shifts they can work may also depend on how many the establishment can or would provide.
  • Hours of shifts: Dishwashers whose shifts fall on evenings, weekends or holidays may receive additional compensation like shift pay differentials.
  • Location: Dishwashers working in NYC areas with higher foot traffic are more likely to receive competitive hourly wages due to a higher demand for efficient Dishwashers to help establishments accommodate more customers.
  • Benefits and perks: Beyond their hourly wages, part-time Dishwashers in NYC can increase their earnings through other parts of their compensation package. Employers may offer them healthcare insurance, performance-based incentives and free access to or discounts on company products and services.
  • Type of establishment: Dishwashers working in higher-end restaurants or hotels may also receive higher compensation or a better set of perks and benefits.
  • Other sources of income: Those working part-time Dishwasher jobs in NYC may have more flexibility in their schedule, which could be an advantage if they are looking to boost their overall income with other income sources — such as an additional job or even a side business.

Whether you’re already a part-time Dishwasher in NYC or planning to become one, our New York Paycheck Calculator can help you figure out your take-home pay.

Paycheck Calculator

Pay breakdown

Your estimated take home pay:


Total Tax

Net pay
Salary 0
Federal Income Tax 0
State Income Tax 0
Take Home 0

Disclaimer: Please note that this paycheck calculator is designed to provide an estimate and should not be considered as professional tax advice. The actual withholding amounts and taxes owed may vary depending on individual circumstances and other factors. For accurate and personalized tax advice, we recommend consulting with a tax professional.

If your gross pay is 0 per in the state of F, your net pay (or take home pay) will be $1,343.17 after tax deductions of 0% (or $ 156.83). Deductions include a total of [1] 0% (or $0.00) for the federal income tax, [2] 0% (or $0.00) for the state income tax, [3] 6.20% (or $0.00) for the social security tax and [4] 1.45% (or $0.00) for Medicare.

The Federal Income Tax is collected by the government and is consistent across all U.S. regions. In contrast, the State Income Tax is levied by the state of residence and work, leading to substantial variations. The Social Security Tax is used to fund Social Security, which benefits retirees, persons with disabilities and survivors of deceased workers. Medicare involves a federal payroll tax designated for the Medicare insurance program. As of 2022, Alaska, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington and Wyoming do not levy a state income tax.

The calculator above is designed to help you accurately determine your earnings.

Dishwasher Employment Trends in New York City

Among the major metropolitan areas in the U.S., the New York-Newark-Jersey City area has the highest employment level for Dishwashers.

The latest data from BLS states that there are currently 29,780 Dishwashers in the New York-Newark-Jersey City area.

NYC Dishwasher employment

[Source: BLS]

Meanwhile, New York State has the fourth-highest Dishwasher employment level among other states and districts.

Explore the map below for Dishwasher employment levels across the country.

[Source: BLS]
This map is interactive. Hover your mouse over different parts of the map to see detailed data. 

The differences in Dishwasher employment levels can be attributed to the thriving culinary scenes and tourism industries of states like California, Florida and New York. Given the higher demand for dining services in these states, there is also the need for a large workforce to support kitchen operations.

Quiz: Is Dishwasher the Right Role for You?

Find out if you have what it takes to be a Dishwasher by taking our quiz below.



Based on your quiz results, you would be an ideal candidate for the Dishwasher position. Your skills and preferences align well with the job’s demands.

Embrace this opportunity, and consider gaining hands-on experience by applying for Dishwasher Jobs.

Cheers to a promising future in the hospitality industry!

There’s great potential!

While your results indicate that you may need to develop more skills to be an effective Dishwasher, there’s great potential for you to excel with dedication and effort.

You can start by downloading our Dishwasher Interview Guide to learn more about how you can improve your chances.

#1. How would you describe your experience with dishwashing tasks?


#2. What types of cleaning chemicals and detergents are you comfortable using?


#3. How do you prioritize and manage your tasks when faced with a high volume of dishes?


#4. Are you familiar with handling and cleaning various kitchen utensils and equipment?


#5. Are you committed to maintaining cleanliness and hygiene standards in the kitchen at all times?


#6. Do you have experience working in a team environment, coordinating with kitchen staff?


#7. How do you respond to feedback or instructions from kitchen supervisors or chefs regarding dishwashing tasks?


#8. Are you comfortable with the physical demands of the job, including standing for long periods and lifting heavy items?


#9. How do you handle stressful situations, such as when the kitchen is busy and there’s a backlog of dishes?


#10. Are you open to learning new techniques and methods to improve your dishwashing skills?


Legal Requirements for Part-Time Dishwasher Jobs in NYC

A Dishwasher must know and adhere to federal, state and city laws on labor and employment.

Below are the important rules and regulations applicable to part-time Dishwasher jobs in NYC include:

  • Age requirements: Under New York State law, the minimum age for employment is 14 years old. However, some establishments may require candidates for Dishwasher jobs to be at least 18 years old. Additionally, the legal work hours for those aged 14 to 18 differ based on the employee’s age and the time of year.
  • Minimum wage: As of January 1, 2024, the minimum hourly wage in NYC is $16. This amount applies to non-tipped employees such as Dishwashers. It’s important to note that the minimum wage may differ in other cities within the New York metropolitan area.
  • Shift pay differentials: Part-time Dishwashers may be eligible to receive shift pay differentials on top of their base wage.
  • Food handler’s license: Applicants for part-time Dishwasher jobs in NYC are typically not required to have a valid food handler’s license, though some employers may prefer applicants who do have one. Additionally, employers may require Dishwashers to obtain a food handler’s license upon hiring.
  • Pay transparency: The Pay Transparency Law requires all businesses in New York State with four or more employees to list compensation ranges for job openings, promotions and transfers. This law also protects employees like Dishwashers against employer retaliation if they choose to discuss their compensation with coworkers.

What is the best tactic to get a pay raise?

You can also check out our New York Labor Law Guide for a comprehensive look at state-specific rules and regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Dishwasher in a restaurant or hotel is often considered an entry-level position, so most employers don’t require applicants to have previous work experience. This makes Dishwasher jobs relatively accessible to those seeking opportunities in the restaurant and hospitality industry.

However, whether or not it’s easy to get hired as a Dishwasher often depends on the competition for this particular position in an establishment.

For example, it may be harder to get hired in a restaurant known for offering competitive wages and generous benefits for Dishwashers, given that more people would likely be applying.

The average annual salary for Dishwashers in NYC is $36,220 — which is 14.44% higher than the nationwide average of $31,650.

However, part-time Dishwashers may not earn as much as full-time Dishwashers — especially if they don’t have other sources of income.

Employers typically ask Dishwasher applicants about their availability and previous work experience (if any). Additionally, employers might also have questions to assess an applicant’s interpersonal skills, level of efficiency and familiarity with kitchen safety and sanitation procedures.

To better prepare for the hiring process, we recommend reading our Dishwasher Interview Questions and Answers Guide.

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